When do you get off?

Eema: "I need to go be a slave now." Oh: "We should do something. When do you get off?" Eema: "Never." Oh: "Oh yeah, of course. I'm going to strike a pose."

What is going on

"What is going on?!"

We lost Doug

Tracy: "Hello." Phil: "Tracy, it's Phil." Tracy: "Phil where the hell are you guys?" Phil: "We lost Doug." Tracy: "What?! We're getting married in five hours." Phil: "Yeah, that's not going to happen."

Whose baby is that

Phil Wenneck: "Whose baby is that?" Alan Garner: "Check it's collar or something."

Web Cam Home Invasion 911 Call

Woman: Yes hi, my name is Jeanne Thomas. I’m watching my home on live moniter, there’s a black man in my house and he’s robbing it. Operator: Where are you calling rfrom? Woman: I’m calling from my office and I have a live video monitor. Operator: What city are you calling from ma’am. Woman: I’m in Ft. Lauderdale a...

Weather Report Ad 1

"All across America it's a clear beautiful day with temperatures in the 70s and not a drop of rain forecasted. However it seems African Americans can expect a chance of rain and a chance of hail, a chance of multiple class 5 tornadoes. And if that's not enough watch out, a chance of a freak meteor shower this aftern...

Weather Report Ad 2

"And now for the weather. Today's weather brought to you by the American stroke Association. All across America it's a clear beautiful day with temperatures in the 70s and not a drop of rain forecasted. However it seems African Americans can expect a chance of rain and a chance of hail, a chance of multiple class 5 ...

Worst American Chopper Fight

Paul Teutul: You need to be out on the shop working on a bike. Fucking imagine that. I go in here and you’re fucking laying on the couch in Jason’s office okay. Only time… Paul Teutul Jr.: I don’t really give a shit. Paul Teutul: No I fucking give a shit! Paul Teutul Jr: At the end of the day you know what matters? ...

Water into food

"Conversion of water into food."

We Didn’t Start The Flame War

first post fucking gay second post go away stupid picture simpsons did it south park did it too ROFL copter really stupid I dunno, I kinda like it I hate Mindy I hate Cindy I hate fags and jews Who’s the girl in that pic I want her to show her tits So gross, no wonder why girls don’t come to this site! This pictur...

Where's My Burrito

Why wouldn't you warn me, I was staring at your mouth

"You're saying, Apollo, Apollo, Apollo. Oh my God you puked! Why wouldn't you warn me - I was staring at your mouth!"

When do I get some tang

"Computer, when do I get some tang! Also, I'm thirsty, ha ha ha, wordplay."

What is this horseville

"What is this? Horseville? Cause I am surrounded by nay sayers -word play."

Wanna Soda

Wake a sleep walker

Jack: Becareful Lemon, you wake a sleep walker you risk getting urinated on. Liz: Or thanked, on.

When I get upset my accent come out

What if he doesn't come back. Oh no, when I get upset my accent come out, and when it gets to comin out I can't get to talking no oh.

We got BFF bracelets

Jack: Tracy and I have become quite close. Look, we got BFF bracelets. Liz: You guys are best friends forever? Jack: That's not what that stands for. Liz: Why would you celebrate that?

We'll eat you up

But the wild things cried, “Oh please don’t go- We’ll eat you up-we love you so!”

Wore his wolf suit

"The night Max wore his wolf suit and made mischief of one kind and another. He’s got a fork in his hand like he’s going to eat the dog. His mother called him “Wild Thing!” And Max said “I’ll eat you up!” So he was sent to bed without eating anything."

Without blinking

"Till Max said “be still!” and tamed them with the magic trick of staring into all their yellow eyes without blinking once. Can everybody do that? Try staring without blinking. That’s a good one not blinking once."

Wear the turban

"Wear the turban! Wear the turban!"

