Nicely done

"Very nicely done! Almost as good as me."


"You don't have the balls to take me on anymore! Ariel's had you neutered!"

No no

"No. NO. NO!

Not improved

"Our situation has not improved."


"Nazis! I hate these guys!"

Name cars

Josey: "How weird that you name your cars." Rob: "Why? Guys name their penis's."

Not Josey Grossey anymore

"You're an adult now, Josey. You're successful, you graduated at the top of your class, you work for a wash your hair now. You're not Josey Grossey anymore."

Never be lost

"With my GPS we'll never be lost. Oops."

Need a new job

"It can be hard to know when you need a new job."

New domain name

Guy: "Dudes check it." Guy 2: "Oh your new domain name and website from"

Never enhanced

Man: "Mrs. Cameras, enhanced?" Cameras: "I never enhanced, period."

Nothing you can do to stop it

"And the best is there's nothing you can do to stop it. I mean what are you going to do turn off your TV and your computer."

now we know

now we know and knowing is half the battle. GIJOE

Never been a better time

"There has never been a better time to name your own price and save up to half off sweet lips."

Need any help

Boy: "Mr. Polamalu." Troy: "Yeah?" Boy: "Need any help?" Troy: "Nuh uh."

Not stealing our commercial

Boy: "You want my Coke Zero?" Troy: "Nah." Boy: "Really, you can have it." Troy: "Okay." Brand Manager 1: "We're Coke brand managers." Brand Manager 2: "Coke Zero stole our taste, they are not stealing our commercial."

Not from you planet

Sara: "My brother and I are not from your planet."

Now boarding

"Ladies and gentlemen Flight 152 is now boarding to Honolulu. Check, check, check."


"No! Ah! Oh."

New book

"Back now with Dr. Rick Marshall whose new book arrives in stores tomorrow."

No one wants to see you naked

"No one wants to see you naked."

Nobody saw that

Man 2: "Is that really the best way to make your point." Man 1: "Don't worry nobody saw that."

New Castrol Edge

"New Castrol Edge, with 8 times better wear protection than Mobil One 5W-30."

Never trust the living.

"Never trust the living."

never get involved with possessed people

"I make it a rule, never get involved with possessed people. Actually, it's more of a guideline than a rule."

nuclear accelerator on his back

Ray: "Well, no sense worrying about it now." Peter: "Why worry? Each of us is wearing an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on his back."

No Place Like Home

"There's no place like home."

Not in Kansas anymore

"Toto?, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

Now ain't the time.

"Now ain't the time."

Nash gimme a fist kiss

Nash gimme a fist kiss. Amar'e gimme a fist kiss! Fist kiss?

New Toyota Venza

"Presenting the new Toyota Venza. It exemplifies all of you."



Not attempting a repeat

"We're not attempting to repeat. That special group of men that were in that locker room last night at the end of that game is gone forever. It will be a new 53 men. A lot of the faces will be the same but nothing stays the same in this game."

Not the reality

"When I walk down the hall way and look at the championships of the Steelers of the 70s it's the same faces and the same position on those photos in terms of steel curtain and so forth. That's not the reality in today's NFL to be quit honest with you."

National Pastime

"You know Bob I'm thinking about how professional football has evolved into our national pastime."

Nick Lachey Prank Calls Drew

Drew: “Hello.” Nick: “Drew, Hey man what’s up?” Drew: “What’s going on?” Nick: “Very strange situation I just ran into but I wanted to run it by you. I was actually doing a radio interview and just happen to be in the same building as NBC. And I ran into Mark Burnett. You know that guy?” Drew: “The reality TV show p...

Not going to end with an undamaged plane

"I knew immediately that this, unlike every other flight that I've had for 42 years, was probably not going to end with the airplane undamaged on a runway."

No funny business, no conversations, and keep your hands off.

"No funny business, no conversations, and keep your hands off."

Now don't you tell me that you don't remember me because I sure as heckfire remember you.

"Now don't you tell me that you don't remember me because I sure as heckfire remember you."

Not my specialty.

"That, uh, loan thing, is not my specialty."

No, I have to go in, I live here.

Dorothy: "I think you should not come in, or come in. Depending on how you feel." Jerry: "It's up to you." Dorothy: "No, I have to go in, I live here."

Nooo, thank you. I'm fine.

