The Middle Class is Dying

Next stop homeownership! I'm just kidding - the middle class is dying, you'll be renting forever.

Toronto is Just Like New York

Toronto is just like New York but without all the stuff!

That when I connected the dots, is when everyone else found out

"That when I connected the dots, is when everyone else found out."



Thriving Main Street

"We cannot have a thriving Wall Street without a thriving Main Street. That in this country we rise and fall as one nation."

Title Theme Song

Tetris 2-Player Mode Win Theme

Tetris Contratulations Theme Song

Tetris Game Over Theme Song

Tetris In-Game Song #1

Tetris In-Game Song #2

Tetris In-Game Song #3

Tetris Title Screen Theme Song

Title Screen Theme Song

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Title screen theme song

Time of the Falling Rain

The Soldiers of Kakariko Village

Triforce Chamber Theme Song

The Galaxy is at Peace Sound Effect

The Galaxy is at Peace

The Last Metroid is in Captivity Sound Effect

The Last Metroid is in Captivity

Title Screen Theme Song

The Brink of Time

The Day the World Revived

Treetop Rock

Title Screen and Expert Mode Credits Theme Song

Troops Theme Song

The Unforgiven Theme Song

The Phantom Forest

The Phantom Train Theme Song 1

The Serpent Trench Theme Song

The Decisive Battle

Terra's Theme Song

The Wedding Waltz 1

The Wedding Waltz 2

The Wedding Waltz 3

The Wedding waltz 4

The Empire Gestahl Theme Song

The Fierce Battle Theme Song

The Day After Theme Song

The Magic House Theme Song

The Prelude

The Dream of a Train

The Battle Base Meteor Theme Song

Titania Theme Song



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Tetris Level Up Combo

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Top Score

The Legacy

Title Screen

Tree Zone World Map

Tree Zone Outdoor Level

Tree Zone Bee Hive

Time Running Out!

Turtle Zone World Map

Turtle Zone Beach Level

The Legend of Zelda Recorder

Turning on the Game



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Tecmo Super Bowl Theme



Temple of Time Theme Song

Title Theme Song

Time Trials Results Theme Song

Toad's Turnpike Theme Song

Trophy Presentations(Part 1) Theme Song

Trophy Presentations(Part 2) Theme Song

Transform Theme Song

Transformed Theme Song

Turtle Village 1 Theme Song

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The Battle Theme Song

Thief's Theme Song

Toad's House Theme Song

The Black Smoke

The Republican Guard

Hurley:"How do you know how to do all that?" Sayid:"I was a military communications officer." Hurley:"Oh yeah? Ever see battle?" Sayid:"I fought in the Gulf war." Hurley:"No way! I got a buddy who fought over there. He was in the 104th Airbourne. What are you, Air Force? Army?" Sayid:"The Republican Guard."

To the Batmobile! Let's go!

Batman: "To the Batmobile! Let's go!" Robin: "Atomic batteries to power. Turbines to speed." Batman: "Ready to move out."

Trusted advisors

"I'm pleased to announce that this board will be chaired by one of the world's foremost economic policy experts. A former chairman of the federal reserve and one of my most trusted advisers Paul Rover."

They scare me

"So, they scare me. I love a snake when the wrangler's in the room, then they're pretty and special."

The most common interest

"The most common interest among serial killers is pornography."

They may be a Ted Bundy

"Graphic violence onscreen, particularly as it gets into the home to children who might be unattended or unaware they may be a Ted Bundy who has that vulnerability."

That impulse to do it again

"Each time I'd harm someone, each time I'd kill someone there'd be an enormous amount, especially at first, an enormous amount of horror or guilt remorse afterwards, but then that impulse to do it again would come back even stronger."

Tori Interview

test clip 2

Tough campaign opponent

"I have known Hillary Clinton as a friend, a colleague, a source of counsel and a tough campaign opponent. She posses an extraordinary intelligence and a remarkable work ethic. I am proud that she will be our next Secretary of State."

Thank you for this honor

"Thank you for this honor. If confirmed I will give this assignment, your administration and our country my all."

Thank my fellow New Yorkers

"I also want to thank my fellow New Yorkers who have for 8 years given me the joy of a job I love with the opportunity to work on issues I care about deeply in a state that I cherish."

This is war

"I have to knock Kanye West's album from the number 1 spot on iTunes and replace it with A Colbert Christmas: The greatest gift of all. This is war and I'm calling for a surge."

Terrible move

"Now personally I blame the geniuses of the national bureau of economic research who thought it would be a good idea to announce yesterday that we are now in a recession. Terrible move. Everyone knows that you keep bad news to yourself. Holding it deep inside until eventually it kills you."

