Wearing me

Mick: "The killer was wearing your shirt." Anton: "The killer was wearing me."

We're back

Leo: "We're back! Hey, listen, you think I could get a gun this time?" Riggs & Murtaugh: "NO!"


Murtaugh: "Word, Riggs!" Riggs: "Word Rog." Murtaugh: "What are we talking about? Riggs: "Word, four letters, starts with w, OR in the middle, D on the end. Word." Murtaugh: "Oh, that word."

Wife's cooking

Murtaugh: "Ahhh, that's pretty fucking thin." Riggs: "That's very thin!" Murtaugh: "What the hell. Thin's my middle name." Riggs: "Yeah, your wife's cooking, I'm not surprised!"


"You do more work than you got to, so it's my obligation to do less."

Was let go

"But Micah Grimes, the head coach of the Covenant school in Dallas was let go after his girls team beat Dallas Academy 100-0."

Walk away from this episode

"The coach says he'll walk away from this episode."

Won't matter at all

"So keep him safe Jill. Because if you don't, everything we are about to do won't matter at all."

What you need is irrelevant

Ms. Hawking: "Cause you only have 70 hours." Ben: "What? No, no that's not enough time. I need at least..." Ms. Hawking: "What you need is irrelevant, 70 hours is what you got."

What were you thinking

"What the hell were you thinking? You were driving like a maniac. And why did you pull over."

Wake up

"Wake up Sayid! Sayid! Sayid wake up!"

Wait right here

"Wait right here."

Were you on it

Hurley: "Have you seen the news?" Hurley's Dad: "No, I just got up. Why were you on it again?" Hurley: "Yeah, kind of."

We're in danger

Hurley: "I'm in danger, we both are." Hurley's Dad: "Danger from who?" Hurley: "I'm not sure exactly."

We can't go public

Hurley's Dad: "I think we should call a lawyer right now." Hurley: "No, no we can't go public."

We shouldn't have lied

"A lot of people died, Ma. Now this bad stuff is happening because, well, we shouldn't have lied."

Warned me about you

Ben: "I have a car waiting for us out back. The police didn't see me come in I can get you out." Hurley: "No way dude. Sayid warned me about you."

We have to do this

Sayid: "I don' know Jack. It could be a risk." Jack: "It's the only way. We have to do this."

Welcome back Dr. Wizard

"Welcome back Dr. Wizard."

What are you doing on our island

"What are you doing on our Island?"

What kind of a person do you think I am

Sun: "Wouldn't you do anything you have to in order to keep Aeron?" Kate: "What kind of a person do you think I am."

Where's Hurley

Sayid: "Where's Hurley?" Jack: "He's at his parents house." Sayid: "Who's with him?" Jack: "I don't know. His mother maybe."

We have to lie

"Sorry Harley but we have to lie."

Who cares about fire

"Who cares about fire. Any minute the sky could light up and who the hell knows will happen this time."

We say NI

"We are the knights who say 'ni!'."

We say Ni again

"We shall play Ni again to you if you do not appease us."

What do you do with witches?

"What do you do with witches?" Crowd: "Burn them, Burn them!" ?:"And what do you burn apart from witches?" Crowd: "More Witches" ?: "Why do witches burn?" Crowd: "Because they are made of wood?" ?: "Good"

What do we care?

"Eh, what do we care?"

What's going on

"What's going on here?"

What are you lookin at?

"What are you lookin' at?"

What did you have in mind

"What did you have in mind?"

What is this?

"Wait a minute, we're stopping! What is this?"

We can make things happen

"We can make things happen, I mean this is it, this is real"


Character: "You girls watch out for those weirdos." Nancy: "We are the weirdos mister."

Wanting you

"I've wanted you from the moment we met."

What do you propose

"What do you propose to do?"

What's going on



J.W.: Goddamn! Little Brown Waterhog!" J.W.'s wife: "What the matter, J.W. hon?" J.W. "You just try that in my bayou, boy! I'd haul your ass!"

Whistle Dixie

"Are you gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?"

Weak link

Character 1: "When I pass into the next world then you will be the morning and evening sun." Character 2: "One damaged temple does not destroy centuries of tradition." Character 1: "But one weak link can break the chain of a mighty dynasty."

