How can a guy grow up in a circus like that?

Jim: "How can a guy grow up in a circus like that?" Police Chief: "Beats me, Jim…but they do."

He's just loaded, honey.

Mrs. Carol Stark: "Can't you answer? What's the matter with you, anyhow?" Frank Stark: "He's just loaded, honey."

He called me a dirty tramp. My own father!

Judy: "He doesn't like one thing about me. He called me a dirty tramp! My own father!" Police chief: "Do you think your father really means that?" Judy: "Yes! No…I don't know!"

Homem é eletrocutado

Hold them

"And hold them."

How about that Super Bowl

"Nation how about that Super Bowl. When Springsteen rammed the camera with his mini boss for a second I thought…what are you doing?"

Huge fan

"Seriously man we are fucking done professionally. Though personally I cannot wait to interview him. I'm a huge fan."

Have you ever been on a set

"I'm fucking acting here. What kind of fucking professional are you. Have you ever been on a set before!"

Homem é assassinado com tiro no pescoço


Have to be sexy

Sarah: "You want to be on MTV you have to be sexy." Bobby Bird: "[Inaudible]" Sarah: "The show has to be sexy." Bobby: "Yeah." Sarah: "I think they'd be crazy not to pick up your show."

How's Your News? Theme

"Hey how's your news? Would you like to sing our tune. Would you like to chase our…"

He invented the question mark

"My father would womanize, he would drink. He would make outrageous claims like he invented the question mark."

Human Resources

Human Resources certainly has an odd sense of humor… Follow me.

Has She Died

Has she died or something?

Hang That Up

Hang that up. Don't just fling it anywhere.

Hot Starbucks

And she will want more Starbucks when she gets back. Hot Starbucks.

Holding a gypsy while he eat my krom

"But then it look like I am holding a gypsy while he eat my krom."

Howdy partners

"Howdy partners."

Happy times

"I took a bus to Los Angeles with some friends of Mr. Jesus. Finally I had arrived. Happy times."

How About New York

Major Strasser: "How about New York?" Rick: "Well there are certain sections of New Yor, Major, that I wouldn't advise you to try to invade." Major Strasser: "Uh huh."

Here Are Your Winnings

Captain Renault: "I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here." Emile: "Your winnings, sir." Captain Renault: "Thank you very much."

Hi Cutie Pie

"Hi Cutie Pie"

He Was a Pain in the Neck

Weiss:"Sure glad we took care of Sub Zero!", Ben Richards:"He was a pain in the neck!"

Hard Decisions Call for Hard Solutions

"Hard decisions call for hard solutions."

Hate to See You Get Cancelled Tonight

"I'd just hate to see you get cancelled tonight when you could go the distance."

He Smells Blood

"He smells blood and nothing on Earth is going to stop him!"

Have a Seat

West:"Would you like to sit down?", Galloway:"I'm fine sir.", West:"Have a seat.", Galloway:"Ok."

He Had No Honor and God Was Watching

"He is dead because he had no honor - and God was watching."

He Eats Breakfast Impersonation

"He eats breakfast 300 yards away from 4000 Cubans that are trained to kill him."

He's a Fucking Monster

"Your father and I used him three times in twenty years, only when things got totally fucked. Whenever we needed one of our own bumped off, we called this guy in. He had a thing for clipping wiseguys, but only one rule: No women, no kids. Believe me, kid, you don't want this guy unless you are one hundred percent su...

Hot Snot

"Hot snot, we are back in business!"

Homeboy fucked a martian once

"Be the first motherfucker to see a new galaxy, or find a new alien life form... and fuck it. People would be like, 'There he goes. Homeboy fucked a Martian once'."

Holy fucking Bible

Teen #2: "Is that a fucking Bible?" Jay: "Hey hey, the HOLY fucking Bible, son."

Him thinkin' again, huh?

"Him is so cute! Him thinkin' again, huh?"

Han or Greedo

"Now I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that when you two aren't arguing who shot first, Han or Greedo, you can muster up some energy to make fun of other people."

He was just Pickle Fucker

"Before he was the Mad Ducats guy, he was just Pickle Fucker. See, freshman year, the seniors put us through what they called 'initiations.' They'd stuff us into lockers or throw us naked into the girl's locker room, but Lance here got the worst of it. The seniors pulled his pants down, shoved a pickle up his ass, a...

