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Men Don't Have Platonic Friends

"Men don't have platonic friends, we have women we haven't fucked yet."

Mr. T

"Then I watched his show, because I didn't know him, to see what kind of guy he was, and the character on the show ain't too bright. So I figured if he came up to me, I could use the Jedi mind trick on him. Mr. T walk up and go, 'I heard you did some jokes about me.' 'No, you didn't.' 'Maybe I didn't.' 'I'm gonna go...

Moonwalk All Over Your Ass

" 'Yo, man, Michael Jackson is mad.' I was like, "So?" You know, because I'd fuck Mike up. You know, Mike... Mike don't weigh but a buck-oh-five, you know. I bust that ass on Mike. I was looking for him, but my manager said: 'We don't know everything about Michael. He might be this bad motherfucker behind closed doo...

Make Love to You

"I fucked her. I make love to you."

Meaningful reconciliation

"We also feel that by setting a specific date to get out, you will motivate the government in Iraq to do what they need to do to bring about meaningful reconciliation."

Mortgaged our childrens futures

"Under the present set up, because we've mortgaged our children's futures, you will not have Social Security benefits that present day retirees have unless we fix it."

Mikheil Saakashvili

"Mikheil Saakashvili. President Saakashvili. President Saakashvili."

Missing calls

"I mean, missing calls by such outrageous amounts."

Making a living

"There's never been a better way that I can think of to make a living."


"They said, game, set, match."

Most hated

"That's how I view it. I mean in the mid-80's, I remember they did a poll in the Miami Herald or something, you know: The Most Hated People in the World."

Makin' money

"Like someone who'd say he's a hundred percent sincere, who, all he cared about was, like, makin' money."

My message

"Joey Cheek has just got to know that I took the Sudanese message for him. My attitude is, is if you got relations with Mr. Bashir, think about helping to solve the humanitarian crisis in Darfur. That was my message to the Chinese government."


"So, who wants to hear about my S.T.D. from the silent film era? Yeah, hands up. This chick's pussy smelled like the Great Depressions."

My Name is Gladiator

"My name is Gladiator."

Money Never Sleeps Pal

"Money never sleeps pal. Just made 800 thousand in Hong Kong gold."

My Butt Too

"He went for my butt too. He bit me on my butt."

McCain Cannot Go One-on-One With Obama

"I know both of them because I've served in the Senate with them, and McCain cannot go one-on-one with Obama."

McCain Is My Size

"McCain is my size, and as you saw when you came out here, I'm a Keebler elf."

Michael Phelps's Post-Olympic Plans

"Obviously, his post-Olympics plans are to swing up the Yangtze River, lay his eggs, then slowly decompose in a tributary."


"I took out his first, Guy--Guy Metzger."

More now

"This is a little more now."


"He was the greatest. I mean, now, I am the UFC."

More other people

"After I'm done with you, I'm gonna go out there and take out some more other people."

More Germs

"Little children look like they have more germs."

Meet the bro

"The bra is for ladies. Meet…the bro."

My neck is one gargantuan monkey fist

"Oh…my neck is one gargantuan monkey fist."

My essay lives in Miami

Mexican 1: "Well, my esse lives in Miami. I wrote to him like you said but I don't think he got the letter yet." Mexican 2: "I wrote my esse in Albuquerque." Mexican 3: "I wrote three esse's."

My essay lives in Miami

Mexican 1: "Well, my esse lives in Miami. I wrote to him like you said but I don't think he got the letter yet." Mexican 2: "I wrote my esse in Albuquerque." Mexican 3: "I wrote three esse's."

Must Follow Rules

"There are a bunch of rules that my guy has to follow, but?"

Make Everyone Happy

"You look good in those pants, sometimes you say to your wife even though they are not looking the best. You know, you try to make everyone happy."

Manly Bottom

"Flat late. I had to press my manly bottom against his face. And explode with some power, and Hasselhoff was very nice He stayed frozen and let me do that."

More Germs

"Little children look like they have more germs."


"I was saved. It was merciful thing he did for me."

Many More

"Let's hope as the years go by they'll be many more after George Foreman. They'll be someone with a big punch, a bigger punch. Someone with a better jab, a lesser jab. But there will always be good boxers."

Move Your Hands

"And my doctor stood behind me and I told him, 'Move your hands Doc because the thorns on his head making him bleed."

