Nothing Wrong With My Tits

"And there is nothing wrong with my tits!"

Not A Watch Kinda Girl

Well see that's the thing, I'm not really a watch and see kinda girl. Am I, Jake?

Need A Passport

People need a passport to come down here.

Notorious, Anyway

Jake: "She blew up the bank." Andrew: "And that made her a hero?" Jake: "Well, notorious, anyway."

Native Ability

"Well I didn't have that much craft back then Romeo, just a little native ability."

Never Count Me Out

"Never count me out until the fat lady divorces me."

Not That Fucked Up

"That's enough time, 30 minutes, hell I'm not that fucked up."

Not All That Upset

Detective: "How do you think this looks?" Oscar: "To you, it looks terrible. To my mother, she wouldn't be all that upset."

Never See You Again

"I hope you won't be offended by my saying I hope to God that I never see either of you again."

Needs A Spanking

Roy: "My inner child needs a spanking?" Molly: "Yeah, no Roy, no Roy."

No more rhymes until I'm fed

Alex: "(singing) I've been living with a shadow overhead." Sophie: "There'll be no more rhymes until I'm fed."

No past, no future

"There is some comfort in the emptiness of the sea. No past, no future."


Algren: "Every soldier has nightmares." Katsumoto: "Only one who is ashamed of what he has done."

No sex for 12 years

Arlene Berquist: "You're crazy!" Phil Berquist: "That's right - not having sex for TWELVE YEARS will do that to a person!"

Not good with ropes

"I'm not good with ropes, I can't even take the string off a bakery box."

Never stop fighting till the fight is done

Ness: "Never stop, never stop fighting until the fight is done." Capone: "What'd he say? What'd you saying?" Ness: "I said never stop fighting till the fight is done." Capone: "What?" Ness: "You heard me Capone, it's over!"

No one will touch him

"As long as he keeps the bad people rich and the good people scared, no one will touch him."

No turning back

"For your own sake, there is no turning back."

Nice coat

Batman: "Nice coat." Homeless Man: "Thanks."

Not in therapy

"I do what I do to keep thugs like Falcone behind bars, not in therapy."

New York Jets

Klytus: "Who are you?" Flash: "Flash Gordon. Quarterback. New York Jets."

Now of age

Arborian Boy: "I am now of age, Green Father. I ask for the test of manhood." Arborian Elder: "Choose your passage, into this world, or the next."


"I knew you were up to something, though I confess I hadn't thought of necrophilia."

Nice confession

"Nice confession. l commend you."

Not unbeatable

"Ming's not unbeatable. With all his men, he couldn't even kill Flash."

Ninjitsu employs explosives powders

Ducard: "Ninjitsu employs explosive powders." Bruce: "As weapons?" Ducard: "Or distractions."

Not heading back

Bruce: "I'm not heading back at all." Alfred: "You don't like it there?" Bruce: "I like it fine. They just don't feel the same way."

None have long to live

"Amusing. But pointless. None of these people have long to live. Your antics at the asylum have forced my hand."

No on can save Gotham

"No one can save Gotham."

No, Scarecrow

Rachel: "Crane?" Scarecrow: "No, Scarecrow!"

No sun

"Dr. Zarkov! There's no sun! It's 8:24 in the morning, and there's no sun!"

Not deserted

Hawk man: "With respect, the man who rid us of Klytus should not be deserted." Vultan: "Will you shut up!"

Never kept a vow

"My father has never kept a vow in his life."

New Kid On The Block

"Whoa! I love the costume! But what are you supposed to be? A New Kid On The Block?"

New York City girl

"I'm a New York City girl. It's a little too quiet around here for me."

Not you Scotty

"Not you Scotty, not you Number 2, not you Frau, not you Goldmember, not you guys back there, not you hench man holding wrench, not you henchman arbitrarily turning nobs making it seem like your doing something."

Nice potty mouth

"Nice potty mouth dirtbag!"

No surgery questions

Alison: "Don't ask her about her about her sister and her nose job." Ryan Seacrest: "No plastic surgery questions."

Never soft ever again

"And once he does that into them once, they're never soft ever again."

Navigation system

"He accidently activated his navigation system."

Never giving you the Allspark

Sam 'Spike' Witwicky: "I'm never giving you this Allspark." Megatron: "Oh, so unwise."

