Any means necessary

"And it doesn't enforce it's own law because the color of a man's skin happens to be wrong, then I say those people are justified to resort to any means necessary to bring about justice where the government can't give them justice."


"Who wants to grow old and be alone, you know what I mean?"

A lot of things

"I'd like to do a lot of things."

A few notes


America is getting better

"Americans are maturing, becoming healthier, men voting for women, whites voting for blacks, we see the best America emerging today, and Barack is a conduit, through which that new America is emerging."

Acceptable standard

"If this is the acceptable standard, that's what makes the climate explosive and dangerous."

Americans Are Angry

?Americans are angry. They?re angry and they?re upset. And they?re sick and tired of Washington doing nothing for them.?

Americans Want The Confidence Of Secure Borders

?Americans want the confidence of secure borders. And then I believe that the overwhelming majority of them will support a humane and compassionate approach to a temporary worker programs.?

Action is what's necessary

"So lines of communication are fine. Action is what's necessary."

Away from their father

"Have them away from their father for days on end, weeks on end. That wasn't the life I had planned for my girls. Not at all."

Addresses the doubts

"I think this certainly addresses the doubts raised by the Russians that the Iranians won't have a longer-range ballistic missile for 10 years to 20 years."

A lot of signaling

"The reality is that there is a lot of signaling going on."

Achieving energy security

"Achieving true energy security."

A judgment must be made

"And at some point a judgment must be made."

Achievable goal

"That is an achievable goal."


"Some of you is probably brilliant at counting, you know: 1,2,3,4?I could go on, easy."

Actions Speak Louder

"Believing in something is easy, doing something about it is hard. Actions speak louder than birds."


"You is all got great potential to become great Americans. And remember, America is the greatestest country in the world?apart from Jamaica."

America vs. Jamaica

"And remember, America is the greatestest country in the whole world?apart from Jamaica."


"Jagshamesh, my name Borat. Nice to be here in your country of Amsterdam."


"It is very understandable, even in my country of Kazakhstan there have been controversy because of amount of anti-Semitism in the movie film. However, eventually the Kazakh censor allowed it to be released after deciding there was just enough anti-Semitism."

America's enemies are on the run

"And because of it's success, the next President will inherit a situation in Iraq in which America's enemies are on the run and our soldiers are beginning to come home."

At your expense

"In my experience and I have traveled a lot around the world usually at your expense."

A closet tells a story

"Well a closet tells a story."

As a business man

"You know, clearly as a business man if I knew that this was going to affect us in our marriage in anyway I would have never allowed us to participate in the nature that we did."

A lot of positive things

"There's a lot of positive things for our economy."

A total failure

"The president of the United States, a total failure."


"I said, Doc, the prerequisite of eating is an appetite, not a tie."

American goal

"And that's why this American goal of equal opportunity and equal access and fairness is the key to peace."


"He challenged white male supremacy, as he fought for women's rights and worker's rights and racial justice, he disturbed the status quo, which upset slaves and masters, the segregators and the segregated all had to adjust to his challenges."

Absolved the blows

"He was idolized by the white media when he absolved the blows."


"But when he challenged the assumptions of white male supremacy, its institutions and our war policy, the government then began to attack him."

Arms around this

"We live under stress and don't live as long. I'm trying to get our arms around this."


"We're not starting from point zero, we're already on this point."

Awful tragedy

"An awful tragedy."


"Now how'd that get in the middle of the agenda?"



American dream

"The American dream is the journey from log cabin to the white house."


"We should be on terror alert."

Another way

"We must go another way."


"It's a clear alternative."

Arrogant and Humble

"And then people always say arrogant and humble. Like they ask me, yo, who do you think should win Best Male Artist. And I said, Justin, I was up against Justin for Best Male, and they said, Wow, that's humble."

A Whole New Level

"I worked on the video for 3 months to deliver a product. I'm not just doing it for one week, and going off and smoking some weed and going to the club and partying. I'm delivering product on a whole new level."

A New Day

"The Bible had, you know, 20, 30, 40, 50 characters in it. You don't think I would be one of the characters of today's modern Bible? People have their own forms of bibles now, you know? It's a new day and age."

A Character in the Bible

"The Bible had, you know, 20, 30, 40, 50 characters in it. You don't think I would be one of the characters of today's modern Bible?"

All the Ways a Concert is like Church

"It's just like church because you go to a concert, you raise your hands in the air, you get dressed up, you sing songs, and you definitely pay some money."

An Odd Present

"She wanted to do that for me as a present."

As Long as She's Healthy with Good Vision

"Long as she's healthy, and she doesn?t have eye, you know, her vision's good, and her intellect. I wanna , you know, I wanna know how intelligent she is."


"I was thinking about adopting two kids from each continent around the world."