Wii Christmastime

The hunt is on The panic's here You can't find Wiis This time of year Simply can't find a Wii around Christmastime Simply can't find a Wii around Christmastime The moon is bright We're camping out Get one tonight Or they'll sell out Simply can't find a Wii around Christmastime Simply can't find a Wii around Christm...

Well that sucks

"Well that sucks."

What am I doin?


We are just an advanced breed of monkeys

“We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special.”


What's Twilight

Photog: "As vampires do you guys think you're cuter than the Twilight kids? Come on you guys are a cute couple especially for vampires. You guys got anything on Twilight honestly?" Stephen: "What's Twilight?" Photog: "Fabulous answer my man."

Woman Dials 911 Over Missing Extra Shrimp

Woman: I asked him, can you give me extra shrimp, or can you give me my money back? And he started hollering. So I just tell him, I’m gonna call the police. I always get the shrimp fried rice, so I said I’m gonna get extra meat this time. But he didn’t even put the exra shimp in there. I’m just saying to get a polic...

we wont die 0002

What Can Men Do Against Reckless Hate

What can men do against such reckless hate?

Warp 11 Vulcans in Hell promo

Hi I’m captain Carl Miller lead singer and bass player for Intergalactic Sci-fi super bad Warp 11. And I’m proud to be here today to announce our new album I Don't Want to Go to Heaven as Long as They have Vulcans in Hell. I Don't Want to Go to Heaven as Long as They have Vulcans in Hell is the 5th album by Warp 11 ...

Wall E Message


Walt Walt Walt



"No lower...lower.."

Weather Blues-The Natl Anthem

" No lower... Lower...Lower..."

We Shouldve Been Friends

"Just one phrase I never will forget.."

Will You Stay

"Will you stay until the moon fades into day"

WoW Intervention!

Man 1: Yeah buddy. Come on in. The party is in here. Rusty: There’s a party in here? Man 1: Yeah, come on in. Rusty: Hey guys, I wasn’t expecting to see you here. Man 2: Hello Rusty. Rusty: Who are you? Man 2: I’m going to be upfront with you, this isn’t a party. Rusty: Then what is this? Woman: It’s an interventio...

Would an Idiot Do that?

Why Do You Ride Hippos?

Woman: Women that look like men??? Out with it! Man: You are mentally disturbed. Woman: No. You like riding fucking single parents. Man: You are. Woman: Why? Why? Out with it. Man: Oh why would ya not do this about… Woman: Why? Why do you like riding hippos? Go on…why do you like ridin’ hippos? Man: Are ya gonna le...

Wyclef Jean on his guitar

"Yo whats up this is your boy Wyclef Jean back on Facebook in the studio. Just warming up right now with the guitar. Warming my guitars up before I start working, you know. This one is a…I think the guitar is warmed up baby. Wyclef Jean on Facebook, look out for the new album. I'm still working on it. It's called Wy...

Winnebago Man flips out

The Winnebago concept on engineering department has developed the multi functional bathroom, privacy I don’t know what the fuck I’m reading. I wonder what the fuck the real dialogue is. What the fuck is this thing? Under the windshield for fucks say. Oh fuck. What the fuck did I say? That didn’t’ sound for shit did ...

Where's the Beer?

Frank Booth: "Raymond where's the fucking beer, man?" Raymond: "It's right here, Frank. Do you want me to pour it Frank?" Frank Booth: "No I want you to fuck it. Shit, yes, pour the fuckin' beer!"

Where's My Bourbon?

Dorothy: "Hello baby." Frank: "Shut up. It's Daddy you shithead. Where's my bourbon?"

Why did we hire this other man

Dead Mike: "Why did we hire this other man instead of the brother man?" Trustus Jones: "Because the other man is much cheaper than the brother man."

Worried about rocking a mic?

"Now do you actually think that a brother who was rolling and controlling shit in Cell Block 4 is worried about rocking a mic? Nigga please."

Why don't we listen to some Lenny Kravitz?

"I don't understand this whole gangster rap attitude you're so fascinated with. Why don't we listen to some Lenny Kravitz?"

