"Obviously, much of this new political and social consensus I've talked about is based on a positive view of American history, one that takes pride in our country's accomplishments and record."

Oppose sin

"There is sin and evil in the world, and we're enjoined by Scripture and the Lord Jesus to oppose it with all our might."

Objective observer

"Any objective observer must hold a positive view of American history, a history that has been the story of hopes fulfilled and dreams made into reality. Especially in this century, America has kept alight the torch of freedom, but not just for ourselves but for millions of others around the world."

Our country is in danger

"Our country is in danger, but not to be despaired of. On you depend the fortunes of America. You are to decide the important question upon which rest the happiness and the liberty of millions yet unborn. Act worthy of yourselves."

Only proven reformers can fix it

"Our economy -- in crisis. Only proven reformers John McCain and Sarah Palin can fix it."

One Of Those Two Guys

"I'd say one of those two guys, for mine."

One Day At A Time

"For me, I'm just going to take it a day at a time."


"That's ok."

On the weekends

"I used to spend a lot of time with his family on the weekends and stuff."


"Oh my God."

Only Lack Talent

"I only lack, uh, talent."

Ought to Go To Hollywood

"And then Jose said, 'Well you ought to go to Hollywood and be an actor.' And I said, 'Okay.'"

Our markets are flexible

"In the short run adjustments in the financial markets can be painful. But for the people concerned about their investments and for the employees of the affected firms. In the long run I'm confident that our capital markets are flexible and resilient and can deal with these adjustments."

Our unswerving objective

"Our unswerving objective, therefore, must be to prevent the use of these missiles against this or any other country."

Our goal will be achieved

"Our goal is not the victory of might, but the vindication of right; not peace at the expense of freedom, but both peace and freedom, here in this hemisphere, and, we hope, around the world. God willing, that goal will be achieved."

Of Course There Are Foreign Forces

"People don?t laugh in collapse in ridicule. Of course there are foreign forces and foreign arms in Iraq."

Overwhelming Opinion Of Americans

"I have my own opinion about what ought to be done. In fact it happens to be the same as the overwhelming opinion of the overwhelming majority of Americans."

Open To Foreign Investment

"The economy of Iraq must be open to foreign investment."

Obvious relationship with peace

"To me the relationship of this ministry to the making of peace is so obvious that I sometimes marvel at those who ask me why I'm speaking against the war."

Overtures for peace

"Hanoi remembers how our leaders refused to tell us the truth about the earlier North Vietnamese overtures for peace, how the president claimed that none existed when they had clearly been made."

Oceans of history

"The oceans of history are made turbulent by the ever-rising tides of hate."

Out on the town

"When Candace Cameron was only ten years old, I took her to see Cirque de Soleil."

On Bob's side

"Of course I love Bob. I'm on Bob's side."

Obviously a Positive To Them

"I'm sure in a, a, after the fact that having this not be an issue is obviously be a positive to them."

Only Loaned to Rich People

"I'm thinking that Thornburg Mortgage could survive because they did a lot of loaning only to rich people."

Orlando: Fundamentals at Risk

One in Fifty Chance

"But I'll be very honest. I think that's a one in fifty chance."

Once Those Two Years Are Through

"And I think that once those two years are through, then you really are going to be in a positive resolution."

Ogres don't live happily ever after

"I told you Ogres don't live happily ever after!"

Open up the hood

"Now we're going to open up the hood a little bit and I think hopefully describe to why we still need your financial help and why we ask you to do so much."


OPM - other people's money

"It's, it's a matter too, of some of these CEOs and top management people and share holders too not holding that management accountable. Being addicted to we call it opium, OPM - other people's money. Spending that, investing that."

Oh She's Wonderful

"All the media and press have been going, oh she's wonderful. Oh God, her speech was so great."

Our Financial Markets And Wall Street

"You know that there has been tremendous turmoil in our financial markets and Wall street."

Our Strong Economy

"The fundamentals of our economy are strong."

Okay, So We're Number One In That Too

Kimmel: "Americans?" Phelps: "Probably." Kimmel: "Okay, so we're #1 in that too."

One has to respond to

"Any nation this is a member of NATO - there's a clause that says an attack upon - on one has to be responded to."

One of the things I'm good at

"One of the things I'm good at is gettin people in a room with a bunch of different ideas, who sometimes violently disagree with each other and finding common ground."

Obviously, Tonight, No Politics

Stewart: "Obviously, tonight, no politics -- just doing a thing." Colbert: "I don't want to do politics, Jon. No one wants to see us talk about politics."