A President for the People

"I?ll be the president who ends the tax breaks to companies that ship our jobs overseas and start putting them in the pockets of hardworking Americans who deserve them and struggling homeowners who deserve them and seniors who should retire with dignity and respect and deserve them."

A Young Organizer Fighting Poverty

"I was a young organizer then. In fact, there are some folks here who I organized with. A young organizer intent on fighting joblessness and poverty."

Anything I want

"I can do anything I want to you people at any time I want to."


"There's no need to feel guilty. I haven't done anything I'm ashamed of."

All I care about

"All I care about is my air, my water, my trees, and my wildlife. And you humans, if you don't get in line with that, goodbye."


"Many people are afraid, and they need something to put it on."

And I'm free

"And I'm free."

Another world

"You live in another world, I live in street people's world."

Anything goes

"Anything kinda goes."

Ab show

"We should just have an abs show, you know?"

And the money

"And the money."

Achieve Anything

"If you work hard and if you play by the rules, this country is truly open to you. You can achieve anything."

America is Safer

"America is safer with George W. Bush as President."


"We are the America that gives more than any other country to fight AIDS in Africa and the developing world."

America is Back

"America is back."

A few words about my opponent

"Let me begin, if I may, with a few words about my opponent."

Achieved a great thing

"So whatever the outcome in November, Senator Obama has achieved a great thing..for himself and for his country and I thank him for it."

Award bonuses

"We will award bonuses as well to our highest-achieving teachers."

A common ground

"Even allowing for disagreement, surely there is common ground in the principle that government cannot go on forever spending recklessly and incurring debt."

Agree on 95% of everything

"Al and I had a long talk last week and I'd say we agree on about 95% of everything."

American Dream

"The American Dream is possible and anything you can imagine is possible."

All The Way

"When I want to do something, I want to do it all the way."


"You either want the attention or you don't."

AI is nervous

"I'll let y'all know, I've been talking for ten minutes. I'm still a bit nervous."

A bad time

"I was upset. It was a bad time."

Advice to new NBA players

"Lean from what I did wrong. Learn from all the stuff you see Allen Iverson do wrong, that rubbed everybody the wrong way."


"I did something, man. I did something. I accomplished something on this Earth, man."

Anything in America, do it!

"Anything in America, do it! And get off of foreign oil."

A Person Like Barack

"Let's enjoy this moment where a person like Barack Obama can knock down all of these old barriers that people thought existed with respect to the opportunities that are available for African-Americans, and my congratulations to him."

American negro

"He would be going to the humble, he would be going to the lowly. He would be going to the rejected and despised. He would be going to the so-called American negro."

A new type of people

"And all of this type of teaching that the honorable Elijah Muhammad is doing among the black people in this country has been instrumental in producing a new type of people."


"If someone come to the field negro and says, 'let's separate, let's run!' he didn't say, 'where are we going,' he said, 'anyplace is better than here.'"

America today

"You got field negroes in America today. I'm a field negro."


"Just because you in this country doesn't make you an American."

Always believed in this country

"I have always believed in this country, in a good America, a great America."

Ask me some questions

"And I have asked and you have agreed to perhaps to ask me some questions here before I leave you."

Advise and consent

"And the job of the United States Senate is advise and consent."

Any more witnesses

"I will not ask, Mr. Cohn, any more witnesses."

Acts of kindness

"Because we are told to help the poor, to heal the sick and there's nothing I think more?better manifestation than the millions of acts of kindness and courtesy and Judeo-Christian love that is expressed everyday by our faith based organization."

Ability as a politician

"Another challenged the President's abilities as a politician."

A word about Mr. Harriman

"A word about Mr. Harriman. For 10 months he was America's chief negotiator at the Paris peace talks -- a period in which the United States swapped some of the greatest military concessions in the history of warfare for an enemy agreement on the shape of the bargaining table."

Amazing Moment

"This is an amazing moment for me!"

American Pride

"You know how proud I was? I was so proud that I walked around with the American flag around my shoulder all day long."

Action Hero

"I was a little boy, I was not an action hero back then."

America Owns All

"My career, my success, my family: I owe to America!"

American Stands

"And when the lone young Chinese man stood in front of those tanks in Tiananmen Square, America stood with him."

American Dream

"You know , someone once wrote: 'that those who say that freedom is nothing but a dream'. They're right, it's the American Dream!"

America: The Idea

"I want you to know that I believe with all my heart that America remains the great 'idea' that inspires the world."

As a coach

"As a coach, you're going to get fired. It's just a matter of when."

As long as you can

"You play as long as you can."

And things like that

"And things like that."

A Good Line

"My girl rockin the little lamb that Mary had. Now that's a good line."

Artist of a Certain Caliber

"It's a level of respect that should be given when you have an artist of a certain caliber and you have them doing a lot of work."

Awesome suit

"I thought he was wearing an awesome suit."