Tween beauty pageant

"I have not been ranked so low since I entered that tween beauty pageant."

Twitter blogging

"And do your twitter blogging to each other and get it all together. Whatever you kids do. It's important."

The Meaning of Work?

Thank you for calling dial an asshole

Thank you for calling dial an asshole. All of our assholes are currently assisting other assholes. Please leave your name and number at the beep and the first available asshole will get back to you. Have a shitty day.

Time is very precious to me

"Time is very precious to me. I don't know how much I have left, and I have some things that I would like to say. Hopefully, at the end, I'll have something that will be important to other people too."

Time in thought

"Number two is think. You should spend some time in thought."

Try to do everyday

"Where you started; where you are; and where you're gonna be. Those are the three things that I try and do every day. And you know when I think about getting up and giving a speech, I can't help it -- I have to remember the first speech I ever gave."

That's beautiful

"I said, that's beautiful. I'm going to do that. Your family, your religion, and Rutgers basketball. That's it. I had it."

Thank God

"I will thank God for the day and the moment I have. And if you see me, smile and maybe give me a hug. That's important to me too."

Thank ESPN

"I can't thank ESPN enough for allowing this to happen. And I'm going to work as hard as I can...for cancer research and hopefully, maybe, we'll have some cures and some breakthroughs."

Took many years to get over stage fright

"Well it took me many years for us to get over pretty bad stage fright. I would get so upset before I went on that I almost missed or almost messed up the first song, first two songs."

The plan

"The plan shows why GM needs temporary government funding, how that funding will be used how we intend to repay tax payers and why funding is beneficial to the US government."

Tremendous pressure

"We're here because the financial crisis that started in 2007 and accelerated at the end of the second quarter in 2008. As consumer confidence fell and credit markets remained frozen, the lowest US auto sales in more than 20 years has put tremendous pressure on our cash position."

Too many suppliers

"It used to be that we had too many suppliers and dealers. Now we are putting in place the right structure to maximize the efficiency and profitability of all of our partners."

test upload

There was no porn video

"The newspaper and the tabloids are still their cover stories that O.J. did it even though there was no porn video. Even though I didn't participate. I forgave Mike, I yelled at him."

They were wrong

"I didn't ask anybody to do anything but to stand by me, allow me to yell at these guys and then help me remove those things. And if they wouldn't let me remove them, we would call the cops on them. Cause I felt that they were, they were wrong."

They volunteered to go

"But all the other guys except Mr. Stewart volunteered, they wanted to go. Mr. Stewart is the only person that I asked would he come to help me. All the rest of them, when they found out, they volunteered, come on, let us go. One of them wanted to be the security guy, claimed he was a security guy."

True American Hero

"Unbelievable valor from that man right there, Joey Chestnut. He may indeed have changed the course of this nation, righted the course of our nation. Chestnut is a true American Hero."

The Eagle Has Landed

"The Eagle has landed."

The Only Thing We Have to Fear, is Fear Itself

"Let me assert my firm belief, that the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself"

This Nation Should Land a Man on the Moon

"I believe that this nation should commit itself, to achieving the goal before this decade is out of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to earth."

Truman on Hiroshima

"The world will note that the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, a military base. We won the race of discovery against the Germans. We have used it in order to shorten the agony of war. In order to save the lifes of thousands and thousands of young Americans. We shall continue to use it until we completely ...

This is a mess

Dave: "Mess." Daughter: "What?" Dave: "This is a mess."

Tell me you're going to stop

Daughter: "You're not gonna stop are you?" Dave: "I'll be fine." Daughter: "Tell me you're gonna stop." Dave: "I'll be fine." Daughter: "Tell me you're gonna stop."

The Double Duce

"Pssssssssshhh. The Double Deuce!"

Two People Aren't on Fire

"Everyone is different. No two people aren't on fire. Awwww."

The Plan

What we'll do. I'll run in first and gather up all the eggs, and we can just blast 'em all down.

Traitors are not gentlemen

"Traitors are not gentlemen, they don't understand being treated like gentlemen."

There's No Dragons!

Snorlax Gangster 1: "Get the fuck out of here there's no dragons!" Snorlax Gangster 2: "That ain't no pokemon!" Snorlax Gangster 1: "That's no pokemon, that's a fucking, that's a chinese myth dragon!"

Two Pikachus

Snorlax Gangster 1: "Pikachu!" Snorlax Gangster 2: "Two pikachus?!" Snorlax Gangster 1: "No, the left one's pikachu, dick." Snorlax Gangster 2: "Bullshit, they're both pikachu." Snorlax Gangster 1: "They're not both pikachu."