We need a miracle

"We need a miracle, it's very important."

Why'd you lie

"You've got to get away from me." Dr. Russell: "I'm not going anywhere until you tell me why you lied to me."

What you want

"Don't let anyone, ever make you feel like you don't deserve what you want."


"What, what, what, what, what, what, what?"


"I'm a wheelwatcher, I'm a wheelwatcher woo. I want it baby. Oh yea yea, come on!"

Wasn't Paying Attention

"Yea, I called her up. She gave me a bunch of crap about me not listening to her enough or something. I don't know I wasn't really paying attention."

Want More

"I want some more."


"Whatever, whatever!"


"What you have done is wrong."


"Warning! Warning!"

Water on my knee

"I will put my foot so far up your ass the water on my knee will quench your thirst."

Way too soon

"Way too soon."

Were better

"I don't give a fuck if Tennessee and Pittsburgh were better. We were the best team in the NFL!"

We were the best team x2

"We were the best team in the NFL. We were the best team in the NFL."

We deserved it

"You know what, I wanted to go to the Super Bowl trophy and we're not going to get it this year even though we deserved it'll.

What is wrong with you

"What the fuck is wrong with you?"

White House performance, Haskiveinu, by Cantor Alberto Mizrahi, Zamir Chorale, and Alan Mason

White House Performance

What's up NYC

What's up NYC

Wear proper attire

"Tip number 2, wear proper attire."

Wearing sweat pants

Seth: "What was that?" Plaxico: "Nothing." Seth: "Are you wearing sweatpants?" Plaxico: "I am."

Wear jeans

"Now if you plan to carry a gun in your waist band you must wear a minimum of jeans. Otherwise the gun could get lose and you could get shot."

We've got a great show

"We've got a great show."

What is he saying

John: What is he saying." Vinnie: "He just say that he loved you in Con Air." John: "Oh thank you."

Well Thelma

"Well Thelma."

What do you think

Randy: "What do you think, what do you think about this?" Man: "That will work."

We can be Lycans! (long)

"We are not animals! Is this what you want?! We can be slaves or we can be Lycans!"

We are not animals

"We are not animals!"

We can be Lycans! (short)

"We can be slaves or we can be Lycans!"

Who Wants to be a Millionaire

"Welcome to Who Wants to be a Millionaire."


"I never should have followed you wackos in the first place."

White Goodman

"White Goodman."

White Goodman laughs

"Ha ha."

Woo hoo

"Woo hoo."

What' I'm saying to you

"That's what I'm saying to you."

We should mate

"We should mate."

What I love about you

"That is what I love about you. You got a personality."

Wipe it up with your face

"You don't go crying to your daddy after I wipe it up with your face."

Whatever you think brother

"Okay, whatever you think brother."





What are you chicken?

"What are you chicken."

What gives you the right

"What gives you the right to be part of this."

Wants you to appear

"Sylvester Stallone wants you to appear in his next Rocky movie."

What do you think?

"What do you think?"

What the hell is wrong with you

"What the hell is wrong with you."

Work out with you

"I'm going to be there tomorrow and I'm going to work out with you."

Want to be a wrestler

"So, you want to be a wrestler."

Where's my percentage

"You sold all those shirts, where's my percentage."

What I Am

"This is who I am, this place, this is where I belong. She came back because she found out she belonged here too. She chose for herself...God I loved her for that."

Where doesn't it hurt?

Indy: Ouch! Marion: "Well goddamnit Indy, Where doesn't it hurt?" Indy: "Here!" (she kisses him there) Indy: "And here." (she kisses him there)

Why did it have to be snakes?

"Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?"

When you're ready, you wont have to

Neo: "What are you trying to tell me, that I can dodge bullets?" Morpheus: "No, Neo. I'm trying to tell you that when you're ready, you won't have to."

What is real?

"What is real? How do you define real? If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see...then real is simply: electrical signals interpreted by your brain."

Weakness is not your technique

"Good! Adaptation, improvisation, but your weakness is not your technique."

We Have arrived

"Tell your master we have arrived!"