"I will make the case that this president has violated his oath of office, violated United States law and international law, has separated our nation from our constitution, and has taken us on a course that has been so profoundly anti-democratic."

Advance this series of matters

"Because of your support, I have been able to advance this series of matters right to the table of the Judiciary Committee."

Articles of impeachment

"I am going to present the Articles of Impeachment so that the Committee cannot say, well, they just didn?t know. We are going to force this issue because of you."


"If it is appropriate, and it is, for John McCain to go and address Reverend Jerry Falwell and his constituents, if it is appropriate, and it is, for Rudolph Giuliani to go to Pat Robertson and his constituents, it should not even be questioned whether Hilary Clinton or John Edwards or Senator Barack Obama oughta co...

Alicia Keys

"Me and Alicia Keyes. That's me and Alicia Keyes, Arnie, doing a duo."


"I went to Auburn University."


"We have to hold people accountable."


"Hey, I live in Arizona."


"They act like they're Christians and they're not forgiving at all."


"You know the amazing thing about Senator Obama is, I interviewed him years ago, for a book I was writing."


"Because America has found a shining star."


"I wanna apologize to my family first of all, for putting them in an awkward situation."


"Just because I can afford to lose money don't mean I should do it."


"I don't think I'm an alcoholic where I walk around with a bottle or flask every day."

Answer to the question

"I don't know the answer to that question."


"I had a couple of incidents where I got arrested."


"I was always acquitted."


"It's gonna be awhile."

Across the board

"And not just in basketball, I think across the board, the guys make so much money they don't have to listen."

All players

"Because all players of professional sports can play."

Almost fun

"It was almost fun up until the minute I changed my bet on the game."

Athletes or entertainers

"You know, most of our role models are athletes or entertainers."


"I don't think it's important, I think it would be a great honor, I don't think it's important, I think it would just be a great accomplishment for me and my team, and everybody who's stood by me throughout my basketball career, but I don't think, it's not a life or death, it would be a great great accomplishment, b...


"It would be a great, great accomplishment."


"I play really really aggressive, really really physical."


"I don't like to ever use the word never, but I would never charge people for autographs, that's not right, cause, you know, we make a lot of money."

A lot of money

"You know, we make a lot of money."


"The only thing we do, is we have a God-given ability."


"I'm still a human being, and I'm gonna do some things that are right, and some things that are wrong. But the main reason people make athletes role models is because they play a sport well, and that's not good enough."

And that's not good enough

"And that's not good enough."

And Anything Goes

Reilly: "But we are in Australia." Ferrell: "And anything goes."

A Body Like This

Ferrell: "When you have a body like this..." Reilly: "Like I was saying before." Ferrell: "Right." Reilly: "If you got it?" Ferrell: "Flaunt it. If you don't got it, still flaunt it."


"Probably the four wood. It's a, uh, antique."

An Iron off the Tee is not Fun

"Besides most of them? I think hitting an iron off the tee for a long par three, is?That's not fun."

Anything is a good timetable

"Anything is a good timetable that is dictated by conditions on the ground."

Artificial date

"But the timetable is dictated not by an artificial date but by the conditions on the ground."

All You People Care About is Readers

"All you people care about is readers and making money off of her."


"I didn?t feel accountable to anybody I didn?t feel that I had to face what I had done, ever."

Accepting Jesus

"I have accepted Him as my Lord and savior and I believe that I, as well as everyone else, will be accountable to Him."

All You Need is Vitamins and Exercise

"But what happens, the anti-depressant, all it does is mask the problem. There's ways of vitamins and through exercise and various things. I'm not saying that isn't real."

Alteration of What I'm Saying

"That's not what I'm saying. That's an alteration of what I'm saying. I'm saying that drugs aren't the answer. These drugs are very dangerous, they're mind altering anti-psychotic drugs."

A Universe Where 2+2=4

"I wanna represent magic, right? That you?re in a universe and 2 + 2 = 4."

An Effect of the Happenings Around You

"You now, rather than feeling that you're at effect to all the things are happening. Make a choice."

Agreement With the Audience

"And, you know, for me, I feel like I have a relationship with the audience. They agree that they're gonna go in droves, and I agree that every time they go, it's gonna be better than the last time."

American is a Good Thing

"And it just hasn?t been a good thing to be American. And this is the first time, since Barack has gotten the nomination, that it was a good thing."

American is a Good Thing 2

"And this is the first time, since Barack has gotten the nomination, that it was a good thing."

Always be welcome

"There is no reason in the world that a United States Senator would not always be welcome visiting US soldiers."

Anti-police brutality

"We are not anti-police. We're anti-police brutality."

Abner Louima

"How do we explain to people around the world, Abner Louima that came here, seeking a better life, and ends up with a plunger shoved up his rectum, not in a back alley, but in the police headquarters. And no policeman would come forth and talk about his brutality."

