Great guy

"I love John McCain, he's a great guy."

Give back to the community

"For us being able to give back to the community to be able to do something is really incredible. We're just happy that our fans are really taking an initiative to do something as well."

Greek drama

"It's as old as, you know, Greek drama."


"Zeus stabs the sky with thunder bolts. And batters the Persian ships with hurricane winds. Glorious."

Gathering together the leadership

"Has been on the front lines doing an outstanding job gathering together the leadership at every level in Detroit to bring about the kind of renaissance that all of us anticipate for this great city."

Gonna get worse

"Anything you want to change, it's not gonna get better it's gonna get worse."

Goddamn That's Good Weed

Goddamn that's good weed. That is good weed. That is good weed!

game over

Generous Estimation

"That's a generous estimation. Thank you."

Good Old Days

"And I was just so distressed that any point they started standing up to the administration, asking questions, and uh, I just didn't understand why they couldn't go back to the good old days."

Go Back

"I just didn't understand why they couldn't go back to the good old days of 2001 to mid-2004."

Get Things Done

"I mean it was easier for the President to get things done, and that's what he's there for."

Grey's Anatomy

"I like Grey's Anatomy."

Good Parents

"But most of all, they're good parents."


"And I had to stop what I was doing and a lot of times I said, no I just can't do it this time--why? My child is graduating from school."

Good Wife

"The best thing that happened to me was finding a good wife."

Good Side

"Yeah growing up in fifth ward, there's a good side of the street and there's a bad side of the street."

Generous invitation

"I'm grateful for your generous invitation."


"I'm grateful for your generous invitation to state my views."


"Government by consent of the governed."

Government failed

"We suffer political oppression, economic exploitation, and social degradation -- all of them from the same enemy. The government has failed us; you can?t deny that."


"The government has failed us."

Getting independence

"When we look like -- at other parts of this earth upon which we live, we find that black, brown, red, and yellow people in Africa and Asia are getting their independence. They?re not getting it by singing 'We Shall Overcome.' No, they?re getting it through nationalism."

Giant con game

"They're playing a giant con game."

Going and coming

"They got you going and coming."


?She's a genius.?

Get some therapy

?Get some therapy.?


"I think there is a time that you need to, like, hang up the g-string and move on."


"Right on, I think I could have you as a girlfriend."

Game Skill

"I'm trying to work on more of my game skill, getting used in an octagon."


"And I actually talked to a couple different girls. The first girl that came up to me said that Dana didn't want you to be part of this press conference, and then she changed her tune and said that only winners were allowed to be a part of the press conference."


"I guarantee you."

Give me a challenge

"Give me a challenge, and I'll meet it with joy."

Get Up

"You knock him down, he get up."

George Can't

"Well I was bad and I kept hearing the reports, George can't do this, George can't do that."

George Can't Box

"Even Muhammad Ali said once, 'George can't box! He's just trying to kill people.'"


"And he told me after I signed the contract, 'You know we're going to give Muhammad five million.' And I said, 'Great!'"

Get in the Ring

"I'd give him five million, too to get in the ring with me."

Get It Together

"I said, 'How's it going Jim?' and he said 'Man, I'm just trying to get it together like you.'"


"And so the idea came to have a gallery."


"I figure, well, I can play rhythm guitar, that's no big deal."


"So I figured, hey, this is a chance to do something as a group."

Generous Man

"Jon is very generous and treats me like a peer."

Genuine Guy

"I'm very comfortable to talk to him like a peer now too, because he is so supportive. Very generous and genuine guy."

Give the black man his due

"But today this country can become involved in a revolution that won?t take bloodshed. All she?s got to do is give the black man in this country everything that?s due him -- everything."


"And a white man can?t fight a guerilla warfare. Guerilla action takes heart, takes nerve, and he doesn?t have that."

Gang up

"Whenever you get into another man's territory, you know, they gang up on you."


"Our gospel is Black Nationalism."


"Bill, you know you gotta play the game."


"He is pinker than an Indian River grapefruit."


"Here's what I love about you, Bill, ok? You give."

Give it

"I--I'd give it to me."

Gigant of Babil Theme

Golbez's Theme

Geodude Sound Effect 1

Geodude Sound Effect 2

Galaga Level Music

Got Milk?

"I smoke crack. And my husbands beats me. Then the voice comes on and says 'Got milk?'"

Get it Together Grouch

"Get it together grouch."

Genetically Predisposed to Liking Chicken

"All these years I thought I liked chicken because it was delicious. Turns out I'm genetically predisposed to liking chicken."

Good Side of Crack

"Do you know what the good side of crack is? If you're up at the right hour, you can get a VCR for $1.50."