"Noooo, thank you. I'm fine."

Nobody has sex with my wife but me!

"Nobody has sex with my wife but me!"

Not go again

"No let's not go again."

Nudist colony

"I grew up in a nudist colony which is why I do porn."

Not that addictive

"Cocaine will fuck you up. Marijuana is not even that addictive."

Nydia Velázquez at State of SBA Entrepreneurial Development

New 14

Andy: "Well, I'm a 6." Nigel: "Which is the new 14."

No One Ready

Why is no one ready?

Not Interested In Politics

"I'm not interested in politics. The problems of the world are not in my department."

Never Beat Him and Never Locked Him in a Closet

"Well, don't believe a word he said. I never beat him and I never locked him in a closet."

No Illusions About Winning A Popularity Contest

"I got no illusions about winning a popularity contest with any of you. I got roasted the other night, a friend of mine asked - why are we honoring this man? Have we run out of human beings?"

Not a Request Moron An Order

Captain Freedon:"Forget it Killian, I won't do it.", Killian:"It's not a request moron, it's an order."

No You May Not

Kaffee:"Lt. Kendrick - may I call you John?", Kendrick:"No you may not."

Never Faced the Working End of an AK47

"Well I submit to you that whoever wrote that memo has never faced the working end of a soviet made Cuban AK-47 assault rifle."

Nothing Sexier then Saluting a Superior Officer in the Morning

"You're the luckiest man in the world. There is nothing on this Earth sexier - believe me gentlemen - than a woman you have to salute in the morning."

Not Through With My Examination

"I'm not through with my examination. Sit down."

Now where am I gonna bring chicks to fuck

"Shit! Now where am I gonna bring chicks to fuck when my mom's home?"

Nong nong nonga nonga nong nong

"Fifteen bucks, lit-tle man. Put that shit in my hand. Nong nong nonga nonga nong nong. "

Nigger knife

"But my grandmother did refer to a broken bottle once as a 'nigger knife'."

No guests allowed

Baby: "What's up there?" Billy Kostecki: "No guests allowed. House rules."

Next year we'll find another dance person

Neil: "Well, you're free to do the same tired number as last year, and next year we'll find a new dancer…" Johnny: "Sure, Neil, no problem."

Nobody puts Baby in the corner.

"Nobody puts Baby in the corner."


"Hey boys, why don't you let us put a nipple on it for you?"

Not Our Cousins

"We are not our cousins. You are the offspring of zee bastard son of some whore."

Not Drunk

"We're not that drunk! We're not that drunk! We're not that drunk!"

No, Way Baby

"No way, baby."

Not Just a Car, It's a BMW

"It's not just a car. It's a BMW, because anybody who knows anything about that company knows that it is more than just a car."

Nice outfit

"Nice outfit."

Never been in this room before

"What to know the truth? I don't think I've ever been in this room before."

New secret ingredient, smiley

"New and improved Joker products. With a new secret ingredient! Smiley!"

Nobody gets out of the Bermuda triangle

"Nobody gets out of the Bermuda Triangle, not even for a vacation. Everyone knows that."

No weenie roast

Biker: "Ain't gonna be no weenie roast! No this time, it's gonna be an ape roast! (Laughs)" Philo Beddoe: "Right turn, Clyde." Clyde: "Ooog!"

Napalm in the morning

"I love the smell of Napalm in the morning. The smell, you know that gasoline smell. Smells like victory."

New toys

"Those are the kind of jobs that pay for new toys."

Never human

"Angels aren't human. We were never human."

No one can see you

"She didn't see you, Seth. She can't see you. No one can see you, unless you want them too."

Nose biter

"Wake up, slut! Well, well, well. We meet again. Nose biter! Time to pay the fiddler, whore!"

navy sub

Sonar: “Uh, excuse me, Sir. This is an actual Navy submarine, not a float in a parade or something?” Dodge: “Afraid so, Sonar.” Sonar: “Huh, isn't that odd?”


Nitro: “Uh, Nitro, hi.” Buckman: “Interesting nickname. What's your real name?” Nitro: “Nitro. I'm working on a nickname, though.” Buckman: “Oh yeah?” Nitro: “Yeah. Um, listen to this... Mike.”

No surrender

"No surrender."

No spittin, fartin, or pickin.