No Road Hoggin

"There will be no bumpin', no cheatin', no spittin', no bitin', no road rage, no mamin', no oil slickin', no pushin', no shovin', no backstabbin', no road-hoggin' and no lollygaggin'."

No Pit Stoppo

Luigi: "My friend Guido, he dream to give a real racecar a pit stop." Guido: "Pit stop!" Lightning: "Uh, the race is only one lap, guys. Uno lappo! Don't need any help. I work solo mio." Luigi: "Fine, race your way." Lightning: "No pit stoppo. Comprendo?" Guido: "Okay."

Not your vagina

Alison: "Ow." Female Doctor: "That's not your vagina. That's your asshole."

Nothing To Do With You

Oh, okay I see, you think this has nothing to do with you.

Not Just Blue

But what you don't know is that sweater is not blue, it's not turquoise it's not lapis, it's actually cerulean.

New Something for Spring Break

The girls need new surf boards or boogie boards or something for spring break.

Nerd of Potsie-like proportions

Elias: "Yeah right, what do you know?" Randal: "I know you're a huge fucking nerd of Potsie-like proportions, and no chicks dig nerds. Especially nerds that are into Lord of the Rings."

Not of the King, it's of the Jedi

"Hey, there is only one Return and it's not of the King, it's of the Jedi."

Next stop's a guy with an undersized dick

Dante Hicks: "You wouldn't want to be with a girl with an oversized clit?" Randal Graves: "No, 'cause the next stop's a guy with an undersized dick."

Nation of rats

Costello: "Fucking rats are wearing me thin." French: "Francis, it’s a nation of fucking rats."

Needed the money

"I haven't needed the money since I took Archie's milk money in the third grade. To tell you the truth I don't need pussy anymore either. But I like it."

No One Gives it to You

"It's this - no one gives it to you. You have to take it. "

No ticky, Lo Laundry

"No ticki, no laundry!"

Not the Fucking Rat

Costigan: "Is there something you just wanna go ahead and ask me? Cause I'll give you the fucking answer, alright? Frank look at me, I'm not the fucking rat, okay? I'm not the fucking rat." Costello: "Start with you agreeing there is a rat."

Nuke Taiwan

"If these chinks want to nuke Taiwan any time in this century, they better shape up and show me one million dollars. What we generally do in this country is one guy brings the items, the other pays him."

Not My Problem

And that's my problem because… Oh wait, no, it's not my problem.

Nothing Fits Size 6

There's nothing in this whole closet that will fix a size 6 I can guarantee you.

New Emily

Oh you must be the new Emily.

Need Hard Liquor

You must be in desperate need of hard liquor.

Not A Psycho

I must have done something right; I'm not a psycho.

New Diet

I'm on this new diet. It's very effective. Well, I don't eat anything, and when I feel faint, I eat a cube of cheese.

Not As Nice As You Thought

Andy: "Turns out I'm not as nice as you thought." Christian: "I hope not."

Not Even A Little Bit

Christian: "Wait don't tell me the boyfriend is gone? I am very very sad." Andy: "Please you're not sad at all." Christian: "No not even a little."

Not Your Baby

I'm not your baby.

No I Have Not

"No I have not."

No He Cannot

"No he cannot."

No I Did Not 2

"No I did not."

Not working for me

"This is not working for me Jack."

No place on television

Jack: "She needs to lose 30 pounds or gain 60. Anything in-between has no place in television." Liz: "I can't believe I missed you."

Never romanticized it

Jenna: "What, you never pretended to be a bride when you were a little girl?" Liz: "I did, I just never romanticized it." Young Liz: "This is my husband, Sol Rosen bear and this is his son Richard from a previous marriage." Liz: "And then he cheated on me with a lamb."

Not a big enough star

Tracy: "I seen the way you was looking at Seinfeld. You used to look at me like that. What, am I not a big enough star for you anymore." Kenneth: "I am not even gonna dignify that with an answer. Especially after I picked out all these throw pillows for in here and you didn't even notice."

New beginnings

"This is a time of new beginnings for me Lemon. And of course that means new opportunities."

Need to fire Lutz

Liz: "We need to fire Lutz." Pete: "What why? What happened?" Liz: "He called me the worst name ever!" Frank: "What did he call you?" Liz: "I'm not gonna repeat it. That's how much I hate it." Pete: "Fat camp?" Liz: "No." Frank: "Mouth hooker." Liz: "No." Frank: "Monster bitch." Pete: "Hatchet face." Liz: "No. It..."