Are you asking

"Are you asking that as a prejudgment?"

All these other things

"That 92 million dollar missing, and all these other things."


"I feel like it, it was basically all along was available."


"I think the laws we have already on the books against fraud are adequate to protect the American people."

Ad hoc

"We're kind of an ad hoc group."


"You know how we all have different beliefs, so it's hard for one group to say, well we approve of you, because we can't say we approve of all your doctrine."

Asking me questions

"And on both sides were television cameras and news people and they were all yelling at me and screaming and asking me questions."


"It's sort of like when you go to the airport you gotta put your purse on this little conveyor belt."

Anything Living

Jim: "Anything living. Anything that hasn't been killed yet." Steve: "Mmm hmm." Jim: "Yeah, anything I can catch myself."

A Force to Be Reckoned

"There is a force to be reckoned with. It's a cold wind blown from Canada, and it's gonna take over, so you better get on the bandwagon, baby."

Animal mucous

"It is, uh, essentially animal mucous."

A Voice Again

"After silent childbirth, I think, pretty much, a voice again."

African Language


American TV is Changing

"So, American TV is changing."

America will get better

"America will get better and better. Keep hope alive. Keep hope alive! Keep hope alive! On tomorrow night and beyond, keep hope alive!"

Awful Red Sox loss

"I wish I had seen this before you guys were speculating because something tells me I would have sucked it up with that awful Red Sox loss."

Absolutely opposed

"My husband is absolutely opposed to any negative campaigning at all."

Attacked John McCain

"Every single day that Barack Obama has been out on the campaign trail he has attacked and attacked and attacked John McCain."

A Rambo knife

"I was just reading a book and all of a sudden I heard a guy screaming. I turned around and the guy sitting right beside me was standing up and stabbing another guy with a big…a Rambo knife."

A lot on my brain

"I got a lot on my brain right now."

Air pollution

"This change in process right here that you see coming up would take 58% of the air pollution out of every city in the world."


"Primarily, this is because the rulers of the exchange of mankind's goods have failed, through their own stubbornness and their own incompetence, have admitted their failure, and have abdicated."

Ancient truths

"Yes, the money changers have fled from their high seats in the temple of our civilization. We may now restore that temple to the ancient truths."


"Restoration calls, however, not for changes in ethics alone. This nation is asking for action, and action now."

Action now

"This nation is asking for action, and action now."

Agricultural products

"Yes, the task can be helped by definite efforts to raise the values of agricultural products."


"We must act. We must act quickly."

Action is feasible

"Action to this end is feasible under the form of government which we have inherited from our ancestors."


"The attack yesterday on the Hawaiian islands has caused severe damage to American naval and military forces. I regret to tell you that very many American lives have been lost. In addition, American ships have been reported torpedoed on the high seas between San Francisco and Honolulu."

American lives lost

"I regret to tell you that very many American lives have been lost."

All measures

"As commander in chief of the Army and Navy, I have directed that all measures be taken for our defense."


"But always will our whole nation remember the character of the onslaught against us."

Any price

"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty."


"To those old allies whose cultural and spiritual origins we share, we pledge the loyalty of faithful friends. United there is little we cannot do in a host of cooperative ventures. Divided there is little we can do -- for we dare not meet a powerful challenge at odds and split asunder."


"Finally, to those nations who would make themselves our adversary, we offer not a pledge but a request: that both sides begin anew the quest for peace, before the dark powers of destruction unleashed by science engulf all humanity in planned or accidental self-destruction. We dare not tempt them with weakness. For ...

Absolute power

"Let both sides, for the first time, formulate serious and precise proposals for the inspection and control of arms, and bring the absolute power to destroy other nations under the absolute control of all nations."

Absolute control

"Bring the absolute power to destroy other nations under the absolute control of all nations."


"Can we forge against these enemies a grand and global alliance?"

Ask not

"And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."

Ask what you can do for your country

"Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."

A Healing Process

"So Charmbracelet, this album, was just like my emotional release. Writing down everything I needed to say, singing from my heart, a healing process."

American dream

"The American Dream need not forever be deferred."

Attacking the Republicans

"I could easily spend this time praising the accomplishments of this party and attacking the Republicans -- but I don't choose to do that."

Americans deserve more

"I could recite these problems, and then I could sit down and offer no solutions. But I don't choose to do that either. The citizens of America expect more. They deserve and they want more than a recital of problems."


"The authority of the people is to be extended, not restricted."

Always Fun

"Always fun. If it ain't fun, we don't do it."


"Oh, absolutely."

Arnold on Presidential Candidates

"I need to look at the candidates and I'm going to look at, 'are those candidates,' you know, 'are they really able to look at and create a great vision for the future?' I think this is the most important thing. We got to look at where would America be in 2020, what would this country be like?