All right Clyde, you're gonna meet a lady now, understand? I want you to handle it. That means no spittin', pissin', fartin', or pickin' your ass! You hear me?"

Not Deliverance.

"This is tough, we're deep in Country here, is it kinda like Deliverance or something? Guess I should be scared. You got a pretty mouth boy."

Not yours to give.

"You offer me what isn't yours to give."

nature intended

“I get around as nature intended - in a car!”

Never the same

"For most people Friday is just the day before the weekend, but after this Friday the neighborhood will never be the same."

Nothing but punks

"Oh no son. You kids are nothing but punks, quick to pick up a gun ... You aren't a man with that gun in your hand, put up your dukes."

No way Jose

"No splittail's gettin' through this program. No way jose."

Nuke 'em now

"We have to nuke 'em, we have to nuke 'em now."

Nothing short of magic

"I knew if I really believed and made it happen, well then that would be nothing short of magic."

Not much for stamina

"He's great comin' out of the gate, but not much for stamina."

Nice shooting son

Head OCP: "Nice shooting, son. What's your name?" Robocop: "Murphy."

Never return to starfleet

Admiral/Captain James T. Kirk: "for a man that swore he'd never to return to Starfleet." Commander Leonard 'Bones' McCoy, M.D.: "Just a minute, Captain Sir. I'll explain what happened. Your revered Admiral Nogura invoked a little known, seldom used reserve activation clause. In simpler language Captain, they DRAFTED...

No way in hell we can do it

Russell: "We work on it the rest of the night, we get it together. We can do this, right?" John: "There's no way in hell we can do it!"

No guarantee

Mr. White: “It's very important you don't stink today!” Lenny: “Hey, I make no guarantees!”

Nobody puts ketchup on a hotdog

"God this stuff isn't getting to me - the shootings, the knifings, the beatings. Old ladies being bashed in the head for their social security checks. Nah that doesn't bother me. But you know what does bother me? You know what makes me really sick to my stomach? It's watching you stuff your face with those hotdogs! ...


Howard: “What if it goes out an melts down a busload of nuns? How would you like to write the headline on that one?” Ben: “Nun soup?”

Northern lights

Terrence: "Want to see the northern lights?" {Strikes a match and farts and they both Laugh} Philip: "Ah-hahaha! You burned yourself to death by lighting your fart! Ah-hahaha!"

Nervous tick

Joaquin: “That’s just a nervous tick I think.” Dave: “Oh just a nervous tick?"

Not easy

It’s not really an easy thing to explain as something that has been part of my life for a long time. It’s weird to come out on stage in front of a bunch of people and just talk about it you know."

Napoleon Dynamite - ND SuchAnIdiot

NBC blah blah blah

NBC, blah blah blah thank you.

Now's the time for gallantry

Now's the time for gallantry.

no respect

New Jackie O

"And she'll go from being the new Jackie O to being something albatross."


"N-n-n-o. All of…he read a whole list of names from what I recall."

No I cannot

Reporter: "Can you tell us…" Roland: "No I can't. No I cannot." Reporter: "Can you tell us…." Roland: "No I cannot."

Never go full retard

Nothing wrong with the old you

Joan: "Let's just call this the new me." Keenan: "There was nothing wrong with the old you." Joan: "You can't treat people like you treat people and then...and then say something adorable like that."

No good white players

Cedric: "Do you know any good white basketball players?" Unnamed spy: "There are no good white basketball players, my friend."

No more of a fool

"Don't take it too badly, old boy. You're no more of a fool than the others."

New York Post

"Klaus is a moron, who knows only what he reads in the New York Post."

Nice to your mama

"I promise I'll even be nice to your mama."

Not Mel Torme

"This is not Mel Torme!"

Never do that again

Harry: “Right now I need to hear five words from you.” A.J.: “Uhhh...” Harry: “I'll...” A.J. and Harry: “...never do that again.”

Not a Job in the World

“You know A.J., there's not a job on the planet that I'd want you to work with me on.”

No Taxes

“Yeah, one more thing, umm... None of them wanna pay taxes again... Ever.”

Never change horses

"Never change horses in midstream!"

Nuclear Clock

“Harry, the clock on that nine foot nuclear weapon is ticking!”

Not Checkmate

Julius: “Wait a minute! Wait a minute! This is not, this is not checkmate!” David: “See you tomorrow, Pop!” Julius: “Just hold on! This is not checkmate!”