What's up Tashana?

"What's up Tashana? Tawana? Tameka? Talona and Titi?"

We're the bohemians

Albert: "Now first we were the Mad Bohemians." All: "We're the Bohemians and you gotta put us on."

Wacky D and Sunshine

Daliha: "Wacky D and Sunshine." Wacky D: "Because I'm the wackiest, there's no question. I can dance. Dance in my pants and in your face. I got sun and shine. Did I mention before that I can dance?" Singers: "Wacky D is in the house!"

Well, whoop-de-do for the O'Doyles

"Well, whoop-de-do for the O'Doyles."

Worth more than your car

Michael: "Yeah, very nice." Kevin: "'Very nice'? This thin is worth more than your car." Michael: "(He runs it over) Not anymore it ain't."

Wheat Grass

"Cora is back in town tomorrow and wants to meet us at her studio to work on the song. And, um, she wants to know if we like wheat grass."


Alex: "Are you worried?" Sophie: "I don't, you know, yeah." Alex :"Because if you're not worried, I'm not worried." Sophie: "No." Alex: "You've got your worried eyes." Sophie: "Well." Alex: "You look like a little worried doggie."

Who's Passionate?

Sophie: "How do you know who's passionate?" Rhonda: "Huh… you know, I think you, I think you just see it in their eyes, you feel it in their touch."

We're Always Working

Frank: "Now remember all the times you've said we never go anywhere and we're always working and we never have any fun?" Robin: "Well, yeah." Frank: "Well open your eyes and look where I'm taking you. Come on."

Where's Its Mommy?

Robin: "But this, this isn't the plane." Quinn: "What?" Robin: "The plane, where, where's its mommy?"

Was He Hitting On You?

Frank: "Was he hitting on you? From over there it looked like he was hitting on you." Robin: "Well maybe a little." Frank: "He was? You want me to do something about it?" Robin: "Well, like what?" Frank: "Hey I don't go to the gym everyday just to watch old guys shower."

Well Done Silicone

Robin: "Well done mai thais." Frank: "Well done silicone, oh my." Robin: "Hey."

Whose Life You Can Screw Up

Robin: "Well there's gotta be someone closer whose life you can screw up." Marjorie: "That's the ironic thing dear, there's not."

Why You're Not My Type

Robin: "Hey, want to know why you're not my type?" Quinn: "Nope."

Why The Fashion Statement

Robin: "Whoa, ya goin' on a date?" Quinn: "Do you like it?" Robin: "Why the fashion statement?" Quinn: "I'm going hunting."

We Shut It Down, We're Rescued

Quinn: "We find it, we shut it down, they come out and fix it, we're rescued." Robin: "It took them two years to fix the street light in front of my apartment."

We've Got Gold

Pirate: "That was a very stupid thing to do. Now I’m going to have to kill you. Say goodbye…" Robin: "We've got gold."

Wake Up At 6am

"I am be too drunk to wake up at 6am."

What The Hell's A Knot?

"Throttle to 65 knots. What the hell's a knot?"

Want To Complicate It

Quinn: "I've decided that my life is too simple." Robin: "It is?" Quinn: "Yeah, I wanna complicate the hell out of it."

Will You Marry Me?

Andrew: "Will you marry me?" Melanie: "Are you sure?"

What? Speak!

What? Speak! (Dog howls)

We Take That Pretty Seriously

He didn't hit you, did he? Cause if you tell me he took a swing at you I'll take him in right now. We take that stuff pretty seriously now days.

What Put You In Jail

So, what put you in jail this time?

Whatever Blows Your Dress Up

Whatever blows your dress up darling.

When She Was Crazy

I liked her better when she was crazy.

Weren't Aiming For You

We weren't aiming for you, but I doubt I would have gone to your funeral.

Woods are Metal

Molly: "But this is metal." Roy: "Well woods are metal. Don't worry about it."

What Do You Want

"What do you want man?"