Where a Man Can Think

Clark: "I need to go someplace where a man can think." Cousin Eddie: "Oh, I-I wouldn't do that here, Clark. The stalls are awfully dirty and they're backed up all the time."

Welcome to Agrabar

"Welcome to Agrabar, city of mystery of enchantment and the finest merchandise this side of the river on sale today! Come on down."

Wha Hah hah

"Wha Hah hah hah hah hah."



Doyle: "Welcome to Bio-Dome." Bud: "Welcome to the future." Doyle: "Welcome to the place I'm going to drain my lizard."

William Bedform

Head Briefing Guard: "That's William Bedform AKA Billy Bedlam." Vince: "The mass murderer?" Head Briefing Guard: "The same. He caught his wife in bed with another man. Left her alone. Drove four towns over to his wife's family's house. Killed her parents, her brothers, her sisters, even her dog."

Welcome to Con-Air

"Ladies & Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. I have the only gun on board. Welcome to Con-Air."

Whack him

"At last! I get to WHACK him!"

Witch's titty

"Colder than a witch's titty out there, isn't it?"

Wanna clock me

"Fine, you wanna clock me? You think you can take me? C'mon!"

We got a hacker

"We got one person on-line, and the workload is enough for like, then users. I think we got a hacker."

Weed college

"What, did you go to weed college?"

Where you hide your fire-arm

Lilly: "What are you looking at?" Frank: "I was just wondering where you hide your fire-arm. Don't tell me, let me guess."

Wear a prophylactic

"Let that be a lesson to ya lad, always wear a prophylactic!"

Wait until they see

"Well it turns out that the Genesis was just named 2009 North American car of the year. Wait until they see what we have for them this year."

Wall Street fat cats

"You know what I can't even tell you how I feel about all these Wall Street fat cats. I want to punch the economy in the face…because the language I would have to use would be very inappropriate."

Wish you were somewhere else

"If you hate going to work and your coworkers don't respect you and you always wish you were somewhere else, it may be time."

We need monsters

"We need a Hail Mary pass. We need, monsters."

What the flag nod!

"What the Flag Nod."

Wearing him down

"Don't worry, I won't let go! I'm wearing him down."


when i grow up

We've created Hulu

"We've created Hulu. Hulu beams TV directly to your portable computing devices giving you more of the cerebral, gelatinizing shows you want anytime, anywhere for free."

We're aliens

"Oops I think I'm drooling a little. Because we're aliens and that's how we roll."

What is dedication

"What is dedication?"

Why are you speaking that way

Woman: "We can afford that, but why are you speaking that way?" Man: "I guess I'm just speaking the language of the deal."

Watching sitting down

"Shows like Earl, Cath and Kim, The Office and 30 Rock, lets just say they should be watched sitting down."

What happened to your butt?

"What happened to your butt."

Where is their signature

"Whenever you buy a new car you have to sign a contract. But what about the company selling it to you? Where is their signature?"

Work hard enough

"I decided if I work hard enough one day it'll happen."

Wait till I tell your daddy

Boss: "You're never going to work your way up here." Usama: "I don't want to be up here. I want to be down there." Boss: "Where?" Usama: "On the field." Boss: "Wait till I tell your daddy."

Way over your head

Man: "You are in way over your head." Jack: "I figured that part out on my own."

Who is he?

Jack: "Who is he?" Sara: "He's a bounty hunter."

Won't break a sweat

"This truck has got a 6 speed aluminum trani and a big ole dedicated fluid cooler. So when it's cooking on the outside this truck won't break a sweat."

We have one

"This is Red Dwarf, we actually have one. Carpe Diem."

We have a situation

"Mr. President, we have a situation."

Watch the road

"Oh don't give me that look. Watch the road."

We have to focus

Man 1: "Does my pen have writability?" Man 2: "Come people we have to focus."



Wind energy

"Capturing the wind and putting it to good use. Wind energy, GE, some of the cleanest, renewable energy on earth."

What they're saying

Holly: "Do you realize what they're saying?" Dr. Rick Marshall: "Yes!"



Who gives a shit?

"Who gives a shit? GET A FUCKING LIFE!!"

