This is the best

"This is the best."

The night and championship belong to the Lakers

"The night and the championship belong to the Los Angeles Lakers, their 15th. Congratulations o Dr. Jerry Bus and the Bus family, to the entire Laker organization, of course to the Laker players, to the coaching staff, congratulations Phil Jackson on your 10th and to the great fans of Los Angeles."

That team had to learn

"Well that team had to learn, this team has been a learned team. They're experienced."

This one means a lot

"This one means a lot, the fans stuck with is through thick and thin. This is the 15th one we have as a family we have 2 more to go to meet Boston Celtics and I just want to reiterate that none of this world be possible without the Los Angeles fans here tonight and back in Los Angeles."

The MVP of the 2009 NBA Finals

"And the MVP of the 2009 NBA finals who averaged 32 points plus, who averaged almost 6 rebounds and 7 assists a game, Kobe Bryant."

This means everything

"This means everything. I mean we really worked so hard as a group. We sacrificed so much, we put in so much time, so much effort and it just feels unbelievable to get here with a group of guys that are like brothers to me and we can all enjoy this together."

This is my Emo moment

Yeah this is my little you know emo moment in my apartment that I wrote this song very upset and very still much in love.


Touchdown Stanford

"Stanford, touchdown Stanford my goodness."

Taken the lead

"Stanford has taken the lead. With 49 seconds left USC is out of time outs."

Take some action

"I'm gonna take some action. You know what I'm saying I'm not gonna stand pat and accept this cause I didn't do nothing wrong."

That's ridiculous

"Because that's ridiculous."

Tough life lesson

"You know it's just a tough life lesson in baseball."

Tough season

"It's not about just one season. Even though this is not your regular season that we lost. This is not your, you know, it' just a tough season. We all feel that. With that being said, I think that, uh, ya know after thinking about it my decision is that Willie Randolph should continue to be our manager."

Trumbull wins it!

"Fly ball left field. McGrath is there. Trumbull wins it!"

Tiger Woods is golf

"I absolutely love playing golf, and Tiger Woods is golf."

The first triple lutz

"A beautiful triple lutz. It's fantastic… a 6, 6, 6. Three 6s. I think that is without doubt the greatest number of 6s ever given. Congratulations Don Jackson."

The 900°

"900! 900! Are you kidding me? Tony Hawk everybody!"

The pitch to Ibanez

"The pitch to Ibanez is swung on and lined to left. Going back is Matsui, he makes the catch, one away."

That's pretty good

"When you look at Wong, Pettitte, Mussina, the Rocket and our young pitcher Phil Hughes, that's pretty good."

The Yankees win!

John Sterling: "With two outs the 0-1. Jojima flies to right. Abreu is there towards the line. Bobby is there he makes the catch." Roger Clemens: "Beautiful." John Sterling: "Ball game over. Yankees win. Thaaa Yankeees win. And they win some more by getting Rocket back." Roger Clemens: "It was nice I finally up here...

The Cubs are Driving These Fans Crazy

"… the Cubs are diriving these fans crazy."

The Bears are Who We Thought They Were

"The Bears are who we thought they were! If you want to crown their ass. Then crown them!..."

The Agony of the Defeat Mets

"Oh what a turning moment. Look at the Mets, the agony of defeat compared to the ecstacy of victory."

Tommy Lasorda is Pissed

"… what do you think my fucking opinion is? He beat is with three fucking home runs…"

Tiger Woods Swears

Tiger: "God dammmit."

Tiger Woods Swears Again

Tiger: "God damn you."

Tired XFL Player


The Most Electrifying Ringtone in Sports Entertainment

"…this is it the most electrifying like in sports entertainment: If you can smellll what the rock is cooking."

Tuck Rule, My Ass

"It's my opinion, and almost everybody in the world, that the play was a fumble. It should have been called a fumble. That someone would reverse it without conclusive indisputable evidence is just unbelievable."

Tiger Yells at Camera

"Oh you got to be kidding me. Come on.Just put the camera away, will ya?"

Tyson Breaks Back

Announcer: "Mike were you really sick this week? What was the problem?" Mike Tyson: "I broke my back. My back is broken. It's spinal."

The Braves go to the World Series

"…and the Braves go to the World Series!"

The Whiff

"The whiff."

They're Not Gonna Get Him

"They're not gonna get him."

Tastes like Chicken

"Tastes like chicken and it is out of here."

