"So I'll challenge the person who is the major impediment to impeachment and that's Nancy Pelosi."


"Then we get back on. And the train wrecks into the station. It's really interesting film."

Immy and Tara

It was about the values

"I think that really it was about the values that the Democratic party stands for and if he stands for how to change the direction of this country, who can help do that, who has the relationships and the experience to help him govern both domestically as well as around the world."

I Don't Know How Rowdy This Is Going To Be

"I don't know how rowdy this is going to be."

I Got Roughed Up A Little Bit

"These people say that they believe in freedom of speech, but I got roughed up a little bit trying to get some questions in there."

I Guess They Don't Believe In Freedom Of Speech

"I guess they don't believe in freedom of speech."

I'm Not Going To Talk To You

"I'm not going to talk to you."

I'm pretty comfortable

"I'm pretty comfortable with what I've seen from Obama over this campaign and his ability to communicate to people and bring people together."

I Can't Thank You Enough

"It was so important to have those two people here with me, and to those who made it possible, I can't thank you enough."

I Did Abominably

"I just did abominably -- I did really badly, for me."

I Took A Lot From My Competition Earlier In The Week

"I took a lot from my competition earlier in the week, my three-minute springboard competition."

I Was A Blubbering Mess

"I was crying thinking that I had silver, and then to get gold -- I was a blubbering mess."

It Was Beautiful

"The swarm of people that came and engulfed me and hugged me and embraced me was just-- it was beautiful."

I Didn't Think Somebody Would Overshadow John Edwards

"I thought John Edwards might overshadow John Kerry; I didn't think somebody would overshadow John Edwards."

It Was Interesting Intellectually

"It was interesting intellectually as well as just charismatically."

I'm supporting Republican

"I'm a proud Hillary Clinton Democrat. She had the experience and judgment to be President. Now, in a first for me, I'm supporting a Republican, John McCain. I respect his maverick and independent streak, and now he's the one with the experience and judgment."

It's okay, really

Debra Bartoshevich: "A lot of Democrats will vote McCain. It's okay, really!" John McCain: "I'm John McCain and I approved this message."

I am blessed

"The others are also for investment purposes. So all I can say is I am blessed to have the opportunity to continue to be part of a country where you can succeed and do well."

It Would Have Been Hard

"I think it would have been hard for John McCain, given the way he says he's going to run this campaign, to do all this stuff without the door being open."

It's A Metaphor For The Economy

"But the housing is about the economy. It's a metaphor for the economy."

I Hope You Get Hit By A Church Van Tonight

"Ha ha, you f---ing dumb-ass. I hope you get hit by a church van tonight and you die slowly."

I Rather Pity These People

"It doesn't scare me. I mean, I rather pity these people."

I Didn't Realize

"I'm so sorry, Joan. I didn't realize."

I Even Did It In A Department Store Once

"I even did it in a department store once."

I Negotiate For Everything

"And I realized, I negotiate for everything. The rent, the plumber, my hairdresser."

I See What You're Doing

"I see what you're doing, and I have to say, I'm disappointed."

I Watched Somebody's Uncle Morty Close A Deal

"Right after I met Jimmy, I watched somebody's Uncle Morty close a deal for him."

I'm So Sorry, Joan

"I'm so sorry, Joan."

It's Hand-To-Hand Combat

"It's hand-to-hand combat!"

It's Touchy

"It's touchy, because you're really telling somebody they're not worth what they think."

I can't remember what happened yesterday

"Four years, what happened four years ago I can't remember what happened yesterday. But yeah it's been an amazing year and a half for us."

If Asked

"If asked I will do it."

Iraq Plan

"I have a plan to get out of Iraq."

I Know

"I know. I know!"

It's Hard

"No, and I think you know, it's definitely hard when, you know it's like your friends."

I Long

"And that is what I long to do."

I only dog paddle

Go in. Get after her! I don't swim. I only dog paddle.

I come here as a daughter

"And I come here as a daughter, raised on the South Side of Chicago by a father who was a blue collar city worker, and a mother who stayed at home with my brother and me."

I love this country

"I love this country."

Illinois Senate

"It's what he did in the Illinois Senate, moving people from welfare to jobs, passing tax cuts for hard-working families, and making sure women get equal pay for equal work."