No more white boys

"No more jewelry with my name misspelled, and no more sexually explicit sky writing and no more white boys throwing up in my damn foyer."

Never dunk basketball

Kenneth: "Then you should know that you're never gonna dunk this basketball. Also that Oscar you have is made of chocolate and that lady you European kissed last night, was actually a gentleman." Tracy: "Okay, that's enough."

Not a comedy, it's a drama

Tracy: "It's the story of Thomas Jefferson. Only thing, we're gonna do it like Norbit where I play all the parts." Toofer: "That's actually hilarious." Tracy: "It's not a comedy, it's a drama."

Name sounds Jewish

"Your name sounds Jewish. You must be important."


"Look at my belt. This is the notch I had to make last week. This is the notch I'm using now. I'm back to the factory made notches."

Never got out of my car

Guy from Court: "How do you know it's not your child?" Tracy: "Cause I remember the girl and it's impossible. I never got out of my car and she never got all the way out of her toll booth."

Not the father

Tracy: "What's the verdict doc?" Dr. Spaceman: "Good news! You are not the father of that child."

No Devon, I don't do that

Devon: "You're going down." Jack: "No Devon, I don't do that."

No dog fighting

"You do anything you wanna do, except no dog fighting, okay. That seems to be the one thing that's off-limits these days."

Never seen breasts

Jenna: "Here's what we're gonna do. You've probably never seen breasts before. So I'm gonna lean over this desk and you're gonna give me a new page jacket." Donnie: "Please, I breast fed till I was eleven. So I've forgotten more about a women's chest than you'll ever know."

Nothing's impossible except dinosaurs

"Aren't you the man who told me to live every week like it's shark week? And that nothing's impossible except dinosaurs? Don't give up on life sir."

Nana Lemon

Jonathan: "Liz, your grandmother is in Jack's office. You better do something." Liz: "Nana Lemmon, that's weird. Oh no, Rosemary."

Not a cop

Liz: "Is that guy carrying a gun?" Rosemary: "But don't worry, he's not a cop."

NBC theme


New synergy

"New synergy, does that sound odd to anyone else? Does that sound like news energy?"

Non dairy creamer, yum

"Yeah, non dairy creamer, yum. Mmmm."

Night Clubs

"I've called this meeting to say that downtown is no longer safe. So in short, we need to pick some new restaurants and night clubs."

No Feet

"No feet?!" Merle: "Yeah, that's right ass. No feet."

Not Liking You

Master Shake: "He pushed me." Frylock: "He pushed you out of the way of that truck!" Master Shake: "Listen, he's in a better place." Frylock: "He's in the grill of the truck!" Meatwad: "He was my best friend!" Master Shake: "Yeah? Well then you should know something. When he was pushing me, he mentioned something ab...

Niels Bohr

"One look at Niels Bohr's atomic model makes it abundantly clear that there is a way to pass through solid matter. So in summation, we can have our daily tea-party in the fifth dimension."

Need A Brain

Carl: "If I wasn't a little loaded right now, I'd say you're uh.. lookin' for a.. come closer here. Lookin' for a brain.. is that right?" Frylock: "A brain?! No. NO I'm not. Why?" Carl: "Hey, it's Carl here.. your buddy. You don't have to lie to me. 'Cause if it's a brain you want.. I'll get ya a brain." Frylock: "R...

No Pockets

Master Shake: "I'm gonna have to blow this thing apart." Frylock: "Wait, wait a minute Shake. Look, just-just calm down, all right? It's not that serious." Master Shake: "But my scheduling! I need to access my database and see if I'm on schedule! I don't know!" Frylock: "Look at me Shake. Look at me. Come on, please...

Not A Babe

"Carl, don't refer to her as a babe please. She is a Chechnyan prostitute, and you will address her as such."

Nose area

Master Shake: "Can you tell these are coconuts because they spray painted them and they looked really good when I lef--" Meatwad: "Nah, you lookin' good boy. Them professional nostrils. Something about you.. I can't put my meat on it, but you seems the nose area." Master Shake: "Well, thank you I am."

