Abigail Chase: What do you see? Ben Gates: 2:22. Abigail Chase: What time is it now? Clothing Store Clerk: Almost 3. Abigail Chase: We missed it. Riley Poole: No, we didn't. We didn't miss it because... you don't know this? I know something about history that you don't know. Ben Gates: I'd be very excited to learn about it, Riley. Riley Poole: Hold on one second, let me just take in this moment. This is cool. Is this how you feel all the time? Well, except now. Abigail Chase: Riley! Riley Poole: All right! What I know is that daylight savings wasn't established until World War I. If it's 3 p.m. now that means that in 1776 it would be 2 p.m. Ben Gates: Riley, you're a genius.

Having deciphered the code on the back of the Declaration using the Dogood Letters, Ben checks the time on the clock tower on the back of a hundred dollar bill.