What's your dirt doing in his ditch?

Boss Paul: "That ditch is Boss Kean's ditch and I told him that dirt in it is your dirt. What's your dirt doing in his ditch?" Luke: "I don't know boss." Boss Paul: "You better get in there and get it out boy."

What we got here is failure to communicate

"What we got here is failure to communicate. Some man you just can't reach. So you get what we had here last week. Which is the way he wants it. Well he gets it and I don't like it any more than you man."

What is your major malfunction numnuts?

"What is your major malfunction numnuts?"

we can do more damage that way

Raymond Stantz:"I think we better split up." Egon Spengler:"Good idea." Peter Venkman: "Yeah, we can do more damage that way."

Wait a minute!

"Wait a minute! Wait a minute!"

What is a yewt?

Judge Hellar: "Did you say yewts?" Vinny: "Yeah, two yewts." Judge Hellar: "What is a yewt?" Vinny: "Oh excuse me your honor, two y o u t h s."

Was nothing real?

Truman: "Who are you?" Christof: "I am the creator, of a television show that gives hope and joy, and inspiration to millions." Truman:"Then who am I?" Christof: "Your the star." Truman: "Was nothing real?" Christof: "You, were real. That's what made you so good to watch. Listen to me, Truman. There's no more truth ...

Whatever you say, I'm game

Truman: "We gotta get outta here. You ready to go?"Marlon: "No, I just can't--." Truman:"Come on, come on, come on." Marlon: "I told you I can't." Truman: {Moans} Marlon: "Your gonna get both of our asses fired, you know that." Truman: "Ha, ha, ha. Ok, then. Let's do it." Marlon: "What?" Truman: "Whatever you say, I...

we were right together

"I've been your best friend since we were seven years old, Truman. The only way we ever made it through school, was by cheating off each other's test papers. They were identical. But I always felt safe, knowing that. Cause what ever the answer was, we wrong together, and we were right together."

we outta throw out that mower

Meryl: "What are you doing down here?" Truman: "Fixin' the mower. I saw my father today." Meryl: "I know, your mother called. You really shouldn't upset her like that." Truman:"Did you want-- what did you want?" Meryl: "I made macaroni." Truman: "I'm not hungry." Meryl: "Ya know, we outta throw out that mower, get o...

We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented

Mike: "Christof, let me ask you something. Why do you think Truman has never come close to discovering the true nature of his world, until now?" Christof: "We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented. It's as simple as that."

Wicked Witch *cackle*

"Ha ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha."

Wicked Witch's Soldier March

"Oh e ah."

Wrapped Up Like a Little Baby

Magda: "Oh my god! He's got him wrapped up like a little baby."Pat:"He was a little chilly."

Whitehead on your eyeball

"You ever had a whitehead on your eyeball Mary?"

What is Brett Favre doing here?

Pat:"What the hell is Brett Favre doing here?"Brett Favre: "I'm in town to play the dolphins you dumbass."

When I was 16

"When I was 16 years old, I fell in love."

we got a bleeder!

Policeman:"It's just like pulling off a band-aid. A one, and a two, and a "Paramedic:"We got a bleeder!"

We're all in love with Mary

"Umm look, we're all in love with Mary."

What kind of dog is Puffy?

"Ummm .. Mary .. What kind of dog is Puffy?"

Where's Puffy?

Mary: "Magda, Magda, Hunny, Where's Puffy?"Magda: "Oh, he was being a pest so I put him in the bathroom."

we're not friends anymore?

"Does this mean we're not friends anymore?"

Why Ed Bailey, we cross?

"Why Ed Bailey, we cross?"

Why don't you fuck your whole movie

David: Figure it out yourself! Lily: Well I have figured it out. David: Yeah? Fuck yourself! Lily: Good, why don't you fuck your whole movie. Why don't you fuck your whole movie cause that's what you're doing.

What did you say your unit was called

What did you say your unit was called? I didn't.

When all else fails, we don't

Technically we don't exist. We answer to no one. And when all else fails, we don't.



watch?v=yLkziCvC -c

watch?v= 6SMIRHwaFg

Won't hear me say repeat or defending

"You won't hear me say words like repeat or defending because it will be brand new."