Military activities

"In the days and weeks ahead the Department of Defense will reexamine the entire gamete of our military to military activities with Russia."


"And I'm thinking this guy is all messin' with people all the time, so I told my friend Mr. Moore, I said, 'I'm gonna sneak up behind him and I'm gonna rip his jacket off.'"


"Well, it was all about money."

Medicine Water

"And this time I took a drink, and I said, 'Man, this water tastes like medicine.'"

Most Courage

"He was the most courageous human being I'd ever been in the ring with."

More Courage

"He had more courage than ability, than skill, than punchin' power."


"He was married to courage."

Mitt Romney's religion

"There is absolutely no issue about Mitt Romney's religion. I've never said that."

Men and women

"Allow men and women to register and vote."

More than a hundred years

"It was more than a hundred years ago that Abraham Lincoln, a great President of another party, signed the Emancipation Proclamation; but emancipation is a proclamation, and not a fact. A century has passed, more than a hundred years, since equality was promised. And yet the Negro is not equal. A century has passed ...

Make good

"The real hero of this struggle is the American Negro. His actions and protests, his courage to risk safety and even to risk his life, have awakened the conscience of this nation. His demonstrations have been designed to call attention to injustice, designed to provoke change, designed to stir reform. He has called ...

More than legal right

"To exercise these privileges takes much more than just legal right."

Must be respected

"Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity must be respected."

Michael Phelps Vs Democrats

"But now we read Michael Phelps, burning, using twelve thousand calories a day, while the Democrats are trying to alert everybody to the dangers posed by energy."

Missed My Chance

"Missed my chance. Could've got it."

Murky connections

"Ralph Reed's murky connections to Jack Abramoff run so deep it cost him a raise for lieutenant governor in Georgia."

Moral superiority

"Now my friends what is the moral superiority of the United States of America if we torture prisoners."

McCain Is Sending Graham And Lieberman To Georgia

"The situation in Georgia remains fluid and dangerous. As soon as possible, my colleagues, Senator Lieberman and Senator Graham, will be Georgia."

Miles off the main road

"I don't believe in camping in a spot where you just park and camp so we were going deep into the woods. We were miles off of the main road."

Military Budget

"He has voted to expand the military budget. He has voted in all kinds of ways for these corporate interests."

More Choices

"This is why it is important for voters to have more choices on the ballot."


"I'd love to meet him."


"I think it's because there always is something. It keeps you motivated, to keep working hard, and I think that's what keeps me going into the gym."


"It's been a few months since American Cup that I've competed."

Mario Overworld Theme

Mario Overworld Theme beginning

Mario underworld theme

Mr. President

"There is despair, Mr. President."


"Maybe, Mr. President."

Make the rich richer

"Make the rich richer."

More than once

"We Democrats believe in something else. We democrats believe that we can make it all the way with the whole family intact, and we have more than once."

Most of all

"Today our great Democratic Party, which has saved this nation from depression, from fascism, from racism, from corruption, is called upon to do it again. This time to save the nation from confusion and division, from the threat of eventual fiscal disaster, and most of all from the fear of a nuclear holocaust."


"We must win this case on the merits."

Middle class

"The middle class, those people who work for a living because they have to, not because some psychiatrist told them it was a convenient way to fill the interval between birth and eternity."


"We speak for the minorities who have not yet entered the mainstream."


"And we speak for reasonable people who are fighting to preserve our very existence from a macho intransigence that refuses to make intelligent attempts to discuss the possibility of nuclear holocaust with our enemy."


"They believe we can pile missiles so high that they will pierce the clouds and the sight of them will frighten our enemies into submission."

My word

"Now, don't take my word for it."


"How high will we pile the missiles?"


"And, ladies and gentlemen, will four years more make meaner the spirit of the American people?"

Make this nation remember

"Please, make this nation remember how futures are built."


"The might of past empires is little compared to ours."

Most amazing rallies

"It was seriously one of the most amazing rallies I've ever been to in my whole life. The adrenaline was pumping and it was…I can't explain what it's like to stand on stage in front of a 100,000 people applauding what your dad is saying about what he wants for the world."

Most unhappy

"Some of the richest people I've ever known in my life are the most unhappy."

My Mommy Has Big Ones Too

"My mommy has big ones, too."