Hard plastic cage like Magneto's

Randal: "Jail cell design hasn't changed much in centuries has it? They can bring in lasers bars or something." Jay: "Or they could make a hard plastic cage like in X-Men 2."

He's the boss on the dance floor

"Now remember he's the boss on the dance floor, if no where else."

Heartbeat noises

"Gu guh, gu guh. Close your eyes."

Have you had many women?

Baby: "Have you had many women?" Johnny: "What?" Baby: "Have you HAD many women?" Johnny: "No, No."

Ho Chi Minh trail

Lisa Houseman: "I've decided to go all the way with Robbie." Baby: "No, Lisa, not with someone like him." Lisa Houseman: "Do you think if we came back for a ten-year anniversary, it would be free?" Baby: "It's just wrong this way. It should be with someone... someone that you sort of love." Lisa Houseman: "Come on. ...

Hit him in the pachenga

"Little wimp. He wouldn't know a new idea if it hit him in the pachenga…"

Hey There Girlfriend

"Hey there girlfriend. If you wanna chance, you're gonna have to earn it."

Hands Across America

Landfill: "I haven't seen you guys since…" Todd Wolfhouse: "Hands Across America." Jan Wolfhouse: "That's we were just saying. We almost made it." Landfill: "Couple breaks in the chain." Together: "Hands Across Ameri-CA!"

Hate You, Badrinath

"I hate you, Badrinath."

Hold On

"Hold on."

How's it Hang, Ese?

"Hey, how's it hang, ese?"

How much can you take?

"You're great fighter, but you've been retired for nearly five years, don't you think it's time to start thinking about something else? I mean, how much can you take?"

He is a has been

Nicoli: "Drago should not even fight this man cause he is a has been." Apollo: "You get that big chump in the ring right now."

Have a Chair

Lt. Androzzi: "Have a chair, John". Shaft: "I don't like your chair."

How I Was Gonna Die

"Never would have guessed this is how I was gonna die."

How much do you weigh?

Batman: "How much do you weigh?" Vicki Vale: "About a 108 I think."

He's Amateur


Het Museum Vertelt: Gerda Dendooven

How did they get Airforce One

"How the hell did this happen? How the HELL did they get Airforce One?!"


"Horror, the horror."

How creepy you get

"Do you have any control over how creepy you allow yourself to get?"

He'll kill because he likes it.

Harry: ""You know you're crazy if you think you've heard the last of this guy. He's gonna kill again!" Character 1: "How do you know?" Harry: "Cause he likes it."

Here's your new partner.

Chief: "I'm putting somebody with you." Harry: "What are you talking about?" Chief : "You need a partner." Harry: "What's the matter with the partner I've got?" Chief : "Nothing, except he's in a hospital." Harry: "So, he'll be out in a couple weeks." Chief: "Say hello to Chico Gonzalas, he'll be working with you." ...

human tales

“Human tales? Humans don't have tales, they have big, big bottoms that they wear with bad shorts!”

Humans may be out there.

Krysta: "Oh father do you think its possible? Could humans still exist?" Christa's Father: "Now Christa, don't you think your a little old to believe in humantails?" Batty Koda: "Humantails? Humans don't have tails. They have big big bottoms that they wear with bad shorts. They walk around going "Hi Helen."

Have to be honest

"You don't have to be brilliant, or witty or clever, or, or, polite even, you just have to be honest."

Hey Ese

"Hey Ese!"

Hit the ground

"Police! Everyone hit the ground."

Here's the weather

Cronauer: "Now, here's the weather, we're going to go right to Roosevelt E. Roosevelt. Roosevelt, how's it goin'? Cronauer as Roosevelt: "Adrian, I'm with somebody! Don't ever come here and bother me right now!" Cronauer: "Well thanks, Roosevelt. Can't you give us a little weather?" Roosevelt: "Not now, man! I'm on ...

hello my baby

(Hello, My Baby)

Hey Scotty

Wes Lugar: "I want the York case." Captain Doyle: "There is no York case, it was a suicide! Coffee? Cappuccino? Espresso?" Captain Doyle: "Hey, Scotty, can you get this machine to work?" Scotty: "I'm givin' her all she's got, Captain! If I push it any harder the whole thing will blow!"

Hammock in the backyard

"When I wanna think of home I think of something specific, you know, like my hammock in the back yard, and my wife pruning the rose bushes in a pair of my old work gloves."

