Duty, Honor, Country Part 2

"He needs no eulogy from me or from any other man. He has written his own history and written it in red on his enemy's breast. But when I think of his patience under adversity, of his courage under fire, and of his modesty in victory, I am filled with an emotion of admiration I cannot put into words. He belongs to h...

Do the same thing

"And yet they faithfully protected our freedom and now it's up to us to do the very same thing."

Defend our citizens

"We have a duty as Americans to defend our citizen's rights. Not only to life but also to liberty and the pursuit of hapiness."

Dien Bien Phu has fallen

"A few hours ago, Dien Bien Phu has fallen. Its defense of fifty-seven days and nights will go down in history as one of the most heroic of all time. The defenders composed of French and native forces, inflicted staggering losses on the enemy. And the French soldiers showed that they have not lost either the will or...

Do my best here in Indiana

"Well, I don't make any predictions or speculate on things that haven't happened yet. I'm going to try to do my very best here in Indiana and then I'll get on to Kentucky."

Difference in candidates economic policies

"It's hard for me to see the difference between them. You know, I think they want complete reform instead of continuing the previous policies and of course what the republican party has done, I don't see that McCain has grown away from that is remained in bed in a gross way with the oil companies and the automobile...

Directly contradicts everything I've done

"In some ways, what Reverend Wright said yesterday directly contradicts everything that I've done during my life. It contradicts how I was raised and the setting in which I was raised. It contradicts my decisions to pursue a career of public service. It contradicts the issues that I've worked on politically. It ...

Divisive and destructive comments

"I have been a member of Trinity United Church of Christ since 1992. I've known Reverend Wright for almost 20 years. The person I saw yesterday was not the person that I met 20 years ago. His comments were not only divisive and destructive, but I believe that they end up give comfort to those who pray on hate and...

D-A-M-N damn

"You know that's biblical. God doesn't bless everything. God condemns some things and d-e-m-n demn is where we get the word damned. God damns some practices and there is no excuse for the things that the government--not the American people--have done. That doesn't make me not like America or unpatriotic."

Dentist Drill

Digital camera zoom

Drill on wood

Digital camera shutter

Drilling tooth

Dentist chair

Drill sound

Disk saw

Dentist Chair 2

Dragged object

Double click


Drum funk

Defibrillator paddles being rubbed

Deep frying

Digital Thermometer

Diamond Diva's test 2

Dit is leuk. Hier kan je de dialoog van het audio fragment tonen ....


Dishonest or dishonorable thing

"I knew him long before he ever dreamed of trying for high office, and I can tell you personally I've never known a man in my life I believed so incapable of doing a dishonest or dishonorable thing."

Do not want war

"I tell you from my heart that we in the United States do not want war. We want to wipe from the face of the earth the terrible weapons that man now has in his hands. And I tell you, we are ready to seize that beachhead."

Dreams worth fighting for

"The dreams we share are worth fighting for."

Democratic party is a family

"I understand that we all know this has been a tough fight, but the democratic party is a family and now it's time to restore the ties that bind us together and to come together around the ideals we share, the ideals we charish, and the country we love."

Don't go there

"So I want to say to my supporters when you hear people saying, or think to yourself, 'if only' or 'what if,' I say please don't go there. Every moment wasted looking back keeps us from moving forward."

Don't quit

"While I traveled our country talking about how I wanted to help you, time and again you reached out to help me, to grab my hand or grip my arm, to look into my eyes and tell me 'don't quite, keep fighting, stay in this race for us.'"

Do Unto Others

"What is called for is nothing more, and nothing less, than what all the world's great religions demand - that we do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Let us be our brother's keeper, Scripture tells us. Let us be our sister's keeper. Let us find that common stake we all have in one another, and let our p...

Differences with McCain

"My differences with him are not personal; they are with the policies he has proposed in this campaign."

Dark side of the coin

"And it's just so wonderful to be a King we're all gonna be part of the King family, the dark side of the coin."

Definer of destiny

"A video game would be the only way to emulate and imitate Don King because I have to be the definer of my destiny."

Declare Our Independence

"Declare our independence from a broken system and run the type of campaign that reflects the grassroots values that have already changed our politics and brought us this far."


"There is no destiny that we cannot fulfill."

Dreams and Hopes Are the Same

"The hopes of the little girl who goes to a crumbling school in Dillon are the same as the dreams of the boy who learns on the streets of LA."


"We are not as divided as our politics suggest."

Dark side of the coin

"And it's just so wonderful to be a King we're all gonna be part of the King family, the dark side of the coin."

Definer of destiny

"A video game would be the only way to emulate and imitate Don King because I have to be the definer of my destiny."