I pledge to you

"But we have never lost our belief that we are all called to a better country and a newer world. And I pledge to you -- I pledge to you that I will be there next January on the floor of the United States Senate when we begin the great test."

I've lived it

"Yes, we are all Americans. This is what we do. We reach the moon. We scale the heights. I know it. I've seen it. I've lived it. And we can do it again."

I am here endorsing McCain

"And I am here endorsing Senator McCain because I believe in his ideals and his proposals to lead this nation."

I think she did good

Barack Obama: "Sasha, how do you think mom did." Natasha Obama: "I think she did good." Barack Obama: "Alright. I think so too."

I love you daddy

Malia Ann Obama: "I love you daddy." Barack Obama: "I love you guys. Sleep tight." Michelle Obama: "I love you. Bubye."

I am the surge

"I am a sergeant. US Army staff sergeant. Combat infantry man. And I am…I am…and I am the surge."

I know the surge worked

"Senator Barack Obama credits the improvements in Iraq to anything but the surge. But I know the surge worked I was there. I saw Al Qaeda decimated…and watched the Iraqi government grow stronger."

It Can Get Better

"Mom said there would be days like this. But at the same time I understand that it can get better."

I'm Beat Up

"I'm beat up, phh, I'm beat up."

I'm Beat Up John

"I'm beat up John, I'm beat up. I'm beat up, phh, I'm beat up."

In My Heart

"100%, 30%. Ain't no numbers. It's in my heart, and you can't measure that."

I Can Make More Doing A Week In Vegas

"Much as I'd like to, John, I can make more doing a week in Vegas."

I Had Five In The Pool

"That sounded like five houses. Okay. I had five in the pool."

I'm Proud Of My Life And My Record

"Look, I'm proud of my life and my record."

I Didn't Have A Chair

"You know, could I just mention to you, Jay -- add a moment of seriousness -- I spent five and a half years in a prison cell. I didn't have a house. I didn't have a kitchen table. I didn't have a table. I didn't have a chair."

I've Always Wanted To Be The Underdog

"I'm the underdog in this race. I've always loved that role; I've always wanted to be the underdog."

It's A Lousy Job For The Money

"It's a lousy job for the money."

I'm Doin

"It ain't about what I'm doin."

It Is

"It is what it is yo."

It's In Me

"It ain't because I got to. It's in me."

It Would've Vibrated And Woken Him Up

"I think he would've had the Blackberry on the night table, known it [the text] was coming; it would've vibrated and woken him up."

In The Studio

"We've never ever had a guy come in the studio up there, but we had him come in the studio."

I've Lasted

"I don?t know how I've lasted to tell you the truth. I have done some things where I thought I was done, but."


"I think it's gonna be very interesting."


"You're playing paintball; I'm in Iraq."

In The Beginning

"When I was loosing weight at the beginning of my career I was taking 30 laxatives a day. I was throwing up 4 to 5 times a day."

If They Ran

"With each, I told them if they ran I would support them."


"You know they, they say insanity is, is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting to get a different result."


"And we have the IOU's with which to pay for them."

Important Thing

"The most important thing in investing, is not how big your circle of competence is, it's on understanding where your perimeter is so you don?t get outside of it."

Incredible Future

"It does not have any incredible future."

Increased Demand

"And if we're going to produce say 80, or use 85 million barrels a day now and then the rest of the world is probably going to increase its demands in the, in, in the next five or ten years."


"We have an installation business."

It's where you want to go

"At our best, it’s not your lineage or last name that matters. It’s not where you come from that counts — it’s where you want to go."

If an idea works

"I know we’re at the Democratic convention, but if an idea works, it really doesn’t matter whether it has an 'D' or 'R' next to it."

It's about the future vs. the past

"This election isn’t about liberal versus conservative. It’s not about left versus right. It’s about the future versus the past."

Introduce my hero

"I am very proud to introduce my hero and my mother, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton."

I will always be grateful

"I will always be grateful to everyone from all fifty states, Puerto Rico and the territories, who joined our campaign on behalf of all those people left out and left behind by the Bush Administration."