Our first priority

"Our first priority today is the stability of the capital markets."

Our economy compares favorably

"Again, I want to remind people, I'm not being a Pollyanna, I spent a lot of time outside of this country, and the fundamental strength of the U.S. economy, and I'm talking about the long-term fundamentals, I believe they compare favorably in this country with any other developed industrial nation around the world."

On Your First Date

"Imagine you just turned up in that and you're on your first date. Or last date."

Oddly Enough To Certify a Union

"Oddly enough, if you wanted to certify a union, the unions require in this bill a secret ballot election."

Only 7 of 100

"Only seven of the 100 knew about this bill."

Oh my god this is a woman

"All kidding aside maybe it's a generational thing. I don't start this thing thinking oh my god this is a woman I better treat her differently."

Only So Much

"So there's only so much time he can spend with me anyway."

Of course she doesn't have that

"Well, obviously — Of course she doesn’t have that. That’s not been her role. But I think she’s a very quick study, and fortunately, John McCain does have that experience."

On Three Occasions

"And did you notice that on three occasions I walked away."

Out of state

"And then when we go out of state we're looking for number one draft picks."

Outlaw the forces of gravity

"Can we outlaw the forces of gravity."

Or Because The Poll Numbers Are Sliding?

Letterman: "'We're suspending the campaign.' Are we suspending it because there's an economic crisis? Or because the poll numbers are sliding?" Shaffer: "Oops! Oops! Oops!"

Or Is That Really A Good Thing To Do?

"Don't suspend your campaign! You let your campaign go on, shouldered by your vice-presidential nominee. That's what you do! You don't quit! Where? What? Or is that really-- is that really a good thing to do?"

Our Team Plays Better

"I think that any time that I am playing up to my potential our team plays better, and if I can have an MVP year I think our team will do really well."

On Any Given Night

"On any given night, Milwaukee, Detroit, Philly, Indiana, Atlanta, any team can beat you and same on the West Coast. It's tough on the road on the road now than it was the past few years."

Out of commission

"We had three years where we were out of, commission really, because of the?legal thing."

Our Politically Correct Society

"I know that in our society that is what I call 'politically correct.'"

Overlaced with profanity

"I think sometimes when you're making a point, I don't think that my lyrics are overlaced with profanity because I myself don't speak using a lot of profanity in normal conversation."

Of course, everyone does

"Of course, everyone does."

Ordinary people

"We think we need the economy work for ordinary people."

Only God Knows

"And only God knows that."

Only God Can Judge

"I just think that only God can judge a person's heart."

Orgy of Spending and Enormous Deficits

This orgy of spending and enormous deficits

Orgy of Spending - Long

John, it's been your president who you said you agreed with 90 percent of the time who presided over this increase in spending. This orgy of spending and enormous deficits.

On Paper, Business Taxes Are High in this Country

John mentioned the fact that business taxes on paper are high in this country, and he's absolutely right.

Oh, Please

So let me get this right. We sit down with Ahmadinejad, and he says, "We're going to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth," and we say, "No, you're not"? Oh, please.

Oh Really

"Oh really?"

O Rly?

"O rly?"

Oh, That's Nice

"A problem with a database is that you write it and it works, but you show it off to your friends and your mom, and its like oh, that's nice."

One Real Bluetooth

"That would be cool, to have an all purpose in one real Bluetooth."

Out Of Need

"Being all around the world and speaking to people, not just here in the United States, its all around the world. People are starting to be more environmentally friendly out of need."

Other people to judge

"But when people ask what's your greatest success, what's your greatest failure. I never answer it, cause there is no point. That is for other people to judge."

Out of poverty

"We've actually taken, I think, six to seven hundred thousand kids out of relative poverty."

Our entire economy is in danger

"Financial assets related to home mortgages have lost value during the housing decline, and the banks holding these assets have restricted credit. As a result, our entire economy is in danger."

Oppose government intervention

"I'm a strong believer in free enterprise, so my natural instinct is to oppose government intervention."

Opportunities and cash

"I look for opportunities every day, and then if I find opportunities, I see if I've got enough cash around to take care of them."

Oh, Hey, You Know, Sure

Oh, hey, you know, sure...

Our economy is strong

"The fact is that on a Monday of about a week ago, John McCain said the fundamentals of our economy are strong."

One In Five Jobs

"But one in five jobs being created today under the umbrella of job creation -- that, you know, also...."

Only because of John McCain

"This morning we had a vote only because of John McCain. And that vote could have been successful but the Democrats behaved poorly."

