Not a Dream

"To which I would say to everybody, this is not a dream."

No Right

"Are you saying I don't have the right to drop the 'T' in my name?"

Nail Me

"Come on! I thought you had better researchers. You can't nail me with harder things than this?"

No Sense

"Why do you get paid after you stop working? That doesn't make any sense to me."

No Desire

"I don't want to be President."


"I'd be Nixon-ish."


"I'd be Nixon-ish, or Nixon-oid?"


"I'd be Nixon-ish, or Nixon-oid? Is that like being Nixonian?"

No Couch

"No, I don't put myself on the couch."

No Trust

"I'm a member of the media and I don't trust us."

Next Day

"You look up one day you?re a teenager. Next day you're a grandfather."

Number One

"So they would know that they were number one in my life."

Not religious

"These are the real issues which should decide this campaign. And they are not religious issues, for war and hunger and ignorance and despair know no religious barrier."

No religious barrier

"War and hunger and ignorance and despair know no religious barrier."

Not look with favor

"I would not look with favor upon a President working to subvert the first amendment's guarantees of religious liberty."

No power

"The church does not speak for me."

Nation will lose

"Nor do I intend to disavow either my views or my church in order to win this election."

No cause for pride

"There is no cause for pride."

Negro problem

"There is no Negro problem."

No argument

"About this there can and should be no argument."

No reason

"There is no reason which can excuse the denial of that right."

Not Negative Or Derogatory

?I didn?t say anything that was negative, nor derogatory, nor disrespectful, nor malicious.?

No Problem, No Complaints

There was no problem, no complaints.

Never Personal

?And it?s never personal.?

Never No Such A Thing

?There was never no such a thing like that.?

No politics

"Well first of all if you know John McCain you know there is not gonna be much politics in the White House anyway. I mean he doesn't grade."

Not our intention

"It's not our intention to discuss religion. We?re going to forget religion. If we bring up religion, we?ll be in an argument, and the best way to keep away from arguments and differences, as I said earlier, put your religion at home -- in the closet. Keep it between you and your God."

Not thinking black

"And if you are black and you're not thinking black at this late date, well, I'm sorry for you."


"No, you're nothing but a 20th century slave."

Nothing non-violent

"He made the mistake of teaching me that Patrick Henry was a patriot, and George Washington, wasn?t nothing non-violent about old Pat or George Washington."

New generation

"This is a new generation."

Not a politician

"I?m no politician. I?m not even a student of politics. I?m not a Republican, nor a Democrat, nor an American, and got sense enough to know it."


"I?m not a Republican, nor a Democrat."

Never seen democracy

"You and I have never seen democracy."

Negro vote

"The Negro vote is the key factor."

Not that kind of person

"I'm not the kind of person who come here to say what you like."


"Which is never gonna happen."

Never Dying

"I'll be around forever."

Not Wrong

"And, uh, I wasn't wrong."


"It's not about the company, you know, uhm, it's not about the brand. It's about the people who step into the octagon and entertain you guys, the fans, who come to watch us fight."

National loss

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd planned to speak to you tonight to report on the state of the Union, but the events of earlier today have led me to change those plans. Today is a day for mourning and remembering. Nancy and I are pained to the core by the tragedy of the shuttle Challenger. We know we share this pain with ...

Nothing ends

"Nothing ends here, our hopes and our journeys continue."

Nothing ends here

"Nothing ends here."

Never forget

"The crew of the space shuttle Challenger honored us by the manner in which they lived their lives. We will never forget them, nor the last time we saw them, this morning, as they prepared for their journey and waved goodbye and 'slipped the surly bonds of earth' to 'touch the face of God.'"

Never Amount

"And a lot of teachers looked at me and said, 'You know what? You're not going to be anything. You're never going to be anything.' And that's when I decided I was going to walk on that side."

Not At All

"Of course we all learned to read and write, but did I want to read? Did I want to write? Not at all."

Never Done

"But I read it, a whole book. I'd never done that before in my life."

No Attention

"And I don't even remember him, you know, I remember these guys, someone everywhere I went, someone was challenging me. As soon as I got in the ring I'd put their lights out, so I didn't pay much attention."


"All these years I was trying to get to where he is and he, he wasn't anywhere."

No Such Thing

"And I thought greatness exists. Come to find out, there was no such thing."

Not Detached

"I falsely construct the news, and am ironically attached. You know? I'm not detached at all."

No Respectability

"I have no respectability to protect."

Need to Entertain

"I have to come back with my joke, or on it. You know, at all costs."

