Fiddling Around

"The Justice Department is fiddling around not doing the corporate crime database."

Foreign policy

"Our foreign policy must be characterized by mutual respect."

Feed the hungry

"If we lift up a program to feed the hungry, they'll come running."


"I just want young America to do me one favor."


"In the end, faith will not disappoint."

Fight for change

"We cannot stand idly by, we must fight for a change now."

Free expression

"Girls Gone Wild has always been about free expression, which is a right guaranteed by the US Constitution. The First Amendment, every Americans fundamental right to free speech, is what I want to talk to you about today."

Funny thing

"That would be the funny thing--if we really left."


"You know about the flowers."


"A bee lives in a future, perfect world."


"Now, you would think, if you could fly, why would you need a car."


"And I have much more respect for filmmakers now."


"So I wasn't quite rehearsed, and I went up onstage and I could not remember one thing that I was go--all I could remember was the topics I wanted to talk about."

First show

"That was literally my first show."

Funny guy

"He was a funny guy, and he was a guy who didn't function in a structured environment."


"When you come here, uh, to perform, it's like one of the greatest places. Um, because people are funny, and like to have fun, and their laughter is always very near the surface."

For me

"So, you know, for me it was a documentary."

Feel betrayed

"Because people I think feel betrayed by government so much for so long, it's easy to believe bad things about politicians."

Fired Up

"I'm still fired up."

Faster Times

"My times are faster."

Feel Good

"Obviously it makes me feel good."


"It's just funny."

Fine Again

"Right after workout pretty much we're fine again."

Force Me Out

"I also said I will not swim past the age of 30. I told Bob if I am still in the water at the age of 30 to force me out of the sport."

First Born

"The lawyer says, 'And to my first born son, William.' She says she gives me 48 thousand dollars."

Fall Back

"So he will have something to fall back on."


"We're all family!"

Fundamentally strong

"So they asked his staff and he said at least 4. At least 4. Now think about that. I guess if you think that being rich means you got to make $5 million. And if you don't know how many houses you have. Then it's not surprising that you might think the economy is fundamentally strong."

Fed White Children

"This is our mother. This is a descendent of the Black woman who with her milk fed white children."


"Yes, I do Fred."


"I went fishing, and um, what should we call it? Santa Monica? And uh, rented a boat, and everybody was supposed to come."


"Fishing is my life."

Franklin Roosevelt

"I grew up listening to Franklin Roosevelt on the radio."


"Well of course you believe you're forgotten, because you have been."


"We watched farms go on the auction block while we bought food from foreign countries. Well, that?s wrong!"


"Nothing?s wrong with you that you can?t fix in November!"


"We're alone in our feelings."

Fair play

"Now we Democrats believe that America is still the county of fair play."


"No wonder we can't figure it out."

Fundamentals of our economy

"No wonder McCain just said the fundamentals of our economy are strong. And anyone making less than $5 million a year is middle class."

Fascist Elite

"I will never ever let you down, cause you know what? Nancy Pelosi lives on The Hill, she is part of this corporate fascist elite."

Fake People

"And we have to get people who are people in congress, not fake people."

Fat Cat

"She represents a fat cat."

Fat Cat Donors

"Her fat cat donors and the fat cat Democrats."

Fat Cat Democrats

"The fat cat Democrats."


"After Casey died I realized that I failed at my job."

Fight For All the Children

"That all the children of the world belong to us and we should fight for all the children, not just our own."


"Many people were frustrated with the President."


"But didn?t know where to focus their frustration."

Five Acres

"Out at Camp Casey, my property, I bought five acres."

Funding Bill

"To put a timeline on the funding bill. They wouldn't even entertain it."


"Non-binding resolutions, which by their very name, are fruitless and a waste of time."

Fund Education

"We need to fully fund education and make it free and accessible to everybody in this country, not just the established property, money class."

For Days

"We need to have a general massive strike in this country that doesn't last just for three hours or one day, but lasts for days."