Hold stations

Lieutenant Commander Nyota Uhura: "Dock control reports ready, Sir." Lieutenant Commander Hikaru Sulu: "Helm ready, Sir." Lieutenant Ilia: "Orbital display on plot, Sir." Uhura: "Yard command signaling clear, Sir." Kirk: "Maneuvering thrusters, Mr. Sulu." Sulu: "Maneuvering thrusters, sir." Kirk: "Hold stations." Su...

How far the big toe can go

"So you better hit them bunks my little babies, or Sergeant Hulka with the big toe is gonna see how far he can stick it up your ass."

Homicide is healthier

"Suicide is out this year. Homicide is much healthier."


Ben: “You know what many people are liking at night?” Newton: “What?” Ben: “Headlights!”

Hey Chef

Chef: "Hello there, children!" The kids: "Hey Chef!"

Hip hop music

"I do more hip hop music."

Here's how this is going to work

Jack: "Okay, here's how this is gonna go. We're gonna sit here in silience for about three minutes. Then I'm gonna take my girlfriend to Plunder where the Pope himself could not get a table." Priest: "You sound troubled my son." Jack: "Can it father. It was a nice try though."



He does not sound good live

Jenna: (Singing a song like a man) Blind girl: Wow, he does not sound good live.

Hold it

"The…hold it. Hold it! Please."

Have not had any conversations

"I have not had any conversations."

Has not come to us

"The FBI has not come for us and they're not asking us for anything."

How bad was it

Joan: "How bad was it, you might ask?"Keenan: "I might, if you gave me the opportunity." Joan: "I was just saving you the effort."

Hang onto your husbands

"That's right, I'm back. Whooo! Hang onto your husbands girls."

How did it happen


Hairy lips

"We don't like our waitresses to have hairy lips."

Humanity's last hope

"15 years after earth, humanity's last hope is Titan A.E."

Humans had conquered space

"I was born in 3023. Humans had already conquered space. Even though it was easy to travel to the farthest galaxy, we'd always thought Earth would be home. But we were wrong... and we had to leave."

Howard Johnsons

"Driver, why are we stopped here? This isn't the Howard Johnsons."

How do you say indispensable

Ducoit: "Well, Monsiuer Rivers, it seems that you have become, how do you say, indispensable?" Nick: "Indispensable." Ducoit: "That's what I thought."

He managed to escape America

Hillary: "My uncle was born in America." Nick: "Oh, really?" Hillary: "But he was one of the lucky ones. He managed to escape in a balloon during the Jimmy Carter presidency."

Help with the bags

Frankenstein: "Igor, would you give me a hand with the bags?" Igor: "Certainly. You take the blonde, and I'll take the one in the turban."

Hit me I deserve it

Steve Everett: "Dammit Bob why don't you hit me in the fucking face, will ya! I'll fall down, I'll bleed, I'll do all that. I deserve it! Then you can go home and hit your wife cause she likes it." Alan: "Ohhh-oh-oh-oh..."

Have yourself a good day

“You just have yourself a good day! Take care now, bye-bye then."

How was she

Alan Mann: "How was she?" Steve Everett: "None of your damn business...not bad!" Alan Mann: "Lucky bastard. I always like her and respected her. Hey - did I ever tell you about that assistant D.A. I was banging in New York?" Steve Everett: "No and if you start to tell me now I'm gonna come across that desk and rip y...

Horny Hound

“We call him Hound because, well, um, he's horny.”

He should have armed himself

Little Bill Daggett: "You just shot an unarmed man!" Munny: "Well, he should have armed himself."

He's my partner

"He's my partner. He don't go, I don't go."


“My favorite dish is haggis. Heart, lungs, liver. You shove that all in a sheep's stomach, then you boil it. That'll put some hair on your ass!”

Haven't thrown up

“Well, it's about time, I haven't thrown up in about an hour!”

He's not dead

"Oh My! Oh! Oh! Wait a minute! Wait a minute! He's not dead! He's not ... (gunshot fires) ... strike that!"

Here we come!

“Redbud, here we come!”

Hold me?

Jimmy: “You scared, man?” Hiller: “Nope. You?” Jimmy: “Nope... Hold me!”


“Oh, shit! Um, hide!”


Julius: “Oh, so this is healthy?” David: “Well, I could get used to it!”

Happy 4th

Patricia: “Happy Fourth of July, Daddy.” Pres: “Same to you, munchkin!”

Herniated Hippo

“He's as mad as a hippo with a hernia!”