On the back burner

"And I will put my presidential campaign on the back burner if necessary and do anything."

Over and over

"I've envisioned this shit over and over and over."

Only going to last

"If you're big and strong, it's only going to last a short time."

Only You Know the Truth

"And the thing that's great about it probably for me is you kind of sit back and listen to what everybody's saying because only you know the truth."

Once it comes to family

"Once it comes to family."

Older girlfriends

"I had alotta older girlfriends."

One of my friends

"I always kinda looked at him as one of my friends, so it never really bothered me."

Our economy is hurting

"Our economy is hurting and the federal government has not provided the sound oversight that we need and that we deserve, and we need reform to that."

One mission for the president

"A foreign policy that goes after the one mission the American public gave the president after 9/11, to get and capture or kill bin Laden and to eliminate al Qaeda."

Our founding fathers were wise

"Well, our founding fathers were very wise there in allowing through the Constitution much flexibility there in the office of the vice president. And we will do what is best for the American people in tapping into that position."

Own set of experiences

"Sarah Palin has her own set of experiences but nobody's perfect. There's always pluses and minuses with everyone."

Oh my goodness

"Oh my goodness."

Oh come on

"I read that this morning also. I fired off a quick e-mail and said oh come on. Do we have to…do we have to call it that. Todd and I we'd be happy to get to Michigan and walk through those plants of the car manufacturers."

Okay, Talk To You Later, Donkey

"Okay, talk to you later, donkey."

Open book

"For a guy who's already offered two memoirs he's not exactly an open book."

Obviously that's there

"Everybody knows that if I get it to the ground, go into the leglock, obviously that's there."

One thing I learned

"That's one thing I learned in this game, you cannot be one-dimensional."

Our Lives Are Chaotic

"Our lives are chaotic but I wouldn?t change it for anything in the world. It's amazing."

Out of ideas

"He's out of ideas, out of touch and running out of time. But with no plan to lift our economy up, John McCain wants to tear Barack Obama down with smears that have been proven false."

Obama Says, "I Didn't Realize"

Hasselbeck: "It's not just Reverend Wright. It's not just Tony Rezko, a criminal. It's not just William Ayers, a U.S. terrorist. It's that, time and time again, Barack Obama has said, 'Oh! I didn't realize that William Ayers was a--'" Goldberg: "That's baloney."

Obama wasn't aware

"Now our opponents campaign is claiming that for the first time that Barack Obama wasn't aware of Ayers radical background."


Obama on Public Financing 2

Obama on Public Financing 1

Off camera

"Off camera, he said, you know, I don't expect that to be too long."

Obama's secret

"Sen. Obama's secret that you don't know is that his tax increases will increase taxes on 50 percent of small business revenue."

Our best days

"So let's look at our record. I've fought higher taxes. I have fought excess spending. I have fought to reform government. Let's look at our records, my friends, and then listen to my vision for the future of America. And we'll get our economy going again. And our best days are ahead of us."

On-the-job training

"We don't have time for on-the-job training, my friends."

One Gentleman Said Portugal

"We asked stupid voters which issues were most important to them. Eighty-four percent said yes. Sixty-two percent said now. Forty-five percent asked for zipper help. And one gentleman said Portugal."

Only Personal Attacks Affect Them

Oliver: "But some will vote." Stewart: "And of those that do vote, do personal attacks affect these stupid voters?" Oliver: "Well, that's interesting, Jon. Only personal attacks affect them."

Others Will Remember To Vote, But Not How To Get Out Of Their Own Homes

"Others will remember to vote, but not how to get out of their own homes."

Obama's world view is naïve

"Well, I worry about that. I worry that Sen. Obama’s world view is naive."

Our enemies will fear

"Sen. McCain has been around awhile. He’s learned some things. I’ve traveled the world with him a lot. He’s, he will be the kind of president who our allies will trust, but who our enemies will fear."

One man terrorist

"I think he's a one man terrorist cell."

On the right track

"Energy independence will allow our economy to get back on the right track. We're working on that also. And again, it's something that Biden and Obama just haven't seemed to get."


October 11 Presidential weekly radio address

Good morning. Over the past few days, we have witnessed a startling drop in the stock market -- much of it driven by uncertainty and fear. Many Americans have serious concerns about their economic well-being. Here's what the American people need to know: The United States government is acting -- and will continu...

Optimistic people

"America is a strong nation. We are a confident and optimistic people. Our confidence is born out of our long history of meeting every challenge we face."