Nobody can use them

"And we don?t care anything about your atomic bomb; it's -- it?s useless because other countries have atomic bombs. When two or three different countries have atomic bombs, nobody can use them."


"Not only is he a crook, he?s a hypocrite. There he is standing up in front of other people, Uncle Sam, with the blood of your and mine mothers and fathers on his hands, with the blood dripping down his jaws like a bloody-jawed wolf, and still got the nerve to point his finger at other countries."


"If you see where the NAACP is preaching and practicing that which is designed to make Black Nationalism materialize -- join the NAACP."


"Hit it. I'd love to be nailed."

Not afraid

"I shine my light, no matter where that light takes me, ok? I'm not afraid of anything. Might be afraid of you, but other than that, I'm not afraid of a thing in the world."

No fear

"Might be afraid of you, but other than that, I'm not afraid of a thing in the world."

Not you

"I do my show half hour--this is why I could never even hope to be you--I do my show half hour a night, four nights a week."

Northern Racism

"Brother walk up to him. Hello you white opressor you slave master rapist of Africa. Whey hello my big lipped spear chucking friend. Touche honky. So whitey, what'd you do today? Oppress a new land and make the people Christians against their will? Ha ha ha. What'd you do today, fellow. Burn those big black lips on ...

Niggaz Fuck It Up

"Every time black people want to have a good time, ignorant assed niggaz fuck it up."

No Baby, That's Just Jokes

"No baby, that's just jokes."

No longer cooperate

"People who have been part of this awakening movement that started in Al Anbar province think the United States will be there indefinitely, they will no longer cooperate with us."

Not interested in politics

"I'm not interested in politics."


"I'm not Pete Sampras, and I'm not Bjorn Borg."

Not work

"And not work for a living."

No looking back

"I don't look back on 'em."

Not surprised

"Actually, I'm not surprised they did it, 'cause they never have shown me any guts."


"So why would they suddenly do it now?"

No personality

"There's not much personality."


"It's absolutely unbelievable how far tennis, to me, has gone in the negative."

Number one

"But Pete's been number one."

Next day

"So I have to go out the next day and do it again."

No fights

"Come on, I mean, I've never hit an umpire. I've never gotten in fights with players."


"I saw that it did bring--just like Jimmy Connors, I mean he is like a role model, a Nastase, these guys--you saw that it brought something to it."

Never back

"He picked up his bags, walked off the court, walked into a car, never was--has never been back there since."

Next year

"And then he'd go down to the press conference, and they'd go, 'Mr. Borg, how do you feel about next year?' He'd go, 'I'm very excited about playing next year and playing in the Majors."

Need help

"And they called Vilas up, who was number three or four player in the world at the time, and they said, we need--we desperately need your help. He agreed to do it.

Not illegal

"Everyone knew that tennis people were getting guarantees. It just wasn't, like, illegal at that point."

Not better

"Well, I wouldn't say it's better."

No question

"It's no question about it."

New racquets

"One other factor that helped them was the--the racquets that are used now have helped the women a great deal."

Not the Best Because I Kill Quickly

"I wasn't the best because I killed quickly, I was the best because the crowd loved me."

Not A Destroyer of Companies

"I am not a destroyer of companies - I am a liberator of them."

Not a Bridesmaid

"I'm not a bridesmaid. Ok? I'm the bride."

Not Saying

"I'm not saying anything Larry."

Not Initially

"She didn't get it initially, but at the premier she was laughing non-stop with me. She was sitting with me."


"Rearrrr. Hisss."

Nuclear standoffs

"I think that this is a very serious situation but I don't see this as a return to nuclear stand offs."

Nations don't invade

"But in the 21st century, nations don’t invade other nations."

Ni Hao!

"Hey, hi Jon! How you doing! Or 'ni hao,' as we say here!"

Not afraid

"Not afraid of the guy, man."

New Tito

"This is the new Tito Ortiz, man."


"Uh, he'll be able to negotiate within the next month."

No Use

"There is, there is no use for this."

Newman you magnificent bastard

"Newman, you magnificent bastard. You did it!"

Nobody kisses in my line

"What is this?!? You're kissing in my line? Nobody kisses in my line!"

No soup for you

"No soup for you!"

No Promotion

"He thinks did a great job so he thinks he is going to get a raise and a promotion so he buys his kids bikes. And then the promotion doesn't happen right?"

New debt

"Just this year we ran up $341 billion dollars in new debt, as we discussed the other night, that's our legislators and our president trying to buy our vote this year with what used to be our money. We're not that dumb."

No Use

"There is, there is no use for this."

