Kevin Nealon: This Monday, America Celebrates what would have been Martin Luther King's 63rd birthday. Most people will have the day Off except the citizens Of Arizona, who voted against The king holiday. More on this from "SNL" News correspondent chris rock. Chris? Chris Rock: Thank you, Kevin. Thanks a lot now. There's been a lot of talk about The people of arizona being Racist. So I went to see for myself. I went to Arizona. And I'm walking through The streets of Tucson pushing my Little baby brother in A stroller when a white woman Comes up to the baby, smiles And says "boy, what a pretty niglet." Now, if you don't like black People, that's one thing. But what I can't understand is Why people in a hot-ass desert Town like Tucson, Arizona, Wouldn't want a day off work. It's not like you have to do something black on that day. You know, you don't have to read "Ebony" magazine. You don't have to watch "Soul Train." All you have to do is not work. Now, if this was an Elvis Holiday, they'd take that off, Boy. It'd be like another Christmas. You'd see, like, big fat white guys coming down chimneys with Elvis jumpsuits on giving out Quaalude. Now, everybody doesn't get Martin luther king's birthday Off. Even in states that celebrate, Some people still have to work. Now, one group of people that Never has to work is prisoners. Criminals. That's right. Every criminal in every jail Gets the day off work, which Means even James Earl Ray, The man that killed Martin Luther King, gets the day off. Now, he's so crazy he's probably walking around prison going, "you know, everybody's off today And nobody even bothered to Thank me." Now, what Arizona needs to do, What Arizona needs to do is give Dr. King somebody else's Holiday, 'cause there's so many Holidays they celebrate every Year that mean nothing, like Columbus day. Nobody celebrates Columbus day. Nobody puts, like, three ships In their front yard. First of all, Columbus discovered the West Indies. Second of all, the land he discovered had occupants on it. You know, that's kind of like discovering somebody's backyard. So, when you think about it, all columbus did was discover A west Indian backyard. He got there with his little flag. He was like, "hey, I claim this land for Spain." And the west Indian guy is Like -- "hey, man, get your damn flag out my yard now." "move it now." So Arizona, get your act Together and hail the king. Thanks a lot, Kevin.

Chris Rock does a commentary on Weekend Update about the state of Arizona not celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day