Wario Round 3

Wario Defeated!

Welcome to Football Pro 99

"Greetings everyone, and welcome to Football Pro 99."

Wario 1, 2, 3, Fore!

"1, 2, 3, Fore!"

Wario Mama Mia

"Mama mia."

Wizard of War Intro Music

Warp Sound

Worst terrorist attack

"Thanksgiving came shortly after the worst terrorist attack in our nation's history. The war in Afghanistan has just begun."

Water Temple Theme Song

Windmill Hut Theme Song

Wario Stadium Theme Song

Winning Results Theme Song

Welcome to Your Doom Sound Effect

Welcome to your Doom

Wilderness Theme Song

Water Level 1 Theme Song

Wart Theme Song

Wand Sound Effect

Water Level Theme Song

Whistle Theme Song

Water Land Theme Song

World Clear Sound Effect

What are you up to Norm?

Sam: "What are you up to Norm?" Norm: "My ideal weight if I were eleven feet tall."

What does the P.H. stand for in N.P.H.?

Neil Patrick Harris: "What does the P.H. stand for in N.P.H.?" Kumar: "Uh..." Harold: "Patrick Harris." Neil Patrick Harris: "No, common mistake. Poon Handler." Kumar: "Oh."

Working with Obama

"So I look forward to working with President Elect Obama as we face these enormous challenges that we have."


What is your proudest accomplishment as a mom?

What about blowjobs?

"What about, whaaaaatttt abouttttttt. What about blowjobs?"

Without the world

"America cannot solve these crises without the world and the world cannot solve them without America."

War on terror

"Afghanistan is where the war on terror began and it is where it must end."

Whatcha talkin bout Willis?

Whatcha talkin bout Willis?

wildcard bitches

What the hullabaloo is

"I don't know what the hullabaloo is."

What choo talkin bout Willis?

"What you talking about Willis?"

We hug, we kiss, we love

"As Dick said, I'm a very emotional, passionate man. I can't help it. That's being the son of Rocco and Angelina Valvano. It comes with the territory. We hug, we kiss, we love."

We will be successful this year, if you can focus on three things, and three things only: Your family, your religion, and the Green Bay Packers

"He walked in and he just walked back and forth, like this, just walked, staring at the players. And he said, "All eyes on me." And I'm reading this in this book. I'm getting this picture of Lombardi before his first game and he said "Gentlemen, we will be successful this year, if you can focus on three things, and ...

Work hard

"The ability to be able to work hard for your dreams to come true, to become a reality."

Want to be a superstar

"Like maybe 14 or 15 I uh, know I want to be a superstar and I want to play NHL because you know, hockey was uh, it's my life and it's my dream was playin in NHL."

Want to score goals all the time

"I remember my first game, I scored two goals and after this, I want to score goals all the time."

Wife and children killed

"My wife was killed in a motorcycle accident and my children in a home fire."

We need Chrysler Financial

"I also want to reinforce the need for Chrysler Financial to receive immediate assistance from TARP as their continued vitality is a critical assumption in our plan."

World class products

"It used to be that we operated regionally. European cars for Europe, Asian cars for Asia, American cars for the US market. Now we are leveraging our global assets, innovation, technology and scale to deliver world class products for every market."

Watchmen are over

"Watchmen are…over."

We can save this world

"We can save this world."

Winner Announcement of Contest

George Shea: "Ladies and Gentleman of Brooklyn and the world. In second place, with 63 hot dogs and buns, Takeru Kobayashi." Paul Page: "Chestnut has done it!" George Shea: "However in first place, in first place, with 66 hot dogs and buns, Joey Chestnut." Paul Page: "Kobayashi is down. Chestnut is the new champ...

What You Say

What you say?"


What the Hell

What the hell.


I'm trying.


"No, dick, it's wigglytuff."

We Got Deathstar

Darth Vader: "What is thy bidding my master?" Emperor: "It's a disaster, Skywalker we're after." Darth Vader: "What if he could be turned to the Dark side?" Emperor: "Yes, he would be a powerful ally, another Dark Jedi." Darth Vader: "He will join us or die." Vader and Troopers: "We got death star.(Death Star) We go...