No one saw children

"On August 22, 2005 no one saw the children. According to management of the trailer park, the maintenance guy, neighbors, the neighbors never knew there was children there."

Not A Place Where I'll Run Into Tons Of Opportunities

"Or local photojournalist Sarah Lind, who said, 'Canton is not a place where I'll run into tons of opportunity to improve my career.'"

Not The Crappy Canton In Georgia

"And Canton -- and not the crappy Canton in Georgia."

Not reliable

"My argument is that the self reporting of people who use drugs as to when they quit is not reliable. That's the argument I was making."

Not written to support John McCain

"The book is not written to support John McCain."

Never Thrown

"The greatest punch, thrown in that fight, was never thrown."

No Cheating

"Oh! Oh, uh, I don't think any cheating. Look, it was a right hand that knocked me down."

No Cheaters

"No one cheated that end."


"I'd been rooming with one of my girlfriends and I felt like I was naked. I'm no longer a man."

Never Work

"I said I'm not ever gonna work with Dick Saddler again, ever."

Not Depressed

"The fight was over. I lost the boxing match. Went back to my ring. Not that depressed because I'd achieved a feat I wanted. I'd gone 12 rounds."

Nothing But Nothing

"And the next thing I know I was dead. I looked over, my head, under me was nothing but nothing."

No Clothes

"And I started to go out the door and they said, 'No, you don't have any clothes on, George.'"

Never the Same

"And my life has never been the same since."

Name Calling

"They called me all kinds of names."

No Leaving

"I tried, as a matter of fact, go to one of the other countries so I could heal up properly. But I found out instantly, no planes carrying George Foreman was leaving that place."

Not to Offend

"I didn't want to make him feel offended so I took another drink. I said, 'Man, this water tastes like that medicine.' Same water as always! I'll never forget that water and the medicine."

No Pharmacist

"One thing I knew about Dick Saddler, he was not a pharmacist."

Not Fans

"For the first time I realized people I thought were really fans were against me."

Never Again

"That bothered me and I never did throw that punch again."

Never Before

"And that was the kind of courage I'd never seen before."

Not One Ounce

"You think I was scared? Not one ounce of fearness."

No Fear

"Muhammad Ali had no fear."

No More Cover

"And I thought, 'Now they'll be no more coverin' up.'"

No doubt

"I have no doubt that I will get some."

Nothing to see here

"There is no constitutional issue here."

No moral issue

"There is no moral issue."

No delay

"There must be no delay, or no hesitation, or no compromise with our purpose."

Nights and weekends

"So I ask you to join me in working long hours -- nights and weekends, if necessary."

Not just negroes

"Because it's not just Negroes, but really it's all of us, who must overcome the crippling legacy of bigotry and injustice. And we shall overcome."

Not fully free

"As a man whose roots go deeply into Southern soil, I know how agonizing racial feelings are. I know how difficult it is to reshape the attitudes and the structure of our society. But a century has passed, more than a hundred years since the Negro was freed. And he is not fully free tonight."

Not free

"But a century has passed, more than a hundred years since the Negro was freed. And he is not fully free tonight."

Negro is not equal

"A century has passed, more than a hundred years, since equality was promised. And yet the Negro is not equal."

Not equal

"And yet the Negro is not equal."

No force

"No force can hold it back."

Not man, not neighbor

"These are the enemies: poverty, ignorance, disease. They're our enemies, not our fellow man, not our neighbor. And these enemies too -- poverty, disease, and ignorance: we shall overcome."

No part

"There's really no part of America where the promise of equality has been fully kept."

No Citizen Of The World He

"And yet, look at Michael Phelps. No citizen of the world he."

No, I'm sorry

"[Buzz]No, I'm sorry."

No, no, no

"[Buzz] No, no, no."

Nicest places to live

"I'm for closing Guantanamo Bay because it has become a symbol. It may be one of the nicest places in the world to live in but it has become a symbol."

Nonsensical Absolutes

"You always know the president is pissed off when he starts talking in nonsensical absolutes that he himself would never follow."

Not high class

"They're not exactly like the most high class group of women usually."

Not Winning

"It's not a winning strategy."

Not Just Talk

"See a positive view for America. We are not just talking this. We have actually done it over 40 years."


"Never been to China."


"I was very nervous."


"I mean, whether you can tell or not, I was--I definitely felt the nerves."

Not easy

"That's not going to be easy."

No chance

"We will have no chance to do that."

No real direction

"Our foreign policy drifts with no real direction."

Now it's up to us

"Now it's up to us."