Outrageous women

"Charm School was the off-street of Flavor of Love and I Love New York where they put a bunch of those outrageous women in charm school. And they were like look girls you all got to get it together if you're going to go out in the world. I don't need no help! I'm going to break this glass of poop on the floor! And t...

Our beloved Nancy Reagan

"Our beloved Nancy Reagan is in the hospital tonight, so our thoughts and prayers are going with you."

Or somebody has to

"I exempt small businesses from having to pay into a kitty. But large businesses that can afford it, we've got a choice. Either they provide health insurance to their employees or somebody has to."

One of the bad procedures

"Then there was another bill before the Senate Judiciary Committee in the state of Illinois not that long ago, where he voted against a ban on partial-birth abortion, one of the late-term abortion, a really -- one of the bad procedures, a terrible."

Obama finished better

"Early in the debate these people thought McCain was doing better, by the end of the debate Obama seemed to finish better."

Out of my element

"This is me out of my element."

Original beach house

"It's at the original beach house."

Obama didn't want my name mentioned

"To be honest with you, I’m sure Obama didn’t want my name mentioned."

Only way to elect a democrat

"I think what's sad is that apparently in this country the only way we can ever elect a democrat is if there's an absolute and utter calamity that happens."

Only A Few Million People Who'll Be Watching

Letterman: "You had a meeting. Probably had a meeting, and everybody said, 'It's just Dave.'" McCain: "Yeah." Letterman: "'We don't care.'" McCain: "'It's only Dave. There's only a few million people who'll be watching. What the hell? Who cares?'"

Our Father Prayer

"Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the kingdom, and...

Obama's associates

"I think the people that Barack Obama has been associating with are anti-American by and large."

Only Got One Rule

"Look, boss, I only got one rule, and that's never bet money you don't have on a dog race with an ex-girlfriend who happens to be a stripper, and you broke that rule man. You'll have to be sweet to her homes."

Oughta Get Drunk

Romeo: "I think you oughta get drunk." Roy: "Get drunk?" Romeo: "Yeah. You always play better when you're wasted."

Off The Shitter

"He is! He's gonna hit it right off the shitter!"

Our Immortality

"This is everything, ain't it. This is the choice it comes down to. This is our immortality."

Of All The Warlords Loved By The Gods

Agamemnon: Of all the warlords loved by the gods, I hate him the most.

Only See Himself

"To find out about the Offay gallery and, and him sitting in the window and mirroring the front glass so that he would only see himself."

Oh, Mark Wahlberg, Hi, How Are You?

"Oh! Mark Wahlberg! Hi! How are you?"


"I'm not surprised by the that shots we take because I come from that outsider position. But I think it's going to be good for Washington D.C. to have that outsider there, that reformer."

Only One I Trust

"You know, Rick, I have many a friend in Casablanca, but somehow just because you despise me you're the only one I trust."

Only Undefeated Champion

"The only undefeated champion in Roman history, the legendary Titus Agore."

One of Us is in Deep Trouble

"One of us is in deep trouble."

One person can make a difference

"You know I guess one person can make a difference. Enough said."

Oh my spider sense is tingling

Venom: "Hey Parker." Spider-man: "My God. Eddie." Venom: "Oh my spider sense is tingling. If you know what I am talking about."

Oswald Cobblepot

"A penguin is a bird that cannot fly. I am a man, I have a name..Oswald Cobblepot."

Oswald Cobblepot school of driving

"Welcome to the Oswald Cobblepot school of driving. Gentlemen, start your screaming!"

Opposes mandatory prison sentences

"Hi, this is Rudy Giuliani, and I'm calling for John McCain and the Republican National Committee because you need to know that Barack Obama opposes mandatory prison sentences for sex offenders, drug dealers, and murderers."

Off shore drilling

"Let me just tell you why you are incorrect. I don't believe in drilling off the shore of California."

Only Comfortable In Night Clubs

"Well the only place that sort of I'm really comfortable in is a night club."

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.


Doing it as a feature gives us so much more opportunity to explore and create and do so much more then we did in the first 2.

One of the issues

"One of the issues has been commercial paper."

Open it up

"Open it up, open the credit markets up."

Opportunity to do some investing

"They will be in the market, and I'm sure they will have the opportunity to do some great investing."

Ooh, I like demented

"Ooh, I like demented."

Ooh, I like demented

"Ooh, I like demented."

One big hit

"You know you've been here for a month, and you want to get that one big hit where you feel like you're really part of the team."

Of course not

"Of course not."

Of course it is

"Of course it is."