That Would be a Record

"...15th goal. Not in the game. That would be a record."

The Soul Train

"Tha soullll trainnnn."

The Caution is Out

"Caution is out, third one of the afternoon. Third caution."

That's Your IQ, 0

"See that, that's your IQ buddy, zero."

The Nittany Lion


The Pride of the Orange


TCU Fight Song


Teddy Ballgame on Nomar

"I think when you look at Garciaparra, you can’t call him reat yet, but if he keeps tis up, he's gonna go down as one of the great shortstops, his hitting is outstanding. He's quick, he's strong, he's got everything."

Ted Williams on the Greatest Players

"It was good to hear it. And I think of the other players who played ahead of me. The two greatest players I ever saw, and I assure you this to my dying day, was Joe DiMaggio and Willie Mays. And I believe that and I don't get any better."

Tech Triumph


The Mighty Bruins


The Red and Blue


Texas Chant


Texas Fight


The Eyes of Texas Fanfare


Trojans One and All


TSU Fanfare


Tulane Fight Song


The Cavalier Song


The Army Goes Rolling Along


To be the Man, You Gotta Beat the Man

"And tonight as the Nature Boy styles and profile, to be the man, you gotta beat the man."

The Bumblebee Tuna Song


This is what I am

"This is what I am."

Then ask me the most basic question, what do we eat

"Then ask me the most basic question. What do we eat?"

This is the skin of a killer

Bella: "You're beautiful." Edward: "Beautiful? This is the skin of a killer Bella."

That's Edward Cullen

"That's Edward Cullen. He's totally gorgeous obviously but apparently nobody here is good enough for him."

This show is a high class operation

"This show is a high class operation."

They bleep that out

Katie: "I mean they bleep all that out right?" Jon: "No baby." Katie: "Yeah they do."



Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me



T-Pain and Taylor Swift: Thug Story

T-Pain: T-Swizzle. T-Bizzle. Taylor Swift: I’m like 8’4, blonde hair to the floor, You shorties never thought I dreamed about rapping hard core, No I ain’t got a gun, no I never really been in a club, Still live with my parents but I’m still a thug. I’m so gangsta you can find me baking cookies at night. You out c...

They call me Tommy G

"You know they call me Tommy G, I keep my shit real tight. I smoke all day, I drink all night."

The O.C. Bag

"Tonight we focus on Southern California. Home of the particularly buff breed known as the O.C. Bag. Other notable O.C. bags include Extra's Mark McGrath, Laguna Beach's Jason Waller and master illusionist Chris Angel."

Taught her how to have sex

"I basically taught her exactly how to have sex with me. I kind of molded her into the perfect image of what I want to have sex with."

Trying to tie me down

"There's all these girls trying to tie me down. There's all these girls that want to have 100% of me and that's never gong to happen with all the other girls trying to get at me."

The total tool

"It's a global plague. The greased muscle, the spiky hair, the orange tan, the total tool."

The Eagles - Hotel California

The smuck has nobody

"At least Jay Leno had interesting people. This smuck has nobody. You know what smuck means in Jewish?"

They were communists

"They were fascists! They were communists!"

Try something new

"There's a whole bunch of people that say I don't want to do no yoga. It's silly, it's weird, they do these crazy ohms at the end. Expand the mind here a little bit and try something new."

They don't work

"You know why most people aren't flexible? It's because they don't work."

The burn is there for a reason

"It'd almost be impossible to avoid the burn. But the burn is there for a reason."

The X in P90X

"Plain and simple, this is the X in P90X."

The Why of Obvious Truths, Culture War and Matrix Beginnings: Pt. 1, "Whatever Happened to the Sixties Generation?" The Fear they Engendered in the Privileged, the All Out Campaign to Slander, Dis

The success of The Big Lie; and its eventual morphing into the Big Web of Deceit, more easily termed The Matrix.  Whereas the 60s youth had only their enthusiasm and their heartfelt passion to allow a world of freedom, and all the other values espoused in our Constitution, they were up against huge entrenched, and f...

test record2

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test record5

TV Theme - Little House on the Prarie

TV Theme - Happy Days 01

TV Theme - Life And Times Of Grizzly Adams

TV Theme - Mork & Mindy

TV Theme - Love Boat

TorNaK the french conquistador

TV Theme - Secret Agent Man

TV Theme - The Munster's Theme

The Four Freedoms Speech

Mr. President, Mr. Speaker, members of the 77th Congress: I address you, the members of this new Congress, at a moment unprecedented in the history of the union. I use the word “unprecedented” because at no previous time has American security been as seriously threatened from without as it is today. Since the pe...