"And, ladies and gentlemen, please think of this, the nation must think of this!"

New president

"We will have a new President of the United States, a Democrat born not to the blood of kings but to the blood of pioneers and immigrants."

Not going to grade these candidates

"Listen, I'm not gonna grade these candidates. I said this was totally non-partisan and I will work with either one of them or both of them."

None of this was possible without you guys

"I said to them, starting to get more and more emotional and starting to choke up a little bit, starting to cry. I was like, well none of this was possible without you guys."

Normal person

"I consider myself a normal person. I don't consider myself some super athlete hear or there. I just consider myself somebody who loves to compete, loves what they do and just wants to have fun."


"But the only thing that I don't get to do is swim in the NCAAs and the Big 10s and when you see them in person you're like god, it would have been fun to do this. It's just such a team bonding, and everyone's together as a team and it's pretty fun to watch."

Not Just a Tactic

"His main problem is that he is censoring himself. That is not sufficiently rationalized by saying it is just a tactic to win the primaries and get elected."

Necessities of American People

"We need to direct tax payer money towards the necessities of the American people. Not to pour them into corporate subsidies, hand outs, give aways, bail outs, which we call corporate welfare."

Nature of impeachment

"We know the nature of impeachment."

Not petty

"So today we are not being petty."

Not perfect

"This is not a perfect party."

No generation

"No generation can choose the age or circumstance in which it is born."

Not in vain

"If, in my high moments, I have done some good, offered some service, shed some light, healed some wounds, rekindled some hope, or stirred someone from apathy and indifference, or in any way along the way helped somebody, then this campaign has not been in vain."

Not truest self

"If, in my low moments, in word, deed or attitude, through some error of temper, taste, or tone, I have caused anyone discomfort, created pain, or revived someone's fears, that was not my truest self."

Not finished

"I am not a perfect servant. I am a public servant doing my best against the odds. As I develop and serve, be patient: God is not finished with me yet."

Not yet

"God is not finished with me yet."


"Issues are non-negotiable."

Not afford

"We could not afford to avoid raising the right questions."

Nuclear weaponry

"We should not act as if nuclear weaponry is negotiable and debatable."


"Nuclear weaponry is negotiable and debatable."

Now it's up to us

"Now it's up to us."


"And, ladies and gentlemen, please think of this -- the nation must think of this!"

New president

"We will have a new President of the United States, a Democrat born not to the blood of kings but to the blood of pioneers and immigrants."

National Emergency

"Declare a national emergency, institute martial law."

Not Proper

"They're not a proper oppositional party."

Nationwide Citizenry

"If you want to arouse the citizenry nationwide you don?t run for Senate in Connecticut."

Not Parading

"First, to get us on the ballot and move forward with the citizenry, not parading in front of them."

New off shore drilling

"We're going to achieve energy independence and we're going to by using every resource at our disposal to get the job done including new off shore drilling."

Nation will come running

"If we cut that military budget without cutting our defense, and use that money to rebuild bridges and put steel workers back to work, and use that money and provide jobs for our cities, and use that money to build schools and pay teachers and educate our children and build hospitals and train doctors and train nurs...


"Give me your tired, give me your poor, your huddled masses who yearn to breathe free and come November, there will be a change because our time has come."


"We must fight for a change, now."

Not qualified

"And I mean this sincerely, he is genuinely not qualified to be president."

Never had a community that was mine

"So in many ways it was a wonderful childhood because I got to know so many different parts of the world and so many different cultures. But it also meant that I never felt that I had a place, a community that was mine."

Nothing, It's Too Late Now

Heidi: "That's my sister..." Spencer: "I get it." Heidi: "What am I supposed to--" Spencer: "Nothing. It's too late now."

Now I Don't Always Want My Family All In My Relationship

"Now I don't always want my family all in my relationship like that."

Never do anything bold

"I mean this is the Democrats problem, is that they never do anything bold once the get the nomination."

Name in lights

"I want somebody who's not in it just because they want to have their names up in lights or end up being president. I want somebody who is mad right now that people are losing their jobs."

Not much

"Not much to look at, right?"

Never work

"I'll never forget that--of handing him that apron and going, that's it. I thought, I'll never work again."

Not at all

"And, but that's not what it is. They don't laugh at all."

Next time

"And the next time, it went ok."

No job

"So he completely related to me not wanting a job, either."

Nice feeling

"It's a nice feeling."

Not too hard

"You don't have to work too hard to get it."

New things

"He refused to go backwards. He would only, you know, do brand-new things."

Nothing Has Changed

"I don't think anything has changed competitively."