Wrap-up Crap

"Its not required you sign your email crapfully yours, or with a bunch of carp, or crap in the time, crap is so great, everything is crap my middle name is Craperson. You know, you could just put sincerely, or yours truly is another good one."

We are adjourned

"That concludes today's sentencing, we are adjourned."

Wrap-up 9

"Okay so tune in next week, where my guests will be Lemmy from Motorhead and the guys from Croakus."

Wrap-up 6

"Sorry to crush your hopes and dreams, Strong Bad."

Wrap-up 7

"1,2,3, email me, 1,2,4, email me more."

Wrap-up 3

"So on a scale from one to awesome, I am super great."

Wrap-up 2

"So, until next time, send me a little email and I'll give you a little crap."

Wrap-up 5

"Okay, so until next time, everybody email that guy, what guy, ME!"

Wrap-up 13

"Can't nobody say that Strong Bad never did nothing for the peoples."


"Who put the ween in Halloween? I dunno probably you. You frickin' weirdo."


"So okay, until next time, keep sending me your questions, and I will keep making fun of your punctuation and spelling. I mean answer them."

Wrap-up 8

"Okay, so tune in next time, same Strong Bad time, same Strong Bad channel."

Warm Ones

"Remember kids, take your vitamins, pretend you're hilarious, and always, always email Strong Bad."

Wrap-up 12

"Okay, so until next week, everything is awesome, and uh…hey big guy. You know, I was just kickin' the Cheat. It was a little joke, you know I got the people watchin' at home, I was trying to be kinda funny for 'em, with the joke."


"All right, so until next time, send me more question, SEND ME MORE QUESTION."

Warm Ones

"But now in foreign lands, they've been known to drink not so cold ones, room temperature ones, and even warm ones. But where I come from, it's cuh-hold ones."

Wrestling Mask

"Do you take off your wrestling mask and boxing gloves before you go to bed? Sincerely, Abdey DeLaruse, San Diego CA. Well that's a stupid question Abdey. Do you take off your face and hands before you go to bed? And if so, are you some kinda robot? And if so , what kinda powers do you have? Do you use them for goo...

Wrap-up 1

"Okay, until next time, keep sending me your questions and I will make fun of you, I mean answer them."

Wrap-up 10

"Okay, so until next time, nobody no best then me."

Web Savvy

"So as you can see, they're all really nice, and hot, and very web savvy. So you don't have chance with me sugar bob, you might as well stick with Daniel over here. I can't see you doin' any better."

Wrap-up 11

"All right, so until next week, send me some good ones, you know, good ones."

Wrap-up 3

"Okay, so until next week, send me some emails and I will more than likely flip you off."

Wrap-up 14

"No you can answer emails like a true Strong Bad."

World War II Montage Radio News Clips

Women are Like the Police

"Women are like the police. They can have all the evidence in the world, but they want the confession."

Willy Wonka vs. Strange Brew

"Hold on everybody here it comes…"

Washington, Full

"Washington, Washington, Six foot eight, weighs a fucking ton. Opponents Beware, Opponents Beware, He's coming, He's coming, He's coming. Let me lay it on the line, he had two on the vine. I mean, two sets of testicles, so devine. On a horse made of crystal He patrolled the land. With a mason ring and schnauzer And ...

Washington, Washington, Six foot eight

"Washington, Washington, Six foot eight, weighs a fucking ton. Opponents Beware, Opponents Beware, He's coming, He's coming, He's coming."

Well he also had four dicks!

"Did I mention he has four nuts? Well he also had four dicks! If you took off his boots, you could see the dicks growing off his feet. I heard... that motherfucker had like, thirty god damn dicks. He once held an opponent's wife's hand, in a jar of acid, at a party."

What's Up San Francisco

"What's up San Francisco? I like your city. It's beautiful, tolerant place. I didn't seen much. My friend call me and was like Dave having fun in Frisco? Seeing the sights? No. Wanna go see Alcatraz? What kind of nigga in his right mind wants to visit a prison for recreation? I got friends in jail I don't visit. I d...

White People Looking at DC from Virginia

"Remember when crack was going on? White people were looking at DC from Virginia with binoculars and shit. Well that looks dangerous. Not yet."

Waste of Weed

"A black man would never dream of talking to the police, high. That's a waste of weed."