Who She Thinks You Are

Romeo: "Besides how is getting in the Open going to change how she thinks about you?" Roy: "Well it will show her I'm not who she thinks I am." Romeyo: "But you are who she thinks you are man!"

We Were Being Chased

Thelma: "We were being chased." Felix: "By the police?" Holly: "Worse, our husbands."

When Goose Wants It

"Well, when the goose wants it, the geese come running."

We're Bumpless

"Okay, it's safe, we're bumpless. What do you got to say?"

Who's Going To Tell Her

Oscar: "That's wonderful Felix. Who's going to tell her you're the one?" Felix: "Me, I'm going to tell her."

When did you get boobs?

Michael: "That's you? Samantha? When did you get boobs?" Samantha: "The same time that you did, Dad."

Week Or Two In College

"Come on. Hold them until your kids are 18. Maybe it'll buy them a week or two in college."

We Could Kiss

"We could kiss."

What An Ugly Dog

"I'm working here, this is my office. Do I come to your office and ask for your autorgraph? I don't think so. What an ugly dog."

With Johnny G-String over here

"You cheating on me... with Johnny G-String over here?"

We could whistle at pretty girls

Ted: "You have to eat sometime. We could go, we could whistle at pretty girls." Ben Age 22-30: "I'm down for that." Ted: "See? He's down. I don't know what it means, but he's down."

Wanna throw your garbage?

"Now what do you think you're doing hmm? Want to throw your garbage? Throw it in the goddamn trash basket."

We got the funk, you gotta have that funk

"We got the funk, you gotta have that funk. Wooh. We got the funk. Yeah. Ha ha. Oh, Morty likes it, too."

We are the Pirates of the Caribbean

"We are the pirates. What? of the Caribbean. Word. Yes the pirates. What? Of the Caribbean. Huh."

We Have An Officer Down

"We have an officer down, get a wet nap people."

Won't Return Calls

Woman won't return my damn calls.

What's With The Black

First Executive: "And what's with the black? It's depressing." Second Executive: "Looks like you're going to a funeral." Johnny: "Maybe I am."

When I Was Arrested

When I was arrested I was dressed in black.

Will You Marry Me

Johnny: "Will you marry me?" June: "Why don't we just sing the song John."

Wring His Neck

Sometimes that man makes me so mad I could just wring his neck.

What do you want from me

Algren: "What do you want from me!" Katsumoto: "What do you want for yourself?"

With all due respect

Ambassador Swanbeck: "Perhaps there is someone else we should be speaking to." Omura: "With all due respect, Ambassador, perhaps there is someone else we should be speaking to, for instance the French. Or the English. Or any of the legations waiting in the next room..."

With his last breath

"He hoped with his last breath that you would remember the ancestors who held this sword and what they died for."

What Crowd?

"What crowd? We could all go home in one car."

When It Hurts

Oscar: "Tell me when it hurts." Felix: "It hurts." Oscar: "Alright I got a good idea. Don't tell me when it hurts because it's going to hurt anyways."

Went Very Quickly

Oscar: "I heard she went very quickly." Felix: "Moved out while I was asleep. Never even left a note."

Wanted Me To Time It

Felix: "How long was I asleep?" Oscar: "I don't know. I didn't know you wanted me to time it."

Where Is My Suitcase?

Felix: "Where in the hell is my God damn suitcase?!?" Oscar: "This is just a wild guess, but I'd say it was standing in front of the Budget rent-a-car office." Felix: "In Los Angeles?" Oscar: "That's a good guess too."

We are sheep

Ed: "My fault?" Mitch: "Yeah, cause you're a macho lunatic, Phil and I are sheep…" Phil: "We're not sheep." Mitch: "We are sheep, we do every stupid thing he asks."

Working the streets

Mitch's Mom: "So, what are you gonna do now birthday boy?" Mitch: "Well I thought I'd lay here another three and a half hours, and then go to work." Mitch's Mom: "Is Barbara with you?" Mitch: "No, she's working the streets and she likes to have breakfast with her pimp. She should be in around 7:30."