More Prepared Than Anybody Else

"If we could do it for a year or 40 weeks or something, it's 40 extra workouts that no one else has. So, you know, that just gives us that little extra confidence booster that's saying well we're doing this that no one else is doing, and we're going to be more prepared than anybody else."

Misery index

"The misery index has risen for the poor."

More miserable

"We live in a world tonight more miserable and a world more dangerous."

Male Power

"My assessment of Barack Obama is that he knows what the score is in terms of male distribution of power."

Must Get Out

"Uh, this war was a criminal war in Iraq, and we've got to get out of it."


"On the need to have a foreign policy that isn't militaristic. On the need to have an efficient military budget. He says he wants to enlarge and modernize the military, which is already absorbing half of the Federal Government's operating expenditures."


"I felt somehow for many years that George Washington and Alexander Hamilton just left me out by mistake."


"The nature of impeachment: a narrowly channeled exception to the separation-of-powers maxim."


"This is not a perfect party. We are not a perfect people. Yet, we are called to a perfect mission. Our mission: to feed the hungry; to clothe the naked; to house the homeless; to teach the illiterate; to provide jobs for the jobless; and to choose the human race over the nuclear race."

Mitigate the misery

"Leadership can mitigate the misery of our nation."

Move on

"When all is said and done, we must forgive each other, and redeem each other, and move on."

Missing planks

"Though there are missing planks, there is a solid foundation upon which to build."


"How high will we pile the missiles?"


"And, ladies and gentlemen, will four years more make meaner the spirit of the American people?"

Make this nation remember

"Please, make this nation remember how futures are built."


"At least five distinct counts of high crimes and misdemeanors; including a war of aggression."

Martial Law

"Would attack Iran from the air, declare a national emergency, institute martial law, and call off the 2008 elections."


"I don't remember Congressman Over being seen as a particular off the wall maverick."

Mandatory Standards

"By mandatory standards for recycling, pre-cycling."

More Gas!

"They love the wasteful SUV. They sell you more gasoline."

Musharraf as Vice President

"My view is this, President Bush needs to give President Pervez Musharraf asylum, give him instant citizenship, and then Obama can put him on the ticket for vice president."

Minds over missiles

"We must choose to develop minds over guided missiles."

Moral disgrace

"That's a moral disgrace."

Middle East

"Our present formula for peace in the Middle East is inadequate. It will not work. There are 22 nations in the Middle East. Our nation must be able to talk and act and influence all of them."


"If you raise up truth, it's magnetic."


"I have a message."

Message for youth

"I have a message for our youth."


"This Administration has made life more miserable for the poor."

Muddle through Afghanistan

"I believe that if Karzai can make the progress that he is making, that in the long term we may muddle through in Afghanistan."

Middle class

"What do you consider rich? John McCain said well I don't know maybe $5 million. So I guess it's okay…this explains why his tax plan gives hundreds of thousands of tax dollars in tax breaks to people making more than $2.5 million because I guess they're middle class."

Maybe I Should Just Move Out Here

"Maybe I should just move out here."

Maybe The Pope

Paparazzo: "Who's gonna marry you guys? Who do you want to marry you guys?" Heidi: "I don't know, I don't know! Maybe the pope."

Me Too

Heidi: "I'm so glad you're here!" Holly: "Me too!"

Moving towards the center

"But he's doing sort of the same thing, moving to the center, moving to be a kind of a lighter version of the Republican candidate."

More time

"Boy, I wish we had more."


"The moth is a nasty, dusty, just, stupid little insect."

Make up

"Um, I know a lot, but you know when you're doing this kind of thing where you're trying to just make a funny movie, you have to just make up whatever you want."


"I didn't realize, actually, how difficult it was, until I got into it myself."

More so

"But it was much more difficult than I thought."


"Um, I was in the middle."


"I was working at night as a comedian--not working, I wasn't getting any money."


"And I thought I would show how you--how hard it is to get it."


"George, by the way, has been managing me for 27 years."


"Sometimes you find yourself in the right moment with the audience."

Make them laugh

"You can't make an entire audience laugh if they don't want to."


"If they're in the right place, or you can kinda manuever them into the right place, they can make you give them a performance."

Men Write To Me From Prison, Sometimes In Their Own Blood.

Men write to me from prison, sometimes in their own blood.

More Fire

"It's things like that that still put more fire into my system and get me going even more."


"My weight's about the same. The only thing different is that I'm more muscular now that I was then."

More Muscular

"The only thing different is I'm more muscular now than I was then."