What you dream about

"Really awesome, it's what you dream about not only as a coach but just as a citizen."

We'll all remember

"It was something that I think we'll all remember and back and forth game with some great team performances and great individual performances just as the whole season was."

Why am I drippings with goo

Egon: You alright? Janusz Poha: Why am I drippings with goo?

Water was just rising

"A passenger had come back and pushed back me and opened the door just enough that the water came flooding in and I went back twice and tried to reclose it but it would only go so far and wouldn’t stop and water was just rising."

Weight of the universe

"I felt like the weight of the universe had been lifted off my heart."

Woman Calls Cops on Burger King

9-1-1: "Crash department how can I help you?" Lady: "Yeah, i'm over here at burger king right here in s---, no not s--- i live in San Clemente, I'm in ---. I'm at a drive thru right now, I ordered my food three times, they're mopping the floor inside and I understand they're busy, no they're not even busy, ok I'm t...

Weight of the world

"When I arrived in Texas in 2001 I felt an enormous amount of pressure. I felt I had all the weight of the world on top of me and I needed to perform and perform at a high level every day."

Who really gave that bell a smack?

Ali: Who knocked the crack in the Liberty Bell? Chorus: Ali! Ali: Who really gave that bell a smack? Chorus: Ali! Ali: Who punched it so hard that the bell did crack, hit it so hard with an awful wack. Chorus: Ali! Muhammad Ali!

We are trained professionals!

"Do not panic! Do not panic! We are trained professionals!"

We're the lords of the earth!

"In case you haven't noticed we ants are running the show. We're the lords of the earth!"

We made it Zee!

Princess Bala: "We made it Z!" Z: "You da ant!"

Why you gotta be such a raging bitch?

"Damn woman! Why you gotta be such a raging bitch?"

We're destroying an innocent girl.

"I mean, we've done some pretty fucked up shit in our time, but this is…we're destroying an innocent girl. You do realize that?"

When I feel the temptation of peer pressure, I turn to God and he helps me through the problem.

"When I feel the temptation of peer pressure, I turn to God and he helps me through the problem."

Were you this weird when we went out?

Denise Fleming: "Were you this weird when we went out?" Preston Myers: "Were you this bitchy when we went out?"

Will you marry me?

Martin Q. Blank: "I want you to think about this, and you don't have to answer now…will you marry me?" Bert Newberry: "You've got my blessing."

Why would anyone steal a groundhog?

Rita: "Why would anyone steal a groundhog?" Larry: "I can probably think of a couple reasons…pervert."

Well, what if there is no tomorrow?

"Well, what if there is no tomorrow?"

What the beep?

"What the (series of beeps)"

Why didn't you just go home?

"Son of a bitch ball! Why didn't you just go home? That's your home! Are you too good for your home? Answer me! Suck my white ass, ball!"

Who's the man, huh?

"Who's the man, huh? Who's the man?"

Welcome to Earth

"Welcome to Earth."

Well, boo-fucking-hoo.

"Well, boo-fucking-hoo."

We bottom feeders prefer cereal first.

"Oh, no, thanks. We bottom feeders prefer cereal first."

When you think about what you did back there don't…don't panic.

"When you think about what you did back there don't…don't panic."

What do you mean the game thinks?

"What do you mean the game thinks?"

Woman inherits the earth.

Ian: "God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs." Ellie Sattler: "Dinosaurs eat man…woman inherits the earth."

We don't have a cow. We have a bull!"

Roy Munson: "Hi, I hope you don’t mind. I got up a little early so I took the liberty of milking your cow for you. Took a little while to get her warmed up. She sure is a stubborn one." Mr. Boorg: "We don't have a cow. We have a bull!" Munson: "I'll brush my teeth!"

We're 'them,' we're 'they,' we are the 'Men in Black.'

"We're 'them,' we're 'they,' we are the 'Men in Black.'"

We work for a highly funded, yet unofficial government agency.

"We work for a highly funded, yet unofficial government agency."

We taught them to do it for christsakes!

"These guys are trained to be ghosts. We taught them to do it, for christsakes!"