No boobies

Master Shake: "Oh my God, my head. Who're you?!" Meatwad: "Back away from her, she's psycho. Unless you're ready to settle down and have you some youngin's." Master Shake: "I can't commit to that! I'm young, I'm hip and I'm single! I'm a tiger out there. You don't put a leash on a tiger! Plus that's not female. Look...

NST: a neuro-speech transmitter

Meatwad: "Is that what I think it is?" Frylock: "It's an NST: a neuro-speech transmitter." Meatwad: "No, huh uh. It's my BNCS. My brushed nickel colander, stupid. Now take them wires off there and give it back. I need to drain my spaghetti." Frylock: "Meatwad, you don't cook, you sleep in this thing." Meatwad: "Shut...

Nerd Alarm

Master Shake: "Okay, now this time we're going to cross the street the hard way." Meatwad: "The hard way?" Master Shake: "Long ways!" Meatwad: "All right.." Master Shake: "I'll keep score!" Frylock: "What are y'all doin'?" Master Shake: "Oh, great! Geek patrol on alert!" Meatwad: "Sound the nerd alarm." Master Shake...

No bathroom

"As you can see, it's fully furnished. 2-0, no bathroom and that is by design. We don't want people to mess things up with their waste, ya know what I'm sayin'?"

Netherworld Conversation


Nicole's basket

"Nicole's basket was not the basket that I thought it was gonna be. It was like pretty much the exact opposite of what I thought her basket was gonna be. I don’t know."

No chance

"As soon as I saw the guy, I thought, I hope none of the geeks are hoping to hook up with a beauty because their chances just plummeted."

No bueno

"Reversing the world of Beauty and the Geek…no bueno."

Not armatures

"Even I've heard of Three 6 Mafia. They won an Academy Award. These people are not armatures."

Naked dude

DP: "You see like a.. little naked dude out in the street anywhere?" Frylock: "Yeah.. I think he's dead." DP: "Are you serious? Well, when he wakes up, make him drink."

No one is safe

"I think it's just gonna be anyone. No one is save, except for those people that are safe."

Natural stop

"Boston was a natural stop for Nate and Jenny Lee. After all, it is home to Harvard and MIT, turning out geeks by the giga-flop."

Never worn deodorant

"I have this theory since I've never worn deodorant I don't like need it so...Every once and a while people will say like 'You stink' but for the most part, no."

New joke goin around

Rick James: "Charlie there's a new joke goin around, have you heard it? What did the five fingers say to the face?" Charlie Murphy: "What?" Rick James: "Slap!"

Never gave you niggas money

"They should have never gave you niggas money."

Next black comedian to get own show

"Dave Chappelle come on down, you're the next black comedian to get his own show!"


"For centuries people have turned to one man for the answer to lifes greatest mysteries. That man is Negrodamus."

Nintendo Computer

Jenny Lee: "You have an old school Nintendo machine." Geek 6: "Sort of, yea. It's actually a machine I took apart and put a computer in. So that I could hook it up to my TV." Jenny Lee: "That's sweet!"

Next to some smurfs

Mike: "Uh, Andre, you are sitting next to a bunch of smurfs." Andre: "I am." Mike: "That's not normal." Andre: "No it's not, but ya know."

Nervous excitement

"Just prior to meeting the beauties, I was feeling a form of nervous excitement. Uh, somewhat akin to I imagine jumping out of an airplane."

Not a cool guy

"I never did that when I was dating. Admit that I wasn't a cool guy. Now I didn't give a shit. I just said I'm not a cool guy. That worked, I'm not a cool guy, I'm gonna use it all the time."

No table

Owner: "Mr. David, there is no table." Larry: "No table? How come, what do you mean no table." Owner: "We chose Cheryl."

No Slamming, No Bamming, No Thanking the Mam

Larry: "He's kind of a slam, bam, thank you mam kind of guy, right." Nurse: "No not really at all. No slammin', no bammin', no thankin the mam. He was a little short-lived was the problem."

N-E-S-T-L-E-S Sorry

"N-E-S-T-L-E-S, Nestle's makes the very best.. Sooooooooooorrry."

Not givin your fucken kidney

"You're not givin your fucken kidney. What if one of the kids needs a kidney one day? You're gonna give a kidney to Richard Lewis?"

Nestles makes the very best

"N-E-S-T-L-E-S. Nestles makes the very best. Sooooory."

Nice pairs

"Oh you got a nice pair of eyes among other nice pairs."