I ran for President

"I ran for President to renew the promise of America. To rebuild the middle class and sustain the American Dream, to provide the opportunity to work hard and have that work rewarded, to save for college, a home and retirement."

Invisible to their government

"Most of all, I ran to stand up for all those who have been invisible to their government for eight long years."

I support Barack Obama

"Those are the reasons I ran for President. Those are the reasons I support Barack Obama for president."

I'm a super-delegate

"I'm a super-delegate. No, I'm just kidding."

I'm so excited for Barack

"I'm so excited for Barack and the Democratic Party. I just wanted to be here. This is one of the greatest things to happen in my lifetime that we actually got a black man who has got the opportunity to be President of the United States."

I am so disturbed

"But I am so disturbed at the gap between the rich and the poor in America. It bothers me a great deal."

If your rich

"I think if your rich your always going to be rich."

I will not go to the opening games

"It would have been an appropriate statement for the president to say I will not go to the opening games unless we have seen some progress on the issue of Tibet."

I love baseball

"I love baseball. Baseball is America's pastime.

I Agree With Chris Wallace That She Did Not Reassure People About Him Tonight

"I agree with Chris Wallace that she did not reassure people about him tonight."

I Don't Think She Did Too Well On Saying "I Love America"

"I don't think she did too well on saying 'I love America.'"

It Was A Stump Speech

"It was a stump speech."

I Don't Deal In Hypotheticals

Atkins: "We're not wrong." Matthews: "If you're wrong, IF you're wrong--" Atkins: "We're not wrong so that's not--" Matthews: "You're betting your house--" Atkins: "I don't deal in hypotheticals. I think that's stupid."

I'll Be Glad To Email You

Matthews: "Where do you have that evidence from?" Atkins: "Would you like to see the report? I'll be glad to email you."

I'm An Independent

"Cristi Atkins, I'm Clintons 4 McCain. I'm an independent."

I'm Not Going To Tell You

Matthews: "Who? Which one?" Atkins: "I'm not going to tell you."

If You Want The Report, I Will Email It To You

"You want the report? If you want the report, I will email it to you."

I Bring A Lot To This Competition

"I think I bring a lot to this competition that might give me an advantage over the other girls."

I Guess They Really Liked Me Too

"I guess they really liked me too, so, it was kind of like, it kind of just worked out."

I Really Enjoyed It

"Last season, when I did the photo shoot, even though it was a lot of work and I was really cold, I really enjoyed it."

I'm Creative And Unique

"And I think, also, I'm creative and unique, so I think that's what I have to bring."

I'm Isis

"Hi, I'm Isis, and I'm from Prince George's County, Maryland."

I'm Really Confident In My Runway

"So, I'm really confident in my runway."

I'm Starting From Scratch

"And this is my dream, so because of that, I'm starting from scratch, and I'm saying I really want this."

I've Given Up Everything To Be Here

"I have the drive, I've given up everything to be here."

I Know Him

"Yes I know him very well."

I Love You

"If I told you once, I told you a thousand times. I love you."

In America

"Yeah, usually, like Rocky is more in like America."

In Fairness

"In fairness probably about three-four hundred."

I love Joe Biden

"I love Joe Biden, and America will too."

I'm proud of her

"In the end, my candidate didn’t win. But I’m very proud of the campaign she ran: I'm proud she never quit on the people she stood up for, on the changes she pushed for, on the future she wants for all our children."

In trouble on two fronts

"Our nation is in trouble on two fronts: The American Dream is under siege at home, and America’s leadership in the world has been weakened."

Inspire people

"He has a remarkable ability to inspire people, to raise our hopes and rally us to high purpose. He has the intelligence and curiosity every successful President needs."

Impressed by the power

"People the world over have always been more impressed by the power of our example than by the example of our power."


"Never has strategy been so replaced by ideology."


"Our mission is to restore America's influence and position in the world."

I'm a success

"A father knows his success when he turns and looks at his son or daughter and know that they turned out better than he did. I'm a success. I'm a hell of a success."

I am so proud

"I want everybody to now understand why I am so proud to have Joe Biden and Joe Biden and Bo Biden and Mama Biden and the whole Biden family with me on this journey to take America back."

I am honored

"And I am honored to represent our first state—my state—Delaware."