Worry about shit

"You city folk, you worry about a lot of shit."

Why you packin the gun?

Malone: "Why you packin he gun?" Ness: "I'm a treasury officer."

Who would claim to be that who was not

Malone: "You're a treasury officer." Ness: "Yeah how do you know that? I just told you I was." Malone: "Who would claim to be that who was not?"

When you're shift is over you go home alive

"Make sure when you're shift is over, you go home alive."

Wish I met you 10 years and 20 pounds ago

"Mr. Ness, I wish I met you 10 years and 20 pounds ago."

What's your real name?

Malone: "What's your real name?" Stone: "That is my real name." Malone: "No, what was it before you changed it?"

Why don't you just cross the street and let things take their course

"There is a large and popular business which you are causing dismay. Why don't you just cross the street and let things take their course."

We're gonna be rich

"Rich boys, rich, rich, we're gonna be rich. Look it's real, the hand points the way. The map is real!"

Why not a map

"You've already given him 7 million dollars, why not a map."

We can prosecute him for income tax invasion

"You know he's making over than 3 million dollars a year? But he's paid no taxes, nothing's in his name! If we can establish any payments to him at all we can prosecute him for income tax invasion."

Wallace are you cold?

Malone: "Wallace, are you cold?" Wallace: "Yes I am a little." Malone: "Then stamp your feet, it'll keep you warm. You learn something 20 years of walking the beat."

What are you prepared to do now?

Malone: "And what are you prepared to do now?" Ness: "What would you have me do?"

What's goin on over there?

Capone: "What is this? Is this the law? What's goin on over here? Your honor." Judge: "You're out of order." Capone: "What's goin on over there? I don't care what you think do something over here. What do I look like to you huh? Do somethin, do something."

Walked Into A Honkeytonk

I walked into a honkeytonk just the other day. I dropped a nickle in a jukebox just to hear it play.

World Of Judgment

I've got a world of judgment on me right now.

We endorse his petition

"The depression hit working people, like Mr. Chill, hardest of all. His crime was appalling, yes, but it was motivated not by greed but by desperation. Given the 14 years served, as well as his extraordinary level of cooperation with one of this office's most important investigations we strongly endorse his petition...

We'll buy her off

Falcone: "We'll buy her off." Dr. Crane: "Not this one." Falcone: "Idealist, huh? Well, there's an answer to that too." Dr. Crane: "I don't want to know." Falcone: "Yes, you do."

Welcome home

"You're the only one left of the Wayne family. This is where you belong. Welcome home."

Wayne Tower

"Wonderful project, your dad's train. Routed it right into Wayne Tower, along with the water and power utilities. Kind of made Wayne Tower the unofficial center of Gotham City. Of course, Earle let it go to rot."

Watch for my sign

"Watch for my sign."

Who are you?

Rachel: "Who are you?" Batman: "Someone like you. Someone who'll rattle the cages."

We should kill you

Dr. Crane: "Well, I already know what he'll say. That we should kill you." Falcone: "Even he can't get me in here. Not in my town."

What's scarecrow

Rachel: "What's scarecrow?" Dr.Crane: "Patients suffering delusional episodes often focus their paranoia on an external tormentor usually one conforming to Jungian archetypes. In this case, a scarecrow."

Who knows you are here

"Who knows you're here? Who knows?"

Well, we'll find out

Thug 1: "The things they say about him. Can he really fly?" Thug 2: "I heard he can disappear. Dr. Crane: "Well, we'll find out. Won't we?"

Who are you working for

Batman: "What have you been doing here? Who are you working for?" Dr. Crane: "Ra's... Ra's al Ghul." Batman: "Ra's al Ghul is dead. Who are you working for? Crane."

Without measure

Klytus: "Prince Thun, we prize nothing more highly. And how great is this loyalty?" Prince Thun: "Without measure."