Federal Income Tax

"If everybody even refused to pay a portion of their Federal Income Taxes, that would be very significant."


"Well, this is it, you know. They'll cry at my funeral."

Fast and Good

"I've been looking forward to it and it should be fast, and it should be good."

Friends But Rivals

"Yeah, we're friends, but rivals at the same time."

First Step

"Being a baby you got to learn to take your first step."

For the Taking

"Yeah, it's possible. It's there for the taking."


"And when I go in the blocks I, I just really focus for the race."

Fuck Fox News

"Fuck Fox News!"

Former Terrorist

Mark Halperin: "William Ayers is now a professor in Chicago, but he's a former radical--" Will: "Former terrorist."


"We've been friends for 28 years."

First Thing

"But the first thing I'd do is take this risk premium out of the cost of oil."

Forget That

"People in this room, don't, not you, but we tend to forget that."

Freak Out

"Really freak out, and then a, promote that a little bit and then hopefully get on tour."

fun antics at MK

Free Time

"Figure out somethin' else to do with the time I'll have."


"It'll be hard when you're getting ready for a show. You always forget."

Fall Back

"For me, as I know that some people don't have a family to fall back on like I have."


"And that's when something even greater than that comes in and that's faith. And that's what I have."

Friend of Mine

"Jamie Lynn is, you know, a friend of mine."

Fight for the world

"All of us driven by a simple belief that the world as it is just won't do -- that we have an obligation to fight for the world as it should be."

Fighting to ensure

"It's what he's done in the United States Senate, fighting to ensure that the men and women who serve this country are welcomed home not just with medals and parades, but with good jobs and benefits and health care -- including mental health care."

Fighter for the Hispanic community

"And like I said before, he has been a fighter for the Hispanic community, and I know that for me personally, I chose him as the best candidate because he has been a fighter for the immigration issue. So for me he is the best guy to lead this nation."


"Coach gives us that freedom."

Flip Coaching

"That was just Flip coaching. You, you make the decision, you do it."


"The best thing for me is to sort of just try to focus on what is in front of me."

For One Million Dollars

"Senator John McCain, for one million dollars, how many houses do you have?"

Four Of John McCain's Homes

"And we spend our time in a condominium in Washington, a condominium in Phoenix, some time over here, in the state of California, and we have a place up in northern Arizona."


"He's a favorite of mine. He plays the game."


"The way I understand it, he got let go because he said some things."


"I always show them at the end and have make believe forever. Mention his family. I understand it helps his family a little bit and the whole country."

Flower One

"I have a flower one coming on Saturday you should see it. Another flower one. Daisies, big daisies."


"I only care about what's funny and what's not funny."

Five minutes

"I'm wolfing down gigantic desserts and, uh, you know, we're playin' with the appetizers, and they go, ok, we gotta go. We go what? Well, you're going on TV in five minutes."

Funny in the cranky

"I try and be funny in the cranky."


"It worked out fine, though, didn't it?"


"Fall in love."


"This is a fantastic cup of coffee."

Fine whatever

"Fine, whatever. I heard them laugh."

Fed the Homeless

"So as children, we went and fed homeless people."

Feel Good

"If you don't feel good about yourself, you don?t take care of yourself. It's plain and simple."

Food Manufacturers

"The food manufactures know this."

Face It

"Lets face it. Was your mother raised, did you have a mother and father that when they were stressed out then all of a sudden you saw them eat chocolate and they went, life's beautiful."

Funds for Both

"I've held fundraisers for both."

Foreign Goods

"But we have this huge thirst for, for uh, foreign goods."

Fill the Gap

"The Tarzans are the biggest single possibility to fill the gap."


"The upside, the downside, and accurately report, you know, where he's flopped in the past and all that."

First Stock

"I bought my first stock when I was eleven."

Faint Idea

"They bought CMOs and CDOs without even the faintest idea."


"And now, there's this flight to quality and really a flight to quality becomes a flight to the known."