No diggity

"No diggity."

Never gonna wear

"You don't spend $1,000 on cloths, that you're never gonna wear."

No because Disneyland is not a independent state

Ali G: "Is Disneyland a member of the UN?" Boutros Boutros Ghali: "No because Disneyland is not a independent state."

Not an accident at all

Alexx: "He died hours before this accident ever happened." Horatio Caine: "So our accident is not an accident at all."

New breed of criminal

Alexx: "What's going on Horatio?" Horatio: "Alexx, Miami has a new breed of criminal."

Narrowed us down

Alexx: "It's a stab wound." Horatio: "Alexx, that just narrowed us down to one."

No fly zone?!

Cheryl: "He invented, it doesn't matter, underwear that doesn't have a fly." Larry: "No fly zone?!" Cheryl: "No fly zone." Larry: "That is the dumbest company. What a stupid…I've tried that underwear it is so idiotic. You have to drop the underwear to pee, okay."

Number one

Martine: "You just can go one, number one right?" Larry: "Number one, I'll be done in two seconds." Martine: "Okay, hurry up, number one!"

Nice big penis

Larry: "Your son, his penis." Hugh: "Wait, what are you saying that for?" Larry: "Hey, it''s a compliment, what's the big deal?" Hugh: "What's the compliment?" Larry: "How's it bad? How's it bad? He's got a nice big penis so what?"

No, but that's a fuckin brillian idea

Ali G: "So me idea is what?" Donald Trump: "To make a drip proof icecream." Ali G: "No, but that's a fuckin brillian idea."

Not make your hands all sticky

"Me idea is to come out with just like these ice cream gloves, that make the ice cream not go on your hands and make it all well sticky."

Normally to get to see a girl naked

"Normally to get to see a girl naked, you need to take her out to a 3 course dinner at KFC, buy her 4 Bacardi Breezers and tell her you love her."

No you you you

"No you you you, no you you, all the time to the other one with the beard who ain't that good."

Never got laid a lot

Jeff: "I have more food experience than you my friend." Larry: "Oh let me tell you something okay. I never got laid a lot but that doesn't mean the guy who got laid more than me appreciated it."

No personality in this seat

Larry: "On the way back I'm gonna drive." Cheryl: "Why?" Larry: "I don't feel I have a personality in this seat. No really. I feel very…dull."

No doubt

"No doubt."

Now I see is very primitive

"In Kazakhstan we think USA very technology very good and now I see is very primitive."

Not going to engage in hypothetical's

"I’m not going to engage in hypothetical's of that sort. I feel confident that that nuclear arsenal will remain out of militant hands."

Not taking short cuts

"And so I will do whatever is required to keep the American people safe, but I am absolutely convinced that the best way I can do that is to make sure that we are not taking shortcuts that undermine who we are."

Never been with a guy that didn't want to fuck me again in the morning

"Never been with a guy that didn't want to fuck me again in the morning."

No way I'm gonna be on a 70 foot screen looking like an underwater Elton John

"No way I'm gonna be on a 70 foot screen looking like an underwater Elton John."

Never liked your work

Drama: "And now that it's actually airing." E: "The show is great Drama, just relax." Turtle: "It really is Drama. This is comin from someone who's never liked your work."



Not so much for you

"But not so much for you."

News ain't just for the white man, it's for the bros and sisters too

"My name is Sam Donaldson and I got a message for you, news ain't just for the white man, it's for the bros and sisters too."

Namaste Campers

"Namaste campers, rise and shine!"

Nesting creature

Vince: "He's a nesting creature, what's the big deal." Drama: "Cause it's not natural for a male, is the big deal."

No need for a raincoat

Turtle: "And no need for a raincoat." Drama: "Yeah it's like flag day." Turtle: "Except it's a week."

NOFX - I Gotta Pee


Never came close to spending 100 days

"Hey today was President Obama's 100th day in office, 100 days. Isn't that amazing? Think about it, George Bush was President for 8 years never came close to spending 100 days in office. So we're way ahead."

Nonessential air travel

"And you know they're saying non essential air travel, forget about nonessential air travel that's what the government is saying. And here is an example of nonessential air travel, it would be flying Air Force One really low over New York City. There's nothing wrong with me, there's something wrong with your set."

nade level

New puppy

"Some happy news as you may have heard the White House has a brand new puppy. I believe his name is Arlen Specter."