Timon:“Hakuna matata, what a wonderful phrase!” Pumbaaa:“Hakuna matata, ain't no passin' craze!”

Have déjà vu?

Phil: "Do you ever have déjà vu, Mrs. Lancaster?", Mrs. Lancaster: "I don't think so, but I could check with the kitchen?"

Hello Wanda

"Hello, Wanda!"

Hold your butts

"Hold on to your butts!"

Hump a Limey week

"What is this, hump a Limey week suddenly?"

Hardly ever bluff

"Well, now, I bring all sorts of plusses to the table. I hardly ever bluff and I never, ever, cheat."

Hated each other

"I think that, had we known each other under different circumstances, well we would've just hated each other."

How, white man

"We get all dressed up in war paint and go whooping around like idiots. He wants me to speak like they say in the books, you know, 'How, white man!'… you people are such assholes. Of course he's gotta hear the war drums all the time!"

Hurt you

"Stop it, Pinky, or I shall have to hurt you."

He's whelp

"The prodigal son returns. He's a whelp, this girl could best him."

He cleared it

(Screaming in background, startled chickens) "Fuck me, he cleared it!"

Happy to be a virgin

Sidney: "Oh my God, Randy, I thought you wre dead!" Randy: "I probably should be. I never thought I'd be so happy to be a virgin!"

How do you gut someone?

Sidney: "How do you…guy someone?" Stu: "You take a knife, and you slit 'em from groin sto sternum!"

Holidays 2009

Hunting crocodiles

"Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting crocodiles! Ha ha ha ha!"

Hork our clothes

Doug: "Somebody horked our clothes!" Bob: "Geez, who'd want to hork our clothes, eh?"

half a bubble

“Lady, you are about a half-a-bubble off of plumb, and that's for sure and for certain.”

He drank some poisonous wine

Mortimer: "What happened to him?" Aunt Abby Brewster: "He died." Mortimer: "Men don't just get into window seats and die." Aunt Abby: "Oh no dear, he died first." Mortimer: "How did he die?" Aunt Martha Brewster:"He gentleman died because he drank some wine with poison in it."

Happydale Sanatorium

"I want the Happydale Sanatorium, sanatorium, sanatorium, sanatorium."

Have a back up

"Always have a back up."

He was courting

"Forget Paris, he was courting. They'll do anything when they're courting."

How are we

"And how are we this morning?"

Head out of your ass

He's not the problem, Jack. Now, you want to pull your head out of your ass and tell me why the hell we're bringing her with us?"

Had her hand on a gun

Jack Foley: "I'm saying she wasn't scared, that's all." Buddy: "That's cause she had her hand on her gun the whole time waitin' to make her move."

Hey you guys

"Hey you guys!"

Happy with haircut

"Ok, I don't want to know about this. I never saw you throw that gentleman off the balcony. All I care about it, are you happy with your haircut?"

Hello Cyclops

"Hello again, Cyclops."

He's got the look of both predator and prey

Fabian: "My dea, you have set your gaze upon the quintessential frontier type. Note, the lean silhouette, eyes closed by the sun though sharp as a hawk. He's got the look of both predator, and prey." Josephine: "I want one." Fabian: "Happy hunting!"


"I'm your huckleberry!"

Hell's comin' with me

"You tell 'em I'm coming! And Hell's comin' with me, you hear? Hell's comin' with me!"

Heard of anything like that

Texas Jack: "Did you ever see anything like that before?" Johnson: "Hell, I ain't never even heard of anything like that!"

Hooch hooch

"Hooch! Hooch, c'mon boy! Hooch, put that down!"

Hell no it won't pass

"I told hell no it won't pass."

He's not my friend

"Friends are the ones, on who you can depend He's my friend, He's not my friend Friends are the ones who are there at the end He's my friend, They're not my friends"

Harry Knowles

Windows: "Harry Knowles!" Harry: "Which one of you is Windows?" Windows: "I'm Windows. Nice to meet you…" Guy: "Harry Knowles is hitting him in the face."

He's never gone

Dr. Marvin: "You think he's gone!? He's not gone! That's the whole point! He's never gone!!" Bob: "Is this some radical new therapy?" Dr. Marvin: "YOU SEE?!?!"

How much worse can it get

Fay: "Leo?" Anna: "Daddy, it's me! Anna!" Lily: "Leo, it's me, Lily, your sister!" Fay: "Come back to us! The worst is over." Siggy: "Yeah dad, how much worse can it get?"