Gay Siren

"And the cars would come rushing across town. It'd be: And it won't be no siren, it'll be a real fag sitting on the roof going: 'Pull over. Pull over. Pull over.'"

Graze Nuts

"You don't have to kick no nuts to hurt nobody. You could just graze nuts."

Going to Uganda

"It's going to Uganda."

Great game

"Tennis stinks right now. Let's be real. It's a great game, though."


"Yeah, everyone knows he did it, ok? He's not gonna be thrown out of office for it, but we all know he did it."


"Everyone knew that tennis people were getting guarantees."

Good job

"I give them a lotta credit. They've done a very good job."

Gotta do something

"The guys better take a big, long look in the mirror and say, 'wait a second, we gotta do something'."

Get to work

"Let's get work--let's get to work here, 'cause this can be done."

Great idea

Samantha: "That... is a great idea." J.P.: "Those are the only kind I have."

Gladiator who Defied an Emperor

"They call for you. The general who became a slave. The slave who became a gladiator. The gladiator who defied an emperor."

Gotta Live in Manhattan to Be a Player

"Look, I gotta live in Manhattan to be a player. There is no nobility in poverty any more dad."

Greed is Good

"The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right. Greed works."

Get the blame

"And if the Democrats are crazy enough to attach a ban on drilling to the end-of-the-year spending bills, then they’re the ones, I think, that are gonna get the blame for closing the government down."

Getting used to

"Of course it takes some getting used to. This isn't anything that anybody would normally just hit the ground and love."


"God? Go down one more notch."

Good Messages

"There are some people who have got some good messages out there. Um, uh, I mean Fred Thompson has a great campaign slogan, 'Do not disturb'."

Guest Role

"It's brand new for me. I got a call and they asked me if I would do a guest role on it. I said sure, and now that has turned into four episodes."

Getting Easier

"It's becoming easier because people are embracing what we do more. Which is great."

Great Response

"It got a great response."

Good relations

"I want to have a dialogue with the Russians. I want them to get out of Georgian territory as quickly as possible and I am interested in good relations between the United States and Russia."

Getting Into Political Situations

"You know, young people not much older than I were already in trouble, getting into political situations that were not acceptable."


"It started out way back when I first got into this game."

Got It

"Somebody got it."

Go Over There

"And then they come around you. It's like somebody said, 'Go over there and cough.'"

God damn impressive

Label Head: "That's these boys playing?" Mr. Kincaid: "No, that's Kansas. But these boys scored a 100,000 points to it on expert level in co-op mode." Label Head: "That's pretty god damn impressive."

Gucci accessories

"Raul Xerxes, he sat on top a gold Hummer, with customized Gucci accessories which only a Persian would think was cool."

God damn impressive

Label Head: "That's these boys playing?" Mr. Kincaid: "No, that's Kansas. But these boys scored a 100,000 points to it on expert level in co-op mode." Label Head: "That's pretty god damn impressive."

Gucci accessories

"Raul Xerxes, he sat on top a gold Hummer, with customized Gucci accessories which only a Persian would think was cool."

Great progress

John McCain: "There has been great progress economically." Stuart Morrison: "The economy is in a rut." John McCain: "We have had a pretty good prosperous time with low unemployment." Kelly Robertson: "The way the economy is, it is the bleakest of times. I'm worried, I'm really worried."

Good Life

"Ultimately he learns that his life was pretty good."

Good Man

"Maybe he was just trying to make his wife happy. With this device, at this moment he knew his wife would be in pain if he didn?t' remember the song of their first kiss. So let's look at my guy as a good man."

Gold and Silver

"They are made of gold and silver."


"He was very nice to me in my movie, so I'm a gentleman."

Get to the bottom of this

"I know that sometimes in these days and times we see these senseless types of tragedies that occur and I know that our police department is working very, very hard to get to the bottom of all this."

Got It

"Somebody got it."

Go Over There

"And then they come around you. It's like somebody said, 'Go over there and cough.'"

Great successes

"That's why my grandfather signed the Social Security Act 73 years ago today. One of the great successes of the 20th century, today, Social Security lifts nearly 13 million seniors and 1.3 million children out of poverty."

Got Up

"It was kinda strange, but today, when I look at that quick count, I think about, if I had gotten up. I told Jim Brown, 'I think if I'd of gotten up he would have come to me and I coulda knocked him out.' And Jim Brown said, 'He wasn't going to come to you, he would have down the same thing.'"

Getting Rich

"So Zach Clayton got rich."

Good Right

"A good right hand, a left-right hand combination."