I accept your nomination

"Since I’ve never been called a man of few words, let me say this as simply as I can: Yes. Yes, I accept your nomination to run and serve with Barack Obama the next President of the United States of America, ."

I profoundly disagree

"I profoundly disagree with the direction John wants to take this country, from Afghanistan to Iraq, from Amtrak to veterans."

It's been abysmal

"John thinks that, during the Bush years, quote, 'We’ve made great economic progress.' I think it’s been abysmal. And in the Senate, John has voted with President Bush 95 percent. And that is very hard to believe."


"They know they will lose on the issues."


"How insulting to suggest that those who question the mission question the troops."

I Can't Make You Un My Sister

"Stephanie, we're brother and sister. At the end of the day, I can't change-- I can't make you un my sister."

I Don't Want To Be Friends With You

Stephanie: "Like, I was trying to, like, still be friends with you guys." Spencer: "I don't want to be friends with you! Do you get that?"

I Trust People I Shouldn't

"I think that a lot of times, I trust people I shouldn't, and it turns out right, and it makes me feel a little bit better about it."

I Want To Think You Can Trust Everyone

"I want to think that you can trust everyone."

I Was Friends With Everyone

"I didn't jump ships -- I feel like I was friends with everyone."

Iran And Israel

"It's like trying to tell Iran and Israel to get along. It's not going to happen!"


"Our inclination is to say well, they must be right."


"I think we've been improving."

I Like It

"I like what I'm doing."

I Forgot

"You threw me off, I forgot what you asked."

I Was Available

"And they didn't have to do that, all they just had to walk around and be beautiful. I kind of hid in the background. But when there was something to scream about or wear a mud pack or do something physical I was available and they weren't'."



It Stuck

"Whenever I got a chance to learn something it stuck."

I'm Not Good

"I can't. I'm not good at it, it's very tough for me."

I believe in recycling

"I believe in recycling, but that’s ridiculous. With John McCain’s support, President Bush and Vice President Cheney have led our nation into one calamity after another."

If you want change

"If you like the Bush-Cheney approach, John McCain’s your man. If you want change, then vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden."

It's time for a change

"It's time for a change."

Inconvenient truths

"His experience has taught him something that career politicians often overlook: that inconvenient truths must be acknowledged if we are to have wise governance."


"This country's more decent than one where a woman in Ohio on the brink of retirement finds herself one illness away from disaster after a lifetime of hard work."


?I don?t believe Senator McCain doesn?t care about what is going on in the lives of Americans, I just think he doesn?t know."


"When the average American family saw it's income go up seventy-five hundred dollars instead of go down two thousand dollars like it has under George Bush."

In America

"I'll help our auto companies retool so that the fuel efficient cars of the future are built right here, in America."


"I'll invest 150 billion dollars over the next decade in affordable, renewable sources of energy."


"As someone who watched my mother argue with insurance companies while she lay in bed dying of cancer, I will make certain those companies stop discriminating against those who are sick and need care the most."


"Passions may fly on immigration, but I don't know anyone who benefits when a mother is separated from her infant child."

Important Profession

"Parenting being the most important profession in the world."

I Wonder

"Can it be better, I wonder?"


"You know, at first, maybe I might have been incredulous."

I am for low taxes

"I'm a Republican I am for low taxes."

It's not right

"My, my administration's huge disappointment that we felt tonight that the Supreme Court has decided to ratchet down the punitive damages to the degree that they have. It's not right, I don't think it is fair."

It's clean

"We are going to prove to the rest of the nation and the rest of the world that that fish product that we produce from Prince William Sound especially. It's clean, it's healthy, it's worthy of the prices that people are going to be paying for them."

I could only chose one

"But I could only chose one. And it's with great pride and gratitude that I tell you I have found the right partner to help me stand up to those who value their privileges over their responsibilities, who put power over principle and put their interests before your needs."

I've stood up

"As governor I've stood up to the old politics as usual, to the special interests, the lobbyists, the big oil companies and the good old boy network."

If you want change

"If you want change in Washington. If you hope for a better America, then we're asking for your vote on the 4th of November."


"It infuriates also that the lock-up of ANWR, but other areas also, is leading to um, that lack of independence and lack of energy security that we need in America."