White People and Voting

"Dave come on with the voting. I'm trying to talk to you about fucking my wife and you're asking me all these personal questions."

Wake Up Call

"Call down for a wake up call. The guy answers 'He's like, yo what's Up?' What's up G? Not really a formal greeting. Yeah I'm looking for a wake up call around 9:30. Well, we don't have a wake up call per se. We have a bus that comes by around 6 you'll hear. I'm looking for more of the 9:30ish area. And he goes ok s...

Wanted to Whistle

"I drank some boiling water because I wanted to whistle."

What's Up There, Fruitcake?

"What's up their, fruitcake?"

Was just stupid

"Now I hear Mr. Glantor[sic] he says oh Mr. Simpson was just stupid. He didn't really mean to do anything wrong. That is not really evidenced by what transpired here."

We hugged

"We've talked about it, Beardsley and I the next day, and, uh, Bruce and I hugged, have talked about it. His kids called me the next day. We've apologized to each other."

Wedding ring

"I wanted my daughter, who, Miss Brown gave her mother's wedding ring. Stolen."

We had to respect it

"The judge asked us to respect the verdict in the criminal case. We had to do that. We disagree with it but we had to respect it."

We have satisfaction

"What we have is satisfaction that this monster is where he belongs, behind bars."

What are you thinking about

Chris: "Go on, make a move, make a move!" Jamie: "What's on your mind?" Chris: "Bush. President Bush. The first family really."

When I was a whale

Chris: "Excuse me, um. This, this, this isn't gonna work for me." Rhonda: "But this is what you always order." Chris: "Yeah, 10 years ago when I was a whale."

What the hell happened to her

Chris: "What?" Mike: "Little problem… OK, she's got a bit of a headache, it's not that bad. Ha!" Chris: "Oh my god! What happened to her?"

Weeping blood

Le Chiffre: "You changed your shirt, Mr. Bond. I hope our little game isn't causing you to perspire." Bond: "A little. But I won't consider myself to be in trouble until I start weeping blood."

Waking you

Vesper: "I can't resist waking you. Every time I do you look at me as if you hadn't seen me in years. Makes me feel reborn." Bond: "If you had just been born wouldn't you be naked?"

Wild Cougar

Western Burrowing Owl

Water drop


Wind 1

Wind 2

Wood breaking

Woo Woo Nyuk Nyuk

"(conk) Woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo, nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk. (bonk) Ooh!"

who cares

Whittling Jug Bowing IHOP Monkeys

You're telling me that you don't have the confidence to face a bunch of whittling, jug bowing, IHOP monkeys?

Won't happen overnight

"But while I know rebuilding our economy won't be easy and it won't be -- happen overnight."

Whisper in my ear that you want some more

Whisper in my ear that you want some more and I jizz in my pants.

Work for me

"Well my friends, Abraham Lincoln over here was wondering if you would like to come and work for me."

Wont be joining us

"I wanted this to be professional, efficient, adroit, cooperative not a lot to ask. Alas, your Mr. Takagi didn't see it that way so he won't be joining us for the rest of his life."

What Christmas is all about

"Isn't there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?"

Wooden Christmas trees

"Gee, do they still make wooden Christmas trees?"

What a tree!

Charlie Brown: "Rats!" Lucy Van Pelt: "You've been dumb before, Charlie Brown, but this time, you really did it." Lucy Van Pelt: "What a tree!"

What kind of Christmas music is that

Schroeder: "This is the music I've selected for the Christmas play." Lucy Van Pelt: "What kind of Christmas music is that?" Schroeder: "Beethoven Christmas music." Lucy Van Pelt: "What has Beethoven got to do with Christmas? Everyone talks about how "great" Beethoven was. Beethoven wasn't so great."

Whip Button

When the GE saleswomen came to visit

Who goes there?

Charlie-In-The-Box: "Halt! Who goes there?" Yukon: "Us of course. Who did you think?" Charlie-In-The-Box: "Oh well then that's okay."

We're all misfits

"We're all misfits!"

Without a recession

"And when you have the economy 70% consumption you can't address those imbalances without a recession."

Why am I such a misfit

"Why am I such a misfit? I am not just a nitwit. You can't fire me, I quit. Seems I don't fit in."