Nightime Outdoors (September 10, 2008)

No one should get preferential treatment

Tracy: No one should get preferential treatment. Liz: I agree, exactly. Tracy: Not black comedy superstars, not Hispanics, not Indians, not whatever this guy is and not women Liz Lemon.


Niggaz in da hood - Diziak ft MC Jacker(DJ Amro Production)

Naked Republicans Blue Meanies Fleeing or Looking Foolish by SillyMickel Adzema

Ok, so now I'm one of those "constituents". I'm thinking… thanks a lot, bastard, you think I got it easy? You jerk! Who the hell you think you are down there in Louisiana, Mr. freaking Governor who don't need no additional unemployment money. No, idiot! You GOT a job! It's me that can't find work and that's wo...

Not how you practice abstinence

“Gov. Palin, she’s not here tonight, she pulled out at the last minute. Somebody should tell her, that’s not really how you practice abstinence.”

Not a color of this natural world

"Our bipartisan outreach will be so successful that even John Boehner will consider becoming a Democrat. After all, we have a lot in common. He is a person of color. (Laughter.) Although not a color that appears in the natural world."

Novo programa reacende sonho da casa própria - Carlos Lamarca

No Sex For You

"They instituted a ban on Quality Intimate time..."

New Kirk and Spock Appeal to Trekkies

Chris: Zachary and I wanted to come out tonight and address the long time fans of Star Trek. Zachary: We understand that you are concerned about the way that we are handling your beloved franchise. But don’t worry we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that this film fits in flawlessly with the established… Chris: A...

Naturally 7 Beatboxes A Whole Band

No Brakes



Nigger Hatin Me

I like sugar and I like tea but I don't like niggers no sireee! There's two known things that'll make me puke thats a hog eating slop and a Big black spook!

Nilton de Oliveira - Morador do Lar de Ofélia

No crying in baseball (Full)

Jimmy Dugan: Evelyn, could you come here for a second? Which team do you play for? Evelyn Gardner: Well, I'm a Peach. Jimmy Dugan: Well I was just wonderin' why you would throw home when we got a two-run lead. You let the tying run get on second base and we lost the lead because of you. Start using your head. That...

NHL on Versus.mp3

No love you'd call real

No love you'd call real



NOM and CPR Action Present: "I'm Confused"

Boy: Grandma, my teacher says if grandpa was a girl that’s okay you can still be married. Announcer: If we change the definition of marriage… Girl: God created Adam and Eve, how so old fashioned. Announcer: …our kids will be taught a new way of thinking. Boy: He should have created Anna and Eve. Boy: If my dad marr...




Nancy Reagan Lied

"Nancy Reagan lied. You can't just say no. Come on."

No gays in Iran

David: "No gays in Iran, that's why you have to go all the way to Turkey for a facial. That's..." Paul: "Hey, we're here all week." David: "That's why you have to go Jordan to look at drapes." Paul: "Hey!" David: "That's why you have to go to Syria to get a decent perm." Paul: "Ho!" David: "That's why you have to go...

Not nearly enough

"Here's some good news. Finally some good news coming out of Hollywood. Michael Jackson is getting married. Congratulations. That's right. Michael is 49, his wife is 40 so the difference is, well not nearly enough."

No more rats

"A taco bell, listen to this, a Taco Bell in Mississippi closed down because a guy found a snake in his food. That's right. The good news is, no more rats."

Nanu Nanu


Name That Tune Opening


Naitonal Geographic Theme Song


Newhart Theme Song


Night Court Theme Song


Northern Exposure Theme Song




No in between

Tony: "No matter who they play, the chances the Rockies sweep the world series?" Tony: "This is either a 100% or 0%. There is no in between."

Nice effort

"This was a nice effort by you, but once again you're seeing this so incorrectly."

No time for TV

Mike: "Alright, no time for TV Tone" Tony: "No time for TV?" Tony: "No." Tony and Mike: "Because there's no baseball anyway."

New and York

"I don't see why Torre would manage any place that didn't begin with these two words: New and York."

Not on Top Model cause I'm too short

"And they wouldn't take me on Top Model because I'm too short."

Not noticeable

Amy: "Are you wearing makeup?" Bill: "I'm wearing makeup for men, it's not noticeable. It says so on the box."