Get Clear

"Listen, but let's face it, uh, get that clear. He knocked me out."

Great Boxer

"You know I was a boxer and you're gonna be--Joe Lewis is remembered as a great boxer."

Great Man

"It's only Muhammad Ali who's going to remember that, be, be remembered as a great man."

Good Boxer

"I'll be remembered as a good boxer."

Get Together

"It took a long time for me to really, really kind of get myself together."

Gigantic Hand

"Still believe there's a God. When I said that a gigantic hand reached into nothing. I was dead."

Good Bye

"The only thing that saddened me about that moment is I hadn't said good bye to my mother."

Good Shot

"And I hit him and drove him into the ring with a, into the ropes with a good shot."

Gift of Fear

"With Joe Frasier I had this gift of fear."

Get Him

"I was followin' him. He was tryin' to get courageous. I said, 'I'm gonna get him.'"


"I am grateful for this opportunity to come here tonight at the invitation of the leadership to reason with my friends, to give them my views, and to visit with my former colleagues."


"And the time for waiting is gone."


"We will guard against violence."

Gates of opportunity

"Of course, people cannot contribute to the nation if they are never taught to read or write, if their bodies are stunted from hunger, if their sickness goes untended, if their life is spent in hopeless poverty just drawing a welfare check. So we want to open the gates to opportunity. But we're also going to give al...

Ghost town

Chris Fisher: "If DHL…if something happens its gonna be like a ghost town." Ed Rutherford: "I thought I was doing a good job providing for my family and I had that taken away."

Get The Funny Stuff Out Of The Way

"Well, why don't we just-- we'll get the funny stuff out of the way."

Great nation

"America is a great nation."

Greatest country on earth

"We're the greatest country on earth."

Greatest nation

"Where else could they have a child who wold one day have the chance to run for the highest office in the greatest nation the world has ever known."

Get the most viewers

"They cast these things very carefully and very manipulatively to make sure that they get the most viewers. It's a business, they're trying to get everyone to watch and it's another little hook that they can throw in."


"Congress is at a gridlock. On everything, on energy, on whatever it is."

Got something special

"Cause I didn't believe in bigfoot at the time. And you know I've seen the films and I've seen things on television before so you know you have to come to terms with it and realize you got something special. And that's what it was."


"It feels great."

Great feeling

"It feels so great to know that your hard work is working and paying off."


"I think that's what keeps me going into the gym."

Get used to

"I haven't felt the nerves for a while, and it's just something you have to learn to get used to again."


"'Government can't do everything,' we were told, so it should settle for taking care of the strong and hope that economic ambition and charity will do the rest."


"How much deeper will the gulf be between us and our enemies?"

Government of humans

"A government of humans should elevate itself to a higher order."

Grander scale

"It will happen again, only on a much, much grander scale."

God's will

"Above the pyramid on the great seal of the United States it says in Latin: 'God has favored our undertaking.' God will not favor everything that we do. It is rather our duty to divine His will."

God doesn't like you

"God will not favor everything that we do."

Get Out Of My Fucking Office

Get out of my ... get out of my fucking office!

Gone to his head

"Maybe the applause has gone to his head."

Go to Sturgis

"We went to Sturgis, South Dakota for the famous Sturgis motor cycle rally and it was an absolutely incredible experience and I suggest anybody who hasn't gone, go next year. Because it was one of the most fun times, not only on the campaign trail but in general."

Go faster

"I just feel I can go faster and that's what frustrates me the most."

Growing up…

"Growing up I wanted to be an Olympic champion, I wanted to be a world record holder and I wanted to be a professional athlete and this is all just a dream come true."

Get Virginians to tell you

"And you can’t get Virginians to tell you really anything that he’s done, other than try and raise taxes for transportation and he failed at that twice."

Greatest error

"Instead, Senator Obama commits the greatest error insisting that even in hindsight, even in hindsight he would oppose the surge. Even in retrospect he would chose the path of retreat and failure for America over the path of success and victory."

Give your mom a hug

"I actually got a call from him yesterday. He called and saying congratulations and everyone back in the US is cheering me on and supporting me. And then he said make sure you give your mom a hug."

Go go

"What up Phelps it's your boy Derrick Martin man, Raven's cornerback, I like what you did out there. 8 for 8 that's the way to do it for the USA. Go go."

Get back to China for Olympics

"I can't find the words, to explain how excited I am, to get back to China, and uh, play in the Olympics, in our home country. That?s a big chance for us. Um. It's, if you want to say one time in your life, this is one time in your life."

Generality and Abstraction

"When you watch him, he stays in a very high plane of generality and abstraction."