Without your father

"And I'm very worried. Christmas Eve is only two days off. And without your father I'll never be able to get my sleigh off the ground."

Went down in history

"Well folks, as for the rest of the story, he went down in history."

Water sucks, it really, really sucks

Coach Klein: "Gatorade." Bobby: "H2O!" Coach Klein: "Gatorade." Bobby: "H2O!" Coach Klein: "(Singing) Water sucks, it really, really sucks! Water sucks, it really, really sucks!"

Win or lose, this war ends tonight

"Win or lose, this war ends tonight."

Wool hat put on

Wet fart

Wood burning in fireplace

Wood burning in fireplace wet hissing

Wood burning in fireplace distant

Wood burning stove, cast iron door close

Wood burning stove, double cast iron door open squeaks

Wood burning stove, flue open

Wood burning stove, door open fire burning close

Wail siren on fire truck

Water running

Wooden door opening

Window shattering

White noise

Wind up

Whipped cream spray

Water drops

Watch tick

Washing machine

Washing hands

Wooden drawer

Wooden light anywhere match

We Will Rock You Claps

Woman having sex

Walking in water

Woman shrieking

Walking on sand

Woman's shriek

Western Toad

War Command

Whistle blow

Whistle 1



Wood Plank

Wood Sound

Wheel Spinning Sound

What is Silverio going to end up with here? I would guess 35 - yes, 35 cents.

Wheel Spinning Loser Horn

70 cents and to it we are going to add, oh, this is not going to work

What is the First Item Up for Bid

Let's find out - what is the first item up for bid?

Would Like to Have Your Bid

Edwin, I'd like to have your bid on those clocks!



Whip Cracking


White girlsssss

Whoop Whoop Pull Up

Who's Your Daddy

"Who's your daddy?"

Woman Orgasm

"Oh. Ah. Ohhh. Ahh."

Whoop Ass

"I'm gonna have to open a can of whoop ass on you now."

Worst magician

"Now Professor Hinkle was just about the worst magician in the world."

Waived good bye

"Frosty the Snowman had hurried on his way but he waived good bye saying don't cry I'll be back again someday."

We know you came to life

Boy 1: "Oh Frosty we don’t care what grown ups say. We know you did come to life." Girl 1: "We know Frosty, we just know."


Logan: "I want new ones." Man: "And what do you want them to say?" Logan: "Wolverine."

Welcome Christmas

"Welcome, Christmas, bring your cheer. Cheer to all Whos far and near. Christmas Day is in our grasp so long as we have hands to clasp."

Was I chewing gum?

Woman: "Excuse me can I…" Carl Allen: "Absolutely! Was I chewing gum before?"

We are Sparta!

Norman: "Carl Allen has reported for duty." Carl Allen: "I'm not a soldier Norman."I'm having a little get together at my place. We are Sparta!"

Where are you

"Scooby Do! Where ARE YOU?"

Weren't you listening

"Weren't you listening?"

What are you staring at?

"What the hell are you staring at?"

Whooo Whoo

"Whooo Whooo Whoo Whoo."

World of tuna

"The world of tuna is under represented on the internet."

What a crock

"Peace on earth - what a crock!"



What's wrong with this remote

"What's wrong with this remote..."

Who knows the evil that lurks

"Who knows the evil that lurks in the heart of man, the shadow knows."


"And now, we must wait."



Woody laughing

"Woody Woodpecker laughing"

Warn us when you think

"Warn us next time you're planning on thinking."

We’d love to hear your case

"What Duckman is trying to say... is that we'd love to hear about your case."

Whats your fav color

Wouldn't work with them

"We wouldn't work with them if they were the kind of people that would deliberately do something like that."

What are you?

"What are you?"

Where echoes dance

Diane: "Very well, I've arrived at my objective opinion. This is one of the most amateurish, hackneyed, odious pieces of effluvium ever to wash down the pipe. Listen to this dribble. I fly through a puckish arena where echoes dance, where echoes dance, where echoes dance. Sounds familiar." Norm: "Well, you said it ...

Won a million

"You just won a million dollars!"


"We're going to buddies, we're going to wrestle around"


"No! AANNKKK! Wrong!"

Wanna watch

Butthead: "We wanna watch" Beavis: "Ya, come on."