Didn't Make a Lick of Sense to Me

"In Michigan, I don't know what they did - it didn't make a lick of sense to me."

Diddly Poo Offensively

"We couldn't do diddly poo, offensively."

Disgraceful Performance

"That was a disgraceful performance in my opinion, we threw that game - we gave it away by doing that. We gave them the friggin game."

Dumb Fans Like Winning Teams

"Unfortunately, that's the criteria of them dumb 15 motherfuckin' percent that come out to day baseball."

Do it again

"Hey, one more thing guys. You guys are the best. We did it once again because of you guys. You know, you guys, I don't think we're gonna make it. But guess what? We gonna do it again."

Deter My Enthusiasm

"I've always said that education is for young people and this is a great, great time for our team and I'm not going to let anything, anything the team always comes first, and I'm not going to let anything deter my enthusiasm for our team this year."

Diddly Poo

"We couldn't do diddly poo offensively. We couldn't make a first down, we couldn't run the ball, we didn't try to run the ball, we couldn't complete a pass. We sucked shit. The second half we sucked shit. We couldn't stop the run, every time they got the ball they went down and got points, we got our ass totally kic...

Dale Earnhardt Gets Out of Ambulance

"I got in the ambulance and I looked back at the car and I said, man the wheels are still on that thing. I got out of the ambulance and asked the guy at the side of the car and he was hookin it up and said see if it crank. And he cranked it up and I said get out, give me the car back."

Dale Discusses Crash

"Somebody turned me from behind and turned Elliot. Just about the same thing happened me happened to Elliot you know that happened to me in 96. So it was just a big wreck. A fire came off of Elliott's car and cinged my hair and burned my mustache up real bad, I had to grow some new ones."

Dale and Brownsville Finish

"We're a little disappointed with our finish at Martinsville, but it's great to come out on the points. We needed to knock that 24 car a little bit, he's been steadily gaining for the last couple of weeks. Everybody's talking about his momentum. I'm going to show him something about momentum."

Decisions in This Election

"And the decisions we make in this election and in the next few years - on Iraq and climate change, on our economy and making sure that it's working for everybody and not just some - those choices will shape the next generation and possibly the next century."

Depend on Dictators

"We can continue to depend on dictators for our energy and destroy our planet in the process."


"Sometimes, spending time in Washington, you get a little discouraged."

Didn't do this

"If I didn't do this I don't have anything to do."


"I don't wake-up every morning and say of look have I dried up today!"

Don't give a shit

"I don't give a shit what people say about me."

Dress in drag

"I was dying to dress up in drag doesn't it everybody but it's just one of those things."

Different Songs

"It's four writers that write very different songs."

Don't miss it

"I don't, I don't miss it. I really don't."

Dead and gone

"Oh darling I'll be dead and gone dear."

Done it all

"I've done it all. I really have."

Dame besos

"Dame besos."

Don't date timid women

"Cause I don't really date timid women because I'm a very direct, very passionate, very assertive man. And I want a woman who is very independent and strong."

Direct, passionate, assertive man

"Cause I don't really date timid women because I'm a very direct, very passionate, very assertive man."

Don't leave second messages

"You said you were interested. Now here's the way I work, I don't like leaving second messages but I like you, you're very elegant woman, you're very attractive. But, you know, I don't play that game.

Don't play games

"I don't play games like that."

Didn't get to know me yesterday

"The American people didn't get to know me yesterday, as they're just getting to know Senator Obama."

Distort his words

"I view the attacks on Senator McCain this morning as another partisan attempt to distort John McCain's words."

Do it the right way

"We'll do it the right way."

Dammit Boy

"Dammit Boy."

Draws Attention

"For a big man that draws a lot attention, it's nice to have shooters around."

Dead from shock

"Sometimes the baby chicks even drop dead from the shock, I know I might."

Dead chickens

"They just leave the dead bodies in with the live chickens they hope you'll eat later."

Different perspectives

"We will always wake up looking at America through different lenses."

Don't need the conservatives

"You, nor any of your conservatives showed up, just like you won't show up this time, but it doesn't matter we ready to march without you."

Door Knock

Door being locked

Doorbell 1

Doorbell Buzz 1

Doorbell Buzz 2

Doorbell Buzz 3

Doorbell Buzz 4

Doorbell Buzz 5

Doorbell Rings

Door slam

Ding Dong


Door latch

Doorbell ring 2

Doorbell 3

Door buzzer

Drunk people

Dijerido impersonation

Drill parade

Dogs fighting

Double kill

"Double kill!"

Dark sound



Desert Eagle chamber

Don't Make Fun of Him!

"Shut the fuck up don't make fun of him! Excuse Me!"