Grossest offenses

"Of the impeachment process, it was Woodrow Wilson who said that 'nothing short of the grossest offenses against the plain law of the land will suffice to give them speed and effectiveness. Indignation so great as to overgrow party interest may secure a conviction; but nothing else can.'"

Guide our decision

"It is reason, and not passion, which must guide our deliberations, guide our debate, and guide our decision."

God's sight

"We're all precious in God's sight."




"How much deeper will the gulf be between us and our enemies?"

Government of humans

"A government of humans should elevate itself to a higher order."

Grander scale

"It will happen again, only on a much, much grander scale."

Going to stop

"The nation is sending $700 billion every year overseas to countries that don't like us very much. And when I'm president that's going to stop."


"No grave can hold our body down."


"We must leave racial battle ground and come to economic common ground and moral higher ground."


"We come from disgrace to amazing grace."

Greater still

"We are often reminded that we live in a great nation, and we do. But it can be greater still."


"We must not measure greatness from the mansion down, but the manger up."

Great nation

"We are often reminded that we live in a great nation, and we do."

Got to know the territory

"A President has got to know the territory, but that's not enough."

Good Morning

"Good morning!"

Given up on men

"Then she had, I think, given up on men. She was going to be focusing just on work."

Good friend

"I felt this guy was going to be a good friend of mine. I liked him, we hung out, but I just didn’t see that. I didn’t see a relationship coming out of that."

Got something going here

"At that point I thought okay I think I got something going here."

Going through the process

"We're going through the process, I said on Saturday night that I have a proud pro-life record in congress."




"We should go."


"And I was on stage for about three minutes, and I just said, g'night."


"And then to have people go, oh, we have to give this man a trophy, he's a genius!"

Go To a Club and Drink Fruity Drinks and Then Dirty Dance with Each Other

We need to get all dressed up and then we need to go to a club and drink fruity drinks and dirty dance with each other.

Going to attack me

"So what they're going to do is they're going to try to attack me. And make you worried about me. And they'll say well he's young and he has got a funny name, you know he's not patriotic."

George W. Bush wasn't president

"The last time I was here it was even longer ago than that I think. George W. Bush wasn't President, you actually had to write the Habeas Corpus and the Constitution was still in one piece."

Get rid of the Patriot Act

"I promise to get rid of the Patriot Act and make sure that once again every American will have the right to privacy that the Bill of Rights promises."

Get the Eagles a wide receiver

"But most important when I'm elected president I promise to get the Eagles a wide receive who can go deep."

Good for Us

"I think it is good for us to have something like that just because we're around each other so much. There is so much love and dedication to what we do that we're bound to have one or two of these here or there. And then we're fine."

Getting Back

"The biggest thing I'm looking forward to is getting back seeing my dog, seeing my cars, and setting up my new house."

Get Out

"For whatever, she never wanted for anything, except for me to get out."

Great progress economically

"He thought that we had made great progress economically during the years that George Bush has been in office. Now that raised some eye brows. Great progress economically…who's he talking to?!"

Gotta Call

"I gotta call him by his name."

Get With Teens

"Lets get with these teenage children and their sex."

Grinding Away

"Rubbin' their Johnson while very attractive girls grind away like this man is the most handsome person."

Get Mad

"And then get mad when you tell them not to do it."


"I caught it in the, what you call it? Gill, wing or something."

Get It

"There was this dude, he was stealing and the police--We was all standing on the corner, right. And the policeman come by and let the dog out the car and said, 'Get it!' And the dog took off."

Good evening

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Buenas noches, mis amigos."

George Bush

"After listening to George Bush all these years, I figured you needed to know what a real Texas accent sounds like."

Give us a chance

"But if you give us a chance, we can perform."

Ginger Rogers

"But if you give us a chance, we can perform. After all, Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels."


"Government isn't going to help us."

Good shot

"That's a good shot...But, I'm...I'm pretty disciplined on this."

Going Wrong

"She even, incredibly likes to blame the people of Iraq for what is going wrong in Iraq."


"We need to make our public transportation system greener than it is, and that's for sure."

Going To Go Up

"Oil is going to go up within weeks, if not days, to $150 a barrel. Its already up to $138 a barrel."

General Strike

"We need to have a massive general strike in this country."


"It?s a real grassroots people's campaign."

Good Life

"For a minute I start saying things like, 'Well, I had a good life.'"


"She, she turned into a ghost right in front of me.

Good Times

"I've been runnin' a lot of good times."

Getting Back

"This comes around every four years. Uh, I think I'm just gettin' back the work that I put in."

Good Condition

"I've been doin' good in both events so far, I'm, I'm in good condition really."