Not Good News

Aide: “The object has settled into a stationary orbit.” Nimzicki: “Well, that's good news!” Aide: “Uh, not really, sir. Part of it has broken off into nearly three dozen other pieces. Smaller than the whole, sir, yet over fifteen miles in width themselves.” Nimzicki: “Where are they heading?” Aide: “They should ...

News on Wife

Pres: “Any news on my wife yet?” General: “The helicopter never made it to Nellis.”

Not green shit!

“Oh, no! You did not shoot that green shit at me!”

Not much America Left

“Sir, if we don't strike soon, there may not be much of an America left to defend!”

No Area 51

Pres: “Take my word for it, there's no Area 51! And there's no recovered spaceship!” Nimzicki: “Excuse me, Mr. President? That's not entirely accurate.”

No Peace

Pres: “Can there be a peace between us?” Alien: “Peace? No peace!”

Nuke em

“Nuke 'em. Let's nuke the bastards!”

No fat lady

Hiller: “I ain't heard no fat lady!” David: “Forget the fat lady, you're obsessed with the fat lady! Drive us outta here!”

Nothin' but love

David: “Look at us! Take a look at the Earthlings! Good-bye!” Hiller: “Ya'll take care, all right? Nothin' but love for ya!”

Not bad

Pres: “Not bad!” David: “Thank you, Mr. President!”

No tomorrow

"Well what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn't one today!"

No one has seen Oz

“But nobody can see the Great Oz! Nobody's ever seen the Great Oz! Even I've never seen him!”

No wonder you're extinct

"No wonder you're extinct! I'm gonna run you over when I come back down!"

Not to endorse your park

Grant: "After careful consideration I have decided… Not to endorse your park!" Hammond: "So have I!"

Not into necrophilia

"I'm not into necrophilia, thanks."

Name her after a car

Wanda: "And when he heard your daughter's name was Portia…" Archie: "Yes?" Wanda: "He said, why did they name her after a car?" (laughter)

Never take money from women

"My old pappy always used to say, well, he said a lot of things, but one thing he said was never sneeze when you're hiding, never smile when you lie, and never, under any circumstances, never take money from women who've lost a dog and a wedding dress."

No idea who you're dealing with

Trooper: "Sir, you can't just…", K: "Don't Sir' me, young man, you have no idea who you're dealing with."

No they didn't, yes they did

Archie: "I'm tellin' ya baby, they kicked you little ass there! Boy, the whupped your hide reeeaaal goooood!" Otto: "No they didn't!" Archie: "Oh, yes, they did." Otto: "Oh, no they didn't!" Archie: "Oh, yes, they DID." Otto: "Oh, no they…shut up!"

Not allow this wedding to proceed

Kind Richard: "I will not allow this wedding to proceed!" Robin: "My lord?" King Richard: "Unless!... I am allowed to give the bride away!"

Nice model

"Nice fucking model!"

Nice welt

"Nice welt, sweetie!"

Never have sex

"Number One: You can never have sex."

Never say I'll be right back

"And Number Three: Never, ever, ever, under any circumstances, say 'I'll be right back', 'cause you won't be back."

Never drink or do drugs

"Number Two: You can never drink or do drugs."

Not shooting the thermonuclear weapons

"Would you mind not shooting at the thermonuclear weapons?"

Not in my movie

Randy: "Careful. This is the moment when the supposedly dead killer comes back to life for one last scare." (screams, shot is fired) Sidney: "Not in my movie!"

Never say who's there

"You should never say who's there, don't you watch scary movies? It's a death wish! You might as well just come out here to investigate a strange noise or something!"

Name isn't Jesus

Gale: "Jesus, the camera, hurry!" Kenny: "My name isn't Jesus!"

Not innocent victims

"You're not innocent victims of a geese drive by. You're this guy the dick who thinks it's funny to go parasailing in a hurricane. And you know the thing about guys like that…they never have insurance."

New start

"Spring Training represents a new start for me and a chance to win a championship - two opportunities I am very excited about."

Not sure what the benefit was

"I'm not sure what the benefit of it was. I will say this, when you take any substance, especially in baseball, it's half mental and half physical. If you take this glass of water and you say I'm going to be a better baseball player than you probably will be. So, I certainly felt more energy, but it's hard to say. H...