Two-bit Wrestle Man

Strong Bad: "Are you sick and tired of playing second fiddle to a two-bit wrestle man and his yellow dog? Or you ready to fight along side your Col-o-nel and give your five bucks to the Homestarmy if it comes to that? Do you want to paint that fence some other cool color and put a fake beard on that tire?" Strongsad...


"And the other way is to take a really cool word, but then spell it all wrong you know like Big Knife or something like Tarantula."

The Cheat Love Song

"I got mad a the Cheat for screwing up the Jungle paper. The Cheat is not dead."

Too Much Of A Good Thing

"Too much of a good thing is an awesome thing."

Tick the Cheat Off

"So I guess you guys are just going to have to learn how to speak the Cheat. I know a little myself…I don't know what any of that means but it really seems to tick the Cheat off when I say it to him, so I say it to him all the time."

Trogdor the Burninator

"Now he needs a name, how about Trogdor, the burninator. Oh yeah, check out all his majesty."

Trogdor Stikes Again

"Trogdor strikes again."


"Burninating the Peasants."

Triple Space Action

"We need to apply a little double space action…err, ah, maybe a little triple space action."

Temple of Abshai

"I'm gonna play some temple of Abshai, forget you guys…oh, my hit points are like inexcusable in this dungeon man, I need to find some elixir or something."

The 386

"For behold, the 386. A spectacle of graphics and sound."

The English

"What do I think of the English, huh? I'll tell you what I think about the English."


"Yeah, that's great, go ahead and save that one. So I can treasure it for years and years and show it to my kids."

Tight Pants 1

Coach Z: "Oh I'd just say it's a result of tight pants." Homestar Runner: "Ohhh, tight pants."

Tight Pants 2

"Once again, I point the blame squarely at tight pants."

Tape Shoe

"I can guarantee you man, I am not a tape leg. I mean look at this leg. Wait a minute, what's that on my leg. Ohh, there's a little piece of tape on my shoe. That’s' what they were probably talking about."

Two Cars

"Oh, and incidentally, I highly recommend Two Cars, Tennessee. Its got a real happening arts and crafts scene."

This was their finest hour

"Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that, if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, 'This was their finest hour.'"

Time Life Books

"Time Life Books presents mysteries of the unknown…"

The Buffoon and the Dean of Admissions Short

"I got a snake man. One time I fed it some beer man! It was slithering this way and that! It was all fucked up!"

The Longest Pee Short

"Awwww MAN!" "Hey man, you pissed in your pants" "I know" "So did I" "I guess that makes us piss pals"

The Beating of a High School Janitor Short

"Mop, mop, mop All day long Mop, mop, mop While I sing this song Gonna wax the floor Gonna make it shine Gonna take of the spray paint With turpentine…"

The Buffoon and the Valedictorian Short

"That girl in the fucking car in front of us, she gives everybody head."

The Beating of a High School Bus Driver Short

"Uhh, young man. Can I help you? Can I see your bus pass, please? Sir, please! I drive with that hand!"

The Beating of a High School Science Teacher Short

"Zinc is by far the best element. I also like plutonium. It's just fun to say. Plutonium."

The Cheerleader Short

Cheerleader: "I paid for my pom-poms with my own money." Guy: "You suck!" Cheerleader: "Owwww! Who threw that!? I'm gonna get a bruise now! I hate my school!"

The Beating of a High School Spanish Teacher Short

"Hola. Senor? Hay problema? Mi casa es su casa. Ayuda! Ayudame! Ayudame! Bibliotecha!"

Toll Booth Willie Short I

"Welcome to Worcester. Dollar twenty-five please."

Toll Booth Willie Short II

"Ohhh! Have another one, you fuckin' lush! It's not my fault the bartender cut ya off last night ya fuckin' douche bag!"

Toll Booth Willie Short III

"Fuck you, you fuckin' upity bitch! I'll fuckin' fuck you and all your lesbian fish-eating friends in front of your fuckin' mothers! You're gonna die, bitch! I'm comin' outta the booth!"

Teenage Love on the Phone Short

Buffoon: "My neighbor's dog has a four inch clit!" Samantha: "Oh Buffoon, you're the coolest. I love you..."

Til the Bills Win the Super Bowl

"You ain't gonna get no pussy 'til the Bills win the Super Bowl."

Three Blind Mice

"Three blind mice, see how they run. Where the fuck are they goin?"

Twinkle Twinkle

"Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. Shine upon the parking lot as I eat my girlfriend's twat, oh!"

Twelve stories high, made of radiation

"Washington, Washington. twelve stories high, made of radiation. The present beware. The future beware. He's coming, He's coming, He's coming!"