Hey! What I just did gave me a fuckin migrane, so if you don't pipe down, I'm gonna yank your sack off like a paper towel!

“Hey! What I just did gave me a fuckin migrane, so if you don't pipe down, I'm gonna yank your sack off like a paper towel!”

He was my BOYFRIEND!

Friedrich: “And so you and Victor were...” Frau Blucher: “Yes! Yes! Say it! He was my BOYFRIEND!”

He has a rotten brain!

“Stand back! For the love of God! He has a rotten brain!”

He would have an enormous schwanzstucker!

“He would have an enormous schwanzstucker!”


Henry: "What happened?" Ula: "Your ball hooked into that cart, bounced back and hit you in the head. It was frickin' hilarious."

Have that

Old Hawaiian Man: "Can I have that? I need something to wipe my ass with." Henry: "Ha, ha, ha, shut up."

Her problem

Security Guard #1: "Hey, Lucy, good to see you again. What the hell's her problem?" Security Guard #2: "She doesn't remember who you are, brah." Security Guard #1: "Oh, yeah. I suck at this job"

Huh, smart guy

Doug: "You want a broken head, huh, smart guy?" Marlin: "Why, you gonna give it to him?" Doug: "No, daddy, I thought you was gonna do it." Henry: "Nobody's gotta break my head, guys. I'm gonna split anyways." Marlin: "No, don't go just because my son is psychotic."

Holy crap

"Holy crap, I suck."


"Oh, one of Brittany's' moms' pubic hairs."

Happy dance

"I'm doing the happy dance, I'm doing the happy dance. (while dancing)"


Baxter Cain: "When I see one of BASEketball's' hottest stars with less than 20 dollars in his pocket, driving an American car, and sharing his small house with two other guys, you know what that says to me?" Remer: "Homos?"


"Ok, I'm going home, keep your money."


(Howling as Deckard is trying to escape by climbing out the window.)


George: "Put that shit away. You're pregnant, for Christ sakes." Mirtha Jung: "Aye, don't be such a hypocrite. I quit smoking, didn't I?"

High tolerance

"The official toxicity limit for humans is between one and one and half grams of cocaine depending on body weight. I was averaging five grams a day, maybe more. I snorted ten grams in ten minutes once. I guess I had a high tolerance."

Haven't done a thing

"40 years old and I haven't done a thing."

Have a revolution

Harvey: "We need one of our own in office. We can have a revolution here." Man: "I don't do losing."

Harvey Milk will be stabbed

"Harvey Milk will be stabbed and have…"

How wrong can you be

"How wrong can you be."

Human maid

"Everybody we know has a human maid. It's considered a necessity."

He is God

"Ah I know what you're saying…who is Ed Catmo. Well since I was the host of the sci-tech awards dinner held 2 weeks ago I happen to know. In the world of digital animation…he is god."

Hassidic meth lab

Natalie Portman: "What's going on with you?" Ben: "Nothing I just want to retire from being a funny guy. That's all." Natalie Portman: "You look like you work at a Hassidic meth lab. What do you want to do?" Ben: "I don't know, maybe cinematography."

Have sex with Nazis

Saul: "When I watch a movie I like to be intellectually stimulated or watch young boys have sex with Nazis." Dale: "Come on man."

Hugh Jackman, Beyonce Musical Ensemble

How hard I make it to appreciate me

"And I want it to be very clear that I do know how hard I make it to appreciate me often."

Hookshot Sound



Harvest Festival Theme Song

Hurricane Sound Effect

Happy Adventure, Delightful Adventrue

Happy Kingdom Theme Song


High-Score Theme Song

Holy Cow

Hydra Battle Theme Song

Hurt Sound

Hospital Theme Song

Happy Settlement Theme Song

Her Last Breath Theme Song

Hurry Theme Song

Hammer Bros. Prize Sound Effect

Hawkmouth Opening Sound Effect

Honeybee Manor Theme Song

Holding My Thoughts In My Heart Theme Song

Highwind Takes to the Skies Theme Song

Hurry Faster Theme Song

Heresy Theme Song

Hunter's Chance Theme Song

Hidden Lips Theme Song

Heard With Something Theme Song

Holy Angel's Theme Song Deluxe

Hero's Theme Song

Holy Angel's Theme Song

Hammer Bros. Theme Song