Demands are not Open to Negotiation

"These demands are not open to negotiation or discussion. The Taliban must act immediately. They will hand over the terrorists or they will share in their fate."

Dean on Iraq

"I wish the President had paid more attention to the history of Iraq before we had gotten in there. The idea that we are going to win this war is an idea that unfortunately is just plain wrong."

December 7, 1941, a Date Which will Live in Infamy

"Yesterday, December 7, 1941 - a date which will live in infamy. The United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan."

Due to Some Violent Content

"Due to some violent content, parental discration is advised."

Do you understand me?

"Do you understand me?"

Dry weeds and grass burning

Dry weeds burning

Disposable lighter

Drop metal gas can

Don't have you in my life

Dave: "I don?t' have you in my life." Daughter: "Yes you do." Dave: "That's bullshit."

Diarrhea fart

Dry fart

Dropping Change

Dave's Fart

Donkeys can Fart!

DJ Scratchapella

DJ Scratchathon

DJ Scratches Mellow

Delivering On The Promises Of Our Constitution

"...recognizing a wrong being committed in this country’s name; insisting that we deliver on the promise of our Constitution"

Don't Tell Me!

"No wait, no wait! Don't tell me th-"


"Democracy's about way more than majority rule."


"If we disagree with them we are, by definition, imperiling the security of the country."

Don't Steal Cars

"You gotta vote for me for president - I don't steal cars!"

Don't Care

"I don't really care what they think."

Don't Go Here

"You don't want to go here."

Don't hate

"Hatred is not involved in it whatsoever."


"It's a disgrace, it's a waste of taxpayer's money, it's a farce, it's hypocrisy."

Don't know

"He don't know!"


"How did the man- what did the man do, to make you as dumb as you are right now?"

Driving forward

"That's a very important element to drive this forward."

Dealing with challenges together

"If people are learning in that way, their awareness that there are people in different parts of the world who live in different conditions that, we're all dealing with challenges together."

Don't Have to Bleep

"And you don't have to bleep one single word of this."

Dave - drums

"I'm Dave and I play drums."

Don't work

"Yaha and I encourage anybody not to work."

Do something

"Get a group together, get together and I think we can do something about this."

Didn't want to live

"It had been building up for so many years that I was you know suicidal. I mean I just didn't want to live."

Didn't hate

"Didn't hate people as much."

Defending drug use

"I know it sounds like I'm almost defending my drug use."

Drugs are bad

"Drugs are bad for you and they will fuck you up."

Don't even care

"It's disgusting I mean kids really don't even care about rock and roll as much as they used to."

Dying in general

"Dying in general or dying from drugs."

Dying from drugs

"Blow my head off with a gun, I may as well take the risk of dying from drugs."

Doesn't matter

"It really doesn't matter and you kind of gotta let go of that stuff."

Didn't do this

"If I didn't do this I don't have anything to do."


"I don't wake-up every morning and say of look have I dried up today!"

Don't give a shit

"I don't give a shit what people say about me."

Dress in drag

"I was dying to dress up in drag doesn't it everybody but it's just one of those things."

Different Songs

"It's four writers that write very different songs."

Don't miss it

"I don't, I don't miss it. I really don't."

Dead and gone

"Oh darling I'll be dead and gone dear."

Done it all

"I've done it all. I really have."

Doesn't have an understanding

"He doesn't have an understanding of the nature of the threat. And I look will forward to that debate quite often in the future. And I think the American people will agree."

Detain and prosecute

"That this is a decision that will harm our ability to detain and prosecute individuals who are enemy combatants."

Definition of nuclear energy

"In the big picture, of course, more domestic production of oil is only part of the solution. We need a fresh start as well to meet America's growing electricity needs. And if we're looking for a vast supply of reliable and low-cost electricity, with zero carbon emissions and long-term price stability, that's the wo...

Drill more

"We should have a dramatic emphasis on green buildings and green jobs and energy-efficient technologies. And I think the future is in renewable. But all we seem to do is want to drill more, whatever the energy and oil companies want, and that's not good."

Do everything necessary

"I can only say that I know that I speak for all of America that we'll do everything necessary to try to rebuild their lives and to have a chance to continue leading a normal life here in the heartland of America."

Doing Fidel Castro's job

"There's a lot of debate whether Eric Holder and Janet Reno were doing their job or doing Fidel Castro's job. I think that's a relevant debate in 2008."

Define herself

"It's important for her to define herself before others define her. One comment made offhand and easily misinterpreted by the opposition."

Doomed to fail

"It was very badly mishandled for nearly four years after our initial success. I mean that's just a fact. And I went over there and I saw that it was being mishandled badly and I came back and said we had to change the strategy. Otherwise we are doomed to fail."