O my brothers

"We were all feeling a bit shagged and fagged and fashed, it having been an evening of some small energy expenditure, O my brothers."

Odd things

"It's mostly odd things he does."

Oh behave. Mehehe yeaah!

"Oh behave. Mehehe yeaah!"

Out for the season

"This is what Christmas is all about. I'll uh, park the cars and check the luggage, and uh, I'll be outside for the season."

Opinions are like assholes

Well, opinions are like assholes... everybody has one.

One minute at a time

"This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time."


Hitchhiker: "Step into my office." Ted: "Why?" Hitchhiker: "Cause you're fuckin fired!"

Only Power

"There is no Good and Evil. There is only Power, and those too weak to seek it."

Opportune Moment

"If you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it." -

Open pod bay doors

"Open the pod bay doors, HAL."

One moment please

"Just one moment, please."

Outta here

"Get the fuck outta' here. What fuckin' warm it up, get outta' here!"

Oh, I think that says "fragile," honey.

Mr. Parker: "Uh, 'frah-gee-lay.' It must be Italian!" Mrs. Parker: "Oh, I think that says 'fragile,' honey." Mr. Parker: "Oh, yeah."

Oh, I'm just licking my dick.

"Oh, I'm just licking my dick. What's up with you?"

Ooh, somebody step on a duck?

"Ooh, somebody step on a duck?"


"We got no food. We got no jobs. Our pets' HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!!!"

Oh well, plan b. Let's just kill each other.

"Oh well, plan b. Let's just kill each other."

Ohh, your helmet is so big!

Dark Helmet: [In Dark Helmet voice] "And now Princess Vespa, I have you in my clutches, to have my wicked way with you, the way I want to." [In Vespa voice] Dark Helmet: "No, no, go away, I hate you! And yet... I find you strangely attractive." Dark Helmet: "Of course you do! Druish princesses are often attracted to...

One Ring to rule them all.

"One Ring to rule them all. One Ring to find them. One Ring to bring them all and in the Darkness bind them."

Ol' Andy did it in less than twenty.

"In 1966 Andy Dufresne escaped from Shawshank Prison. All they found of him was a muddy set of prison clothes, a bar of soap, and an old rock hammer damn near worn down to the nub. I remember thinking it would take a man 600 years to tunnel through the wall with it. Ol' Andy did it in less than twenty."

Our Loans Grew

"Our loans grew double digit. Out deposits grew double digit."

Our Allowance For Credit Losses

"When you look at our allowance for credit losses at 8 billion dollars, that is double what it was at the start of the credit crunch."

Our Business Model

"I think really Maria, it comes back to our business model."

Our Deposits Were Up

"Our deposit growth in the quarter, if you look at June 30 - September 30, our deposits were up 30% in the quarter."

Our Mutual Fund Business

"You know, our mutual fund business for example is up double digit in the third quarter along with many of our other businesses."

OC, the Midwest, where people go to the malls a lot

"We kind of do our own American version, which would be the equivalent of like Orange County or somewhere in the Midwest, kinda of that kind of thing, people that go to the malls a lot, ya know."

Odd man out

"The only odd man out, the only one left out there is John McCain."

Obligation to take care of citizens

"Now, of course we have an obligation to take care of citizens in our society who can’t care for themselves. That’s why we have those programs, those Safety Net Programs."


"Its absurd to equate sharing the oil resources that all of these Alaskans have an ownership stake in, and trying to negotiate a deal with the oil companies that use those resources."

Open the doors of government

"And most importantly I will open the doors of government and ask you to be involved in your own democracy again."

Our Show Is Not A Swing Show

Stewart: "Our audience -- very excited, sir. Our show is not a swing show, if you will." Obama: "[laughs]"

One Link In The Chain

"One link in the chain is broken, everybody retreats."

One Party Is Suspect

"Once one party is suspect, all the rest of the component pieces of the system kind of withdraw."

One Can Understand

"And one can understand why the public may be angered by that."

Oh my God, yes

"Oh my God, yes."

Oh, it's very different

"Oh, it's very different."

Oh goodness, yes

"Oh goodness, yes!"

Out of the middle

"Yeah, if we get out of the middle of the street."

One for Crawford

"We had one for Crawford coming off in the corner."

One for Nate

"One for Nate coming off to the top to try to get a 3-point shot."

One of those kids

"I was one of those kids who were at risk."

Our brothers overseas

"This game will help our brothers overseas."

On Economic Matters, You Have No Convictions

"That's why you're losing right now, Senator McCain -- not because you don't have the courage of your convictions, but because on economic matters, you have no convictions."