Why do you attack us?

Dr. Zarkov: "We're only interested in friendship. Why do you attack us?" Emperor Ming: "Why not?"

Welcome back

"Welcome back from the grave."

With pleasure

Emperor Ming: "Get me Gordon and Barin." Klytus: "With pleasure."

Writing a book

Mitch: "Where were you?" Duke: "You writing a book?"

What I'd like to do to you

Mitch: "You thought that was funny?" Duke: "No, I was just thinking what I'd like to do to you." Mitch: "Oh."

Walk in on our parents

Mitch: "Did you ever walk in on our parents doing it." Glen: "No. Why, did you?" Mitch: "Yes." Glen: "Whoa, whoa! Really?" Mitch: "Worst thing I've ever seen." Glen: "That's a horrible thing for a little kid to see." Mitch: "This was three weeks ago in Florida." Glen: "Oh! Did you walk in to the bedroom?" Mitch: "It...

We're rich

"Can I just say one thing. We're rich!"

Walter Huston dance

"Stand back boys. It is time for the Walter Huston dance."

We weren't killed

"Well, we had a great adventure. We weren't killed, which is always a feature I like."

What do you fear

"And you are afraid. But not of me. Tell us, Mr. Wayne what do you fear?"

Watching the empire

"You're in excellent hands. We'll be watching the empire. When you grow up, it'll be waiting for you."

Wallets, jewelry

Chill: "Wallets, jewelry. Come on, fast." Thomas: "That's fine." Chill: "Fast." Thomas: "Take it easy. Take it easy. Here you go. It's fine. It's fine. Now just take it and go." Chill: "I said, jewelry."

Wayne Manor is your house

Alfred: "With all due respect, sir, Wayne Manor is your house." Bruce: "No, Alfred, it's my father's house."

Why do you give a damn

Alfred: "This house, Master Wayne, has sheltered six generations of your family." Bruce: "Why do you give a damn, Alfred? It's not your family. Alfred: "I give a damn because a good man once made me responsible for what was most precious to him in the whole world."

Weapons system activated

"Weapons system activated."

Worse for wear

"A little the worse for wear, I'm afraid."

Warned you about compassion

Bruce: "I saved your life." Ducard: "I warned you about compassion, Bruce."

Won't return from

"This is one grave you won't be returning from."

Wake up

"Wake up. Wake up, darling. Yes. Oh, come along, darling. There you are."

With mercury purify

"Thrice I with mercury purify and spit upon the 12 tables"

With tights

"Next year we go trick or treating as Wendy and Peter Pan with tights or its no deal."

Wedding Theme


Worked perfectly

Winnie: "Do you see, sisters? My curse worked perfectly!" Mary: "That's because thou art perfect."

Witch hunters

Mary: "Who--Who--Who--Who are they?" Sarah: "Boys?" Winnie: "Witch hunters. Observe. They wear black robes and carry axes to chop the wood to burn us."

We fly!

"Come! We fly!!"

We desire children

Winnie: "Well, fancy, we desire children." Bus Driver: "Hey, that may take me a couple of tries, but I don't think that'd be a problem."

We are evil

Winnie: "We are witches. We are evil!" Mary: "Evil." Winnie: "What would Mother say if she could see us like this?"

When I was first baptized

"When I was first baptized, when I was criticized, when I was ostracized, when I was jazisized, spankin kidney pies when I was martinized when I was circumcised. Daddy wasn't there."

Whole bee hive

Foxxy: "All I know is, mama only got a taste of honey and she wanted the whole bee hive." Austin: "Oh behive."

Welcome to 1975

"Welcome to 1975 Austin Powers and father."

Waffles and brussel sprouts

"I'm told it was a beautiful Belgian day. The smell of waffles and brussel sprouts filled the summer air."

We are doomed

"We are doomed. I feel the icy breath of death upon my neck."


Billy: "Wench! Trollop! You bucktoothed, mop-riding firefly from hell!" Winnie: "Aaah!"