Not to challenge anything

"My style is not to challenge anything. I think the system in place is really good."

No on HGH

"No on HGH. What I used to take a lot in Seattle was something called Ridfield. Since it has been banned since MLB and removed from shelves at GNC. I used to dabble with that."

Nothing to do with where I played

"My mistake has nothing to do with where I played. My mistake came because I was immature and I was stupid. It wasn't because of the Rangers or anything to do with Texas. I blame myself."

No regrets

"At the time I had no regrets. It was injected, to what degree it helped I'm not sure."

Not for me to decide

"That's not for me to decide."

Not your fault your stupid

"It's not your fault you're stupid."

Need to know basis

"Information like that is given out on a need to know basis only, and at this particular time you do not need to know."

Not bad for a city guy

"Not bad for a city guy."

no offense

“Sir, the truth is I talk to God all the time, and no offense, but he never mentioned you!”


Navarre: “This lady, did she perhaps have a name?” Philippe: “Not that she mentioned. Why?” Navarre: “Well, she might wander into my dreams. Wouldn't it be nice if I could call her by name, and pretend we met before? I've waited a long time for such a lady.”

never saw him

Woman: “Your man able to hit something that far away?” Cora: “I don't know him, I never saw him before.”

never looked back

“Then he turned and he walked away and he never looked back. I know, 'cause I watched to see if he would.”

no use

“Said I never had much use for one. Never said I didn't know how to use it.”

No pussy gettin'est

"Brother please! Hey listen, you are the no pussy gettin'est, talkin'est shit, cat I know."

No No

"No, NO!!"

Never call me.

"I'll give you my phone number...if you promise you will never, ever use it."

Number one fan

"I'm your number one fan."

Nicley rounded dipthongs

"She seems to have such nicely rounded dipthongs."

New line of attack

"Lets try a new line of attack, shall we?"

Nude pictures on the internet

Dewey: "When did he start smoking?" Randy: "Ever since those nude pictures on the Internet." Gale: "It was just my head! It was Jennifer Aniston's body!"

Not the kind of place to go to the bathroom in

"Mikey, Mikey, this ain't the kind of place you want to go to the bathroom in!"

Never listen to me

"See, you guys, you never listen to me! I said that there was gonna be trouble but you didn't listen to me!"

No more signing

"There'll be no more signing, today, or ever again!"

Nothing unholy about expressing one's emotions

"Well, there's nothing unholy about expressing one's emotions. On the contrary, religion should be experienced in an all-embracing way."

Not wearin' a bustle

"Kate! You're not wearin' a bustle! How lewd!"

No room for a dog like Hooch

Turner: "Oh, no, no, no, no! I dn't have room for a dog like Hooch!" Dr. Carson: "Not many people do!"

No slobbering, no chewing

"No slobbering, no chewing. You will wear a flea collar. This is not your room."

Not drink from my toilet

"No begging for food, no sniffing of crotches, and you will not drink from my toilet. This is not your room."

Not going to let that happen

"My friends in the house and I have a lot of them tell me they're not going to let that happen. They're going to be under a lot of fire."

No face

"Hey listen, we have got to get this guy out of here. He's got no face."

Nice grouping.

Friedrich: “Nice grouping.” Inspector Kemp: “Thank you.”

Not into guys

Alexa: "Shut up, because here comes one-time-only opportunity. What I will do now is go into your office and become naked. Next move is up to you. I may not be as limber as I once was but I make up for it with enthusiasm and willingness to experiment. Huh? (cracks her neck)" Henry: "I don't know if you realize, I...

New side

"I'm seeing a whole new side of you, sir. I've gotta tell you, it's grossing me out."

Not all I do

Lucy: "You had plans and a life before you met me and now all you have time for is to make me fall in love with you every day." Henry: "That's not all I do. I gave a penguin a bath today."

Not sporting

"Not very sporting to fire at an unarmed opponent."

No time for love Dr. Jones

"Hey, Dr. Jones, no time for love! We got company!"

Not sure where Mr. Santelli lives

"I'm not entirely sure where Mr. Santelli lives or in what house he lives."

Not easy being a nun

"It's not easy being a nun...take it from one who's been there and back. First of all your face never looks thin, you never get to wear pants and your love interests is always off screen."

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