Feel It

"All those businesses feel it when the consumer pulls back in the residential construction area like they have."

Furniture Business

"Furniture business in some areas is terrible."


"But, you know, you're seeing it in the figures. You saw it with the Wal-Mart figures the other day."

For Women

"You're gonna have some people who vote for her because she's a woman."

First Test

"I ask the managers, I ask them to judge every action they take not just by legal standards, although obviously that's the first test."


"We've really got everything our way and it's--we're very fortunate."

Failed in six months

"So I started a business. My first company failed in six weeks. My next one was much more successful. It failed in six months."

Fair shot

"In America, everyone should get a fair shot. Barack Obama understands this — because he’s lived it. And Barack Obama is running to restore that fair shot for every American."

Failed to believe

"This administration failed to believe in what we can achieve as a nation, when all of us work together."

Fight for the future

"This is a fight for the future. And it's a fight we must win together."

Fighting for workers

"Barack Obama began his career fighting for workers displaced by the global economy. He built his campaign on a fundamental belief that change in this country must start from the ground up, not the top down."

First Couple

"But it was a missed opportunity because she and she alone can talk about Barack Obama in personal terms -- talk about herself, and talk about their relationship that people can envision it as the First Couple."

Focus Group-Tested Language

"And, you know, it had focus group-tested language in it -- you know, the welfare, middle class, equal pay, 'this is what he did in the legislature.'"

Feet In Right Place

?President Lincoln once instructed us to be sure to put your feet in the right place. Then stand firm. Today, Springfield, I know my feet are in the right place.?

Full Calendar

"My calendar gets very full with those."

Fit Kids

"We need our kids to be fit."


"This was so much fun."


"My mother was born in the heartland of America, but my father grew up herding goats in Kenya."

Family Journey

"The journey that led me here is improbable. My mother was born in the heartland of America, but my father grew up herding goats in Kenya."

First American Plane

"On the day when the first American plane touched down."

Flames of Freedom

"They cut off food and supplies to more than 2 million Germans, in and effort to extinguish the last flame of freedom in Berlin."

Falling Wall

"The fall of the Berlin Wall brought new hope."


"So does our country still sacrifice greatly for freedom around the globe."

Fallen Before

"We know that these walls have fallen before."


"Even a nation as powerful as the United States needs some friends in this world."

Friend of McCain

"I have known and been friends with John McCain for almost 22 years."

Freudian slip

"You know, folks, that’s the America that George Bush has left us. And that’s the America we’ll continue to get if George — excuse me, if John McCain is elected president of the United States of America. Freudian slip. Freudian slip."

For it

"Talk about being for it before you're against it!"

Fan the flames

"The judgment, immediately, from Barack Obama was to see an occupation of undetermined length, undetermined consequences, undetermined costs, that, in his words, would only fan the flames of the Middle East."


"Like all of us, he was taught what it means to be an American by his family."


"That flag doesn't belong to any ideology."

From Him

"I think a lot of the things I draw from Rambo, I, I got from him."


"The horse turned around and it hit him in the forehead."


"Well I am to a point but everything in the house is female."


"And if they would allow him, because our Constitution doesn't allow foreigners."


"We fought a world war on less debt than the Republicans have built up in the last eight years."

Flashy car

"You know, it?s kind of like that brother-in-law who drives a flashy new car."


"And then there's my friend."


"I mean you've got sort of the first, main stream African American."

Favorite People

"I'm very fond of him. He's one of my favorite people."

Fractured Sternum

"But, he has, what I believe is a fractured sternum."


"I've watched, uh, Lorenzo, and I'm very fond of him."

For Me

"Well it is for me."

First Year

"Yes, from the first year on, yes."


"I have a lot of friends out there. They keep me bouncing a little bit."


"I got in on a fluke."

Family Picture

"Because a lot of people have stopped going to the theater. This is a family picture and it's a goodie!"


"I am grateful to finish this journey with one of the finest statesmen of our time."

Four years

"Four years ago, I stood before you and told you my story."