What a fool

"What a fool to give up thy life for thy sister's."

Women driving a car

"Like when you see a women driving a car, do you just get pissed."

Wax statue

"You just looked at me with that blank stare of yours. It was like talking to a wax statue."

Winning and losing

"On this team, we fight for that inch On this team, we tear ourselves, and everyone around us to pieces for that inch. We CLAW with our finger nails for that inch. Cause we know when we add up all those inches that's going to make the fucking difference between WINNING and LOSING between LIVING and DYING."

Wacks off into them

"I buy these nice towels and he whacks off into them."

Wilmer Valderama

"You're going to be embarrassed when you realize I'm Wilmer Valderama."

World Wide Web

"We learned Earth's language through the World Wide Web."

Weapon specialist

"My weapon specialist, Ironhide."

With emotion?

Alison: "I'm pregnant." Ben: "With emotion?" Alison: "With a baby."

What goes Up must come down.

Jason: "You gotta know all the tricks. Like for example if a women is on top she can't get pregnant. It's just gravity." Jonah: "Well that's true, everyone knows that." Jason: "What goes up must come down."

What about Bumblebee

"What about Bumblebee? We can't leave him to die and become some human experiment."

Where do babies come from

Sadie: "Where do babies come from?" Debbie: "Where do you think they come from?" Sadie: "Well. I think a stork, he umm, he drops it down and then, and then, a hole goes in your body and there's blood everywhere, coming out of your head and then you push your belly button and then your button falls off and then you h...

Where is the cube

Starscream: "I live to serve you lord Megatron." Megatron: "Where is the cube?" Starscream: "The humans have taken it."

Well played

"Well played, sir."

Won 3 Piston Cups

Lightning: "They say he was amazing. He won three piston cups!" Mater: "He did what in his cup?"

Where Are My Eggs?

I don't see my breakfast here? Are my eggs here? Where are my eggs?

Whipping out your preciousness

"Oh, I'm the geek? Look at you two, whipping out your preciousness."

What is she your prom date

"Why the fuck are you still getting rides from your mother? And even worse, what the fuck are ya kissing her goodbye for? What is she your fucking prom date?"

Welcome to the neighborhood

Mrs. Kennefick: "I mean fuck yourself." Sullivan: "Did you get that?' Barrigan: 'Allegedly or fuck yourself?" Sullivan: "Welcome to the neighborhood." Barrigan: "It's a different breed down here, Serge."


"Do they all come in here and cry, your cops. They signed up to use they're weapon, well most of them. They've just watched enough TV to know they're supposed to weep after they use their weapons. There is no one more full of shit than a cop."


Oliver Queenan: "Congratulations on passing the detectives' exam, and welcome to the Special Investigation Unit." Dignam: "Whoop-de-fucken-do."

Who said he had a problem

Frank Costello: [to Costigan] "I knew your father." Billy Costigan: "Yeah? You know he's dead?" Frank Costello: "Oh, sorry. How'd he go?" Billy Costigan: "He didn't complain." Frank Costello: "Yeah, that was his problem." Billy Costigan: "Who said he had a problem?" Frank Costello: "I just said he had a fuckin...

Who's Reliable?

Frank Costello: [talking about Costigan] "Do you trust him?" Mr. French: "Well these days, who's reliable?" Frank Costello: "His uncle Jackie was. Yeah, you can't trust a guy acts like he's got nothing to lose." Mr. French: "I'm reliable." Frank Costello: "Arnold, you're one in a million." Mr. French: "Ten. Ten ...

Wake Up 6

Wake up 6!


Yeah whoopie.

Wish Me Luck

Andy: "Wish me luck." Emily: "No, shant."

Wearing Valentino

I refuse to be sick; I'm wearing Valentino for crying out loud.

Work Here Is Done

Really I think that my work here is done.

We're Very Fetching

Yes fetch away we're very fetching so, go fetch.

What The Hell Is This

What the hell is this?