Disagreeing about candidates

"You're going to see men and women disagreeing about races but I think what's different now is it's usually been more private. I think a lot of women went into the ballot box knowing they disagree with their husbands, but they weren't putting yard signs out in their yards. Now, you see it playing out publicly."

Discuss that issue

"I would be more than happy to discuss that issue at some length."

Difficult business

"But I also understand that this is a very difficult business that we're in."

Doing pretty well

"I certainly wouldn?t presume to tell the Bush campaign what they should be doing. They've been doing pretty well so far."

Disservice to the other campaigns

"And I think it's kind of a disservice to the other campaigns to say somebody is trying to position themselves as an alternative."

Driven by principles

"The United States of America is driven by Willsonian principles and that is that we will do what we can to help the further advance of Democracy and freedom and we will not tolerate the snuffing out of a free and democratic nation."

Determined enemies

"We're up against some resilient and determined enemies. They are not yet defeated. They have the capacity to hit back and that's what we're seeing. Both from Al Qaeda and it's allies."

Dream of mine

"It has been a dream of mine for many years. Something I'm excited to do."

Discuss the challenges

"So I intend to, in this campaign, to discuss the challenges we face. Things like the Lexington Project and many other proposals and ideas and a plan of action that I have to help the families of this nation."

Does not exist

"The swift vote a quote tax was simply a revelation of the truth. The similarity does not exist here."

Different kind of claim

"I've been at the strategic level. I led America's armed forces in NATO during the fight in Kosovo. I know what kinds of decisions get made, what the tradeoffs are. I was simply pointing out, John McCain, in his military service, honorable and wonderful though it was, he wasn't at that level. So, his claim is a diff...

Doesn't understand

"Said we'll stay there for 100 years if necessary. I think if he says that he doesn't understand."

Doesn?t understand the culture

"I know he's got great experience from being a fighter pilot, but he doesn't understand what the culture is there. And I want a commander in chief who's sensitive to that and makes the right kind of decisions for our men and women in combat and for the country."

Dangerous situation

"America's dependence on foreign oil was a troubling situation 35 years ago, it was an alarming situation 20 years ago, it's a dangerous situation today."

Did it successfully

"Thank god they did it successfully."

Don't Tread

"Don't tread on us."

Demonize People

"The world is awash today in political, religious, almost psychological conflicts, which require us to divide up and demonize people who aren't us."

Doing their best

"But I know that in spite of the situation they were put in they've been doing their very best. And their best is pretty good."

Definition of nuclear energy

"And if we're looking for a vast supply of reliable and low-cost electricity with zero carbon emissions and long-term price stability -- that's the working definition of nuclear energy."


"See, I look at this a little bit differently."

Didn't sustain itself

"It just didn't sustain itself."


"There should be a lot of debate about the different ways of doing that."

Diversity in the marketplace

"And I think that the marketplace is awfully good at allowing diversity when it should and then getting rid of it when it shouldn't."

Doing a lot of good

"I think the world's a better place because Bill realized that his goal wasn't to be the richest guy in the cemetery, right, that's a good thing, and so he's doing a lot of good with the money that he made."

Didn't care about money

"I grew up fairly middle class, lower middle class, and I never really cared much about money, and Apple was so successful early on in life that I was very lucky that I didn't have to care about money then."

Don?t think about legacy

"And, so I don't think about legacy much, I just think about being able to get up every day and go in and hang around these great people and hopefully create something that other people will love as much as we do."

Didn't realize

"The excitement wasn't really seeing the economic value. Even when we wrote down at Microsoft in 1975, 'a computer on every desk in every home,' we didn't realize, oh, and we'll have to be a big company."


"Every time, I thought, oh God, can we double in size, jeez can we manage that many people, will that feel fun still, so every doubling was like, okay this is the last one."

Deep investments

"I think the deep investments that have been made at the research level will pay off with these things in the next ten years."

Determined enemies

"We're up against some resilient and determined enemies."

Discuss the challenges

"So I intend to, in this campaign, to discuss the challenges we face."

Diplomacy and force

"We did it with a combination of diplomacy and force."

Death penalty

"That is how we lock people away and make them eligible for the death penalty."

Dramatic rescue

"I just finished a phone conversation with President Uribe, and he told me some of the details of the rescue, dramatic rescue of 15 people who were held hostage."

Divided by race

"We don't have to be divided by race."

Different Because of You

"Its different not because of me, its different because of you."

Did Not Vote For War

"And if I am your nominee, my opponent will not be able to say that I voted for the war in Iraq, because I didn't."