The Great Society Speech

President Hatcher, Governor Romney, Senators McNamara and Hart, Congressmen Meader and Staebler, and other members of the fine Michigan delegation, members of the graduating class, my fellow Americans: It is a great pleasure to be here today. This university has been coeducational since 1870, but I do not believe i...

Terminator 3 Sergent Candy Scene

Computer: CRS, Cyber Research Systems present a preview of our upcoming product line. Say hello to the soldier of tomorrow, the T1 battle field robot. A fully autonomous ground defensive system. And in the air, the Hunter Killer Aerial platforms. This isn’t science fiction, its reality thanks to our top secret innov...

Thye're touching me and he loved it

Woman 1: When we first started dating he was around me with gay people all the time. Woman 2: Good then we have a mutual love for the gay community. Woman 1: They were touching him and he’s like honey, they’re touching me and he loved it. Juicy Joe: Oh yeah I loved it. I don’t think I loved it.

Tony montana - Scarface - Bad guy speech

That's No Ordinary Rabbit

Tis But A Scratch

The American dream

"And somehow through the strange hybrid upbringing, through work and diligence I still managed to attain the American dream, I went on television."

The fate of Iran

"At this very moment the fate of Iran is strangely entwined with the sleep schedules of the geeks who maintain the servers at Twitter and YouTube."

Three Parts.MP3

The plan is…

"The plan is everything blows a week ago, all the humans are dead, we Cylons

They have a plan

"The Cylons were created by man, they rebelled, they evolved. They look and feel human. Some are programmed to think they are human. There are many copies and they have a plan."

TorNaK speaks french

The Verve - Stormy Clouds

The Office - New Ideas

The Office - I Saw It

The Office - Transcribed Convo

The Office - My Bidness

The Office - Bros Before Hos

TV Theme - Greatest American Hero 02

The Friendly Giant

The Young Cons on Fox News

Serious C: Yo…. one time…. I rep the Northeast and I’m still a young con, Let your voice release, you don’t have to be obamatrons. I debate any poser who don’t shoot straight, Government spending needs to deflate, Your ideas are lightweight, Ya careers in checkmate I frustrate. I increase the pulse rate I hate when,...

Two subway trains have collided

"I'm looking at two subway trains that appear to have collided at a fairly high rate of speed. I'm looking down on the scene from the New Hampshire Avenue bridge over the metro tracks."

The potential is high for people injured

"The firefighters down on the ground by the train are reporting multiple people trapped. These are two metro trains now at rush hour here at DC so obviously the potential is high for may people injured. Especially considering the high impact that took place."

Title1 - Chapter 06

Title24 - Chapter 01

This system is safe

"I still say overall that this system is safe."

Try to suck the venom out

Carlisle: "Try to suck the venom out." Edward: "You know I won't be able to stop." Carlisle: "Find the will to stop."

This kind of stuff doesn't exist

Bella: "This isn't real. This kind of stuff just doesn't exist." Edward: "Does in my world."

This is their house

They love it here. This is their house. We bought this house for them; not for us. The security, the room, the land; all for them.

The Iranian people can speak for themselves

"The Iranian people can speak for themselves. That is precisely what has happened these last few days. In 2009, no iron fist is strong enough to shut off the world from bearing witness to the peaceful prostest of justice. Despite the Iranian government’s efforts to expel journalists and isolate itself, powerful imag...

This is what we have witnessed

"This is what we have witnessed. We have seen the timeless dignity of tens of thousands Iranians marching in silence. We have seen people of all ages risk everything to insist that their votes are counted and their voices heard. Above all, we have seen courageous women stand up to brutality and threats, and we have ...

Those who stand up for justice

"Those who stand up for justice are always on the right side of history."

This isn't my war

Sam: "I just had a full blown mental melt down in the middle of my class. I'm seeing symbols." Optimus Prime: "We've kept much from you Sam." Sam: "This isn't my war." Optimus Prime: "I fear it soon will be."


Transformer bot

The purpose is to experience fear

Kirk: "I don't think you like the fact that I beat your test." Spock: "Furthermore you have failed to devine the purpose of the test." Kirk: "Enlighten me again." Spock: "The purpose is to experience fear. Fear in the face of certain death. To accept that fear and maintain control oneself and ones crew. This is a qu...