"But the failure to respond is a direct result of a broken politics in Washington and the failed policies of George W. Bush."

Four more years

"Because next week in Minnesota, the same party that brought you two terms of George Bush and Dick Cheney will ask this country for a third."

Five million

"Why else would he define middle class as someone making under five million dollars a year?"

Find a job

"We measure progress by how many people can find a job that pays the mortgage."

For us

"Our government should work for us, not against us."


"I will also go through the federal budget, line by line."


"We need a president who can face the threats of the future."

Foreign policy

"The Bush-McCain foreign policy has squandered the legacy that generations of Americans--Democrats and Republicans--have built."


"The men and women who serve in our battlefields may be Democrats and Republicans and Independents, but they have fought together and bled together and some died together under the same proud flag. They have not served a red America or a blue America. They have served the United States of America."

Fresh ideas

"If you don't have any fresh ideas, then you use stale tactics to scare voters."


"It is that American spirit, that American promise, that pushes us forward, even when the path is uncertain."


"It's very, very flattering."

First Dodger

"I also remember the first Dodger game played here."

Football Games

"And the many wonderful football games we've seen here through the years."


"But it's fine."


"Outstanding student but a little forgetful at times."


"Flattered, by this."

Falling down to avoid lick

"When a guy is rushing and you fall down to avoid a lick and, you know, they kinda lose respect for you."

Fruitful type of position

"I’m used to being very productive and working real hard and in administration. We want to make sure that the V.P. slot would be a fruitful type of position, especially for Alaskans and for the things that were trying to accomplish up her for the rest of the us before I can even start addressing that question."

Football is on rhythm

"Everything about football is on rhythm."

Fought for America

"There is only one candidate who has truly fought for America and that man is John McCain."

Federal Land

"It is our oil. It is federal land, though."

Form Voltron

"Ready To Form Voltron! Activate Interlock! Dynatherms Connected! Infracells Up! Megathrusters Are Go! Let's Go Voltron Force! Form feet and legs. Form arms and torso. And, I'll form the head!"

Form Blazing Sword

"Form blazing sword."

Form Voltron

"Ready To Form Voltron! Activate Interlock! Dynatherms Connected! Infracells Up! Megathrusters Are Go! Let's Go Voltron Force! Form feet and legs. Form arms and torso. And, I'll form the head!"

Form Blazing Sword

"Form blazing sword."


"If you're a Democrat and people don?t think you're going to look out for the other guy, you're finished!"


"Further, come in closer."


"I think its closer to P.T. Barnaby who once said if you want a crowd start a fight."

Fun Thing

"It?s a fun thing in a way, although I haven't checked with Bill Clinton what he thinks about it."

Free and Fair Trade

"This is the moment for trade that is free and fair for all."

Focus on doing job

"Focus on doing the job as governor."

Found Him

?Today, I have come back to Springfield to tell you that I've found that leader.?

Fortitude and Faith

?It tests our fortitude and it tests our faith.?

Four More Years

?Four more years of the same divisive politics that is all about tearing people down instead of lifting this country up.?

Fair Shot

?That we won't just win this election in November, we will restore that fair shot at your dreams that is at the core of who Joe Biden is and I am, and what America is as a nation.?

Focus on doing job

"Focus on doing the job as governor."

Focus on doing job

"Focus on doing the job as governor."

Focus on doing job

"Focus on doing the job as governor."

Focus on doing job

"Focus on doing the job as governor."


"They're very hard to please."

Funny ideas

"You know, I'll see if I have, if I have enough funny ideas in my, in my vault."


"And I, uh, it was funny."

Favorite episode

"That was my favorite episode of last season."

For myself

"I'm just writing for myself."

Friends of mine

"I know this now, because I've sat in other writer's rooms when friends of mine have done pilots."

Focus on doing job

"Focus on doing the job as governor."

Fesity Little Sheila

"She's a real feisty little sheila, in really good condition, and strong. We've gotta do a quick body check."