Increase Production

"Asking them to increase production for America's security needs and for our energy needs to be met."

Is That Your Final Answer?

"Is that your final answer?"

Is Wayne Brady Gonna Have to Choke a Bitch?

"Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?"

In Yo Face, Charlie Murphy

"Good. In your face, Charlie Murphy."

I'm Rick James Bitch

"I'm Rick James, bitch. This is a celebration."

I gotta say it, how rude

"I gotta say it. How rude."

I gotta say it, how rude

"I gotta say it. How rude."

I'll Vote

"Once that answer is yes, they go, is he alright? Then the go, ok, I'll vote for him."


"She said the other day that Bill Clinton is gay. Which isn't an assault on somebody but I think it is probably inaccurate."


"My country must stand with yours and with Europe in sending a direct message to Iran that it must abandon its nuclear ambitions."

Iraqi People

"Despite past differences, this is the moment when the world should support the millions of Iraqis who seek to rebuild their lives."


"Will we welcome immigrants from different lands?"

In front of me

"Not in front of me."


"Sometimes we'd have meetings, where we'd bring the writers in, to go, oh well--you know, we need to, like move this story along. Anybody got any ideas."

I have the power (long)

By the power of dromore... Johnny has the power.

I have the power (short)

"I have the power."

I have the power

"I have the power."

I'm a Big Man

"I'm a big man, I'm a big expansive man. You're a small petty man."

I Could be a Great Salesman

"Ya know I always thought I could be great salesman. Well believe me, I can talk anybody into anything, except women into sex. But other than that, I know how to manipulate people, I'm very good at it."

I'm Rich Bitch

"I'm rich, bitch."

Isn't She Gorgeous?

"Isn't she gorgeous?"

Intense Moment

"It's a very intense moment... the chance to try something nobody's ever tried before."

Internet Cookie

"Log off. That cookie shit makes me nervous."

I Can Taste Brylcream

"Federal marshals are so far up my ass, I can taste Brylcreem."

It's Got Cholesterol

Olivia Soprano: "I can't eat that. It's got cholesterol." Carmela Soprano: "I made it with the low-fat cheese." Olivia Soprano: "Yiucchhh."

I Can Show Damages

"I can show damages."


"More is lost by indecision than by wrong decision. That's all I'm saying."

Isn't Pussy?

"Isn't Pussy your friend?"

I'm Sorry

"And, I'm sorry, and it'll never happen again, ever."

I Think I am

"I'm the person who says how things go. That's who I think I am."

Inopportune time

"So it's coming at an inopportune time."

I was surprised

"I was surprised, I'm truly honored to be up here. I'm a great admirer, we're friends and we fit."

I'll put my guy up against anybody

"I'll put my guy, Joe Biden, up against anybody when it comes to fighting on behalf of those families, because he's been there. He comes out of Scranton, Pennsylvania. He's been fightin' for those folks ever since he got into the Senate. And he hasn't stopped. And he hasn't forgotten where he's come from."

I had a beer last night

"I had a beer last night. I mean, where do these stories come from, man?"

I love Joe

"Well, one of the reasons that I love Joe and one of the reasons I think he's gonna be such an effective vice president is he's blunt when he's right, and he's blunt when he's wrong. And that means that I can trust his counsel."

I have a record

"But, I think that I have a record that people can go back and examine and decide whether or not I mean what I say. No matter how I say it whether I'm consistent with what I've asserted I care about. That's all I care about."

I don't want to just hang out

"I don't want to go and just hang out. I can help Barack a lot more from chairman from the Foreign Relations Committee or from the United States Senate. But, when he indicated to me he was looking' for me to give my best judgment and for him to consider it, that's good enough for me. I'm not looking' for a portfolio...

I Know What I'm Doing

"I know what I'm doing."

I Think So

Bobbie: "Do you understand what I'm saying, dear?" Peggy: "I think so."

I Was Curious If You're Aware Of The Value Of Your Service

"I was curious if you're aware of the value of your service."

Is That What You Did?

Bobbie: "You have to start living the life of the person you want to be." Peggy: "Is that what you did?"

It's What You're Supposed To Do, Isn't It?

"It's what you're supposed to do, isn't it?"