"But here's the upside of 5th grade. Brad Pitt, for one year, went to my school. He was a lady killer back then. He was a good looking kid. Even back then, you could tell he was a cutie because I remember when I got my class picture and brought it home. I was staying with my grandma so she was checking it out. Oh my God Davie, you have to be the cutest boy in the whole God darn ... Oh my God I'd fuck that kid. Hook me up. Take care of me I used to take care of you. Do something for me, that kid is a piece of ass. Oh my God, I want to get in there and do some damage. Rattle it around. Grandma, easy. God damn, the other kids in that school are so gross. Grandma, I go to that school. I know you suck, where's this dude? Get on it."

Talking about his 5th grade classmate and his grandma.