This is your 35th attempt to elicit an emotional response from me

Spock: "This is your 35th attempt to elicit an emotional response from me." Kid: "You're neither human or Vulcan and therefor have no place in this universe." Kid2: "Look, his human eyes, they look sad."

That is where I'm from Jim, the future

"129 years from now a star will explode and threaten to destroy the galaxy. That is where I'm from Jim."

There are so few Volcuns left

There are so few Vulcans left, we can not afford to ignore each other." Spock: "Then why did you send Kirk aboard when you alone could explained the truth." Spock Prime: "Because you need each other. I could not deprive you of the revalation of all that you could accomplish together. Of a friendship that would defin...

The test itself is a cheat

Kirk: "The test itself is a cheat isn't it? You programmed it to be unwinnable." Spock: "Your argument procludes the possibility of a no win scenario. Kirk: "I don't believe in no win scenarios." Spock: "Then not only did you violate the rules, you also failed to understand the principle lesson." Kirk: "Please, enli...

To what disadvantage to you refer

Spock: "If you would clarify minister. To what disadvantage are you referring?" Minister: "Your human mother."



The United States leads Spain

"The United States leads Spain in this Confederations Cup semi-finals game."

That shot is blocked

"That shot is blocked…or is it."

The US has shocked Spain

"That's it, the players are on the field. The US has shocked Spain and maybe the rest of the world too."

The chicks are so horny it's not even fair

But funerals are insane. The chicks are so horny, it's not even fair. It's like fishing with dynamite!

That's what we call a Sack lunch

Booyeah! That's what we call a Sack lunch! mgmgmgmgmg.

Tattoo on the lower back

Tattoo on the lower back, might as well be a bullseye.

The meatloaf, we want it now

The proper girl in the hat just eye fucked the shit outta me

The German will fear us

"And the German will be sickened by us and the German will talk about us and the German will fear us."

Take you out to execute you

Melvin Purvis: "The only way you will leave a jail cell is when we take you out to execute you." John: "Well we'll see about that."

The man who killed Pretty Boy Roy

"Well if it isn't the man who killed Pretty Boy Roy."

The blood of Jesus

"Get on top the blood of Jesus."

Traveled with huge costs

"He traveled with huge costs and lived a very grandees life style and when the money didn't keep coming in as it frequently doesn't for successful artists. He continued to spend and got himself very deeply in debt which is why every comeback he looked to ended up having to be a bigger and bigger comeback with greate...

The pop icon was taken to the hospital

"The pop icon was taken to a hospital rushed there by ambulance just a few hours ago. It would have been about 3 hours ago when the paramedics were called. We have been told that he was unresponsive, not breathing. CPR was performed and he was rushed to a hospital that was really just a couple miles away from his......

Trying to fight back

"His business was under attack. He struggled to maintain his catalog. His energy level was low. He lost a lot of weight. He was trying to fight back."

Thrilled a lot of people

"He thrilled a lot of people and for a generation redefined the music and performance."

Time is not promised to us

"Because time, hey listen this is not promised to us. So while we're living we got to do the right things with our life while we can, while we're here."

This is legendary

"But you the Jackson's man. Come on man. Come on this is legendary right here. For this to happen with Michael right now it's unbelievable but we ain't go not choice but to believe it. But Michael Jackson, he's not dead. That's just the shell that's stopped. But he's still going to be in existence anyway. He becomes...

This rim has been officially rocked

"This rim has been officially rocked!

Three Stooges Hello

Transformers Sound Effect

Transformers Sound Effect2

The Game ft. Chris Brown Usher P Diddy - Better On The Other Side [Official MJ Tribute Song]

I remember the first time I saw you move, I believed I could do anything, You made the world dance, You made music come to life, This is the kind of song that makes the angels cry, I look up into the sky and wonder why, Why you had to go, go, I know it’s better on the other side, You’re the greatest, Chose...

Time Running Out Sound Effect


Time Running Out Sound Effect

Typing Sound

Transformers Sound

thomas the tank theme song

Tune Rew Fx



THE RISE GUYS "Dr. F*cks Good"

Tractor Passing

Toaster 3000

The Shrinking Machine


Train Passing

Twist that Nipple

Tree Bell Glissando

The Red Car

Tape Rewind 2

This time