Muscle Mass

"I think last year was the big change, where I put on a lot of muscle mass."

Much More Power

"I was able to have so much more power."


"The media is probably a really big part."

My Job

"My job is to prepare myself the best way I can for trials, and hopefully on my A game, and hopefully I get a spot on the team."

My Stroke

"I have to work on my stroke."

My Turns

"I have to work on my turns."

My Advantage

"I'm gonna use that to my advantage."


"After seeing my mother do what she did, it helped me get into that mind frame and work as hard as I can."

Make It

"Your son is four. Don't worry about whether you're going to make it or not."


"It's American money."

More of the same

"But the fact of the matter is that John McCain is offering more of the same."

Missing Exam

"So he would be missing from the exam."


"And it's because they're doing multiples."


"He said, 'I just want to make.'"


"Just give me the money. Thank You."


"We believe that America is still a country where there is more to life than just a constant struggle for money."

More to life

"There is more to life than just a constant struggle for money."

My nipples, they hurt

"Ah, my nipples! They hurt! They hurt when I twist them!"

Maybe in a Different Life

Maybe in a different life...

My Opponent

"And do you know who has a big responsibility for that? My opponent Nancy Pelosi."


"Well the motivation is, first of all, I think that Nancy Pelosi has not done a really good job."

My Life

"My life revolved around my family."

More Active

"You know, started to attend the protests, speak out against the war and be more active that way."

Made Their Own

"People who couldn't come to Crawford made their own."

My Children

"I went home to my children."

My Property

"Sold my property."


"And when I retired I got so many messages of support."


"That really made me mad."

Miss Work

"They're having to miss work because they can't afford the gas it takes to get to work."

Military Economy

"People are loosing their homes because of this military economy."


"Even though Ronald Regan takes credit for the collapse of the Soviet Union, it really was their military."


"That's why it is so hard to get a movement going. We don't have a draft."

My Lifetime

"Is the worst, certainly, since I have been alive and aware of things."

Military Industrial Complex

"We need to put ourselves in-between our children and the military industrial complex."


"The only thing the people that are running our country care about is money."

Monkey Wrench

"We can do so much as citizens to put a monkey wrench in the system."

Million Voices

"We have 300 million voices, that should be screaming in unison."


"It'll be out Christmas, just in time to take people's money."

Ms. Rudolph

"Ms. Rudolph was a marfa-dike."

Maybe Five

"It wasn't eight rounds, but it was maybe five so it was close enough."

Main Thing

"That's the main thing, really, is going to the Olympics. I dream of becoming, ah, number one."

Michael G Ziants

Made a whole lot of sense

"I knew he was on the short list and he made a whole lot of sense to me in many ways."


"You know, I didn't think I had a chance at the gold at all, and to actually get that was just mind-blowing."

My Hunch

"My hunch is that this is going to end up being one of the worst moments in the entire campaign for one of the candidates, but it's Barack Obama."

Move the next generation forward

"We want to make sure that we have a broad cross section of opportunities for young people so that they can establish a good foundation for themselves and move the next generation forward."

Miley Does

"Yes, yes. Miley Cyrus does."

Me Acting

"On the show it's still like a version of me. It's definitely, you know, it's me acting."

Making Jokes

"Well we were making jokes like the whole ride there. I was like, 'Dad, do you want the job?' And then he was like, 'Okay Miley, lets think about it. It doesn't really come to you.'"

Materialistic Things

"And I think a lot of these people, you know, do have Christian families and they're just, you know, not seeing that they're so much greater than the materialistic things that are there right now."

Make Them Live

"And make them want to live the way I, you know, long to live."

Miley Said

"Okay I'm having a hard day today, and what Miley said will get me through it."

My name is Inigo Montoya

Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

My mother's love

"My mother's love has always been a sustaining force for our family, and one of my greatest joys is seeing her integrity, her compassion, and her intelligence reflected in my own daughters."

My Dad was our rock

"My Dad was our rock. Although he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in his early thirties, he was our provider, our champion, our hero."

Military families

"The military families who say grace each night with an empty seat at the table. The servicemen and women who love this country so much, they leave those they love most to defend it."

Meet these challenges

"We can meet these challenges with Barack Obama. Yes, we can, and finally, yes, we will."

Man of few words

"I am a man of few words but with a lot of action like